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   Chapter 357 showing love

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Howard took Nina to the Hua financial tycoon.

The moment the car stopped, Nina opened the door and ran.

She was afraid that it would be too embarrassing if Howard held her in his arms!

Howard didn't want to take Nina in his arms because they were not at home. But when he saw panic on Nina's face, he wanted to conquer her like a hunter.

'how afraid is she?'?

As Howard approached, he had already taken Nina into his arms. Obviously, he lifted her up the next second.

Nina was speechless. What could possibly happen to her.

"Howard, is it really appropriate?" Nina said sadly. Perhaps it was because she felt guilty, Nina felt that there were many people looking at her in the office building.

"What's wrong with holding my wife?" With Nina in his arms, Howard added, "and, honey, you are too light. If you are heavier, I will also feel tired if I want to hold you."


"Howard, even if you are tired, it seems that you are willing to bear it yourself. Fine, just hold me if you like. " Anyway, she couldn't get rid of him. With her hands around his neck, Nina smiled.

Hearing that, Howard raised his eyebrows and lowered his head to kiss Nina in public.

Right then, Nina heard a gasp from all the windows.

As expected, someone was looking at them.

Nina bit her lip and hid her head in Howard's chest.

"Wow, when does our CEO get such a sense of romance? He is holding his wife to work!"

"I was thinking how nice it would be if I were in the president's arms." Said a female fan.

"Wake up. you are dreaming."

"Honey, are you super proud in my arms?" Howard said with interest.

Nina didn't dare to say anything. She was afraid that if she said something, Howard would be more furious.

Therefore, no matter what Howard was trying to say, Nina fell into silence.

Howard was a little disappointed. Was it boring to show off?

However, he didn't want to lose face in front of many people if he put down Nina. After all, many people were staring at him through the window now!

So, Howard hugged Nina intimately and happily walked into the president's exclusive elevator.

"Honey, haven't you heard that the proper display of affection is good for health?" After he held Nina such a long time, Howard spoke in a hurry.

Nina raised her head and smiled wickedly. It turned out that Nina knew Howard was tired. she was very good.

Then I will continue to make you tired.

In the elevator, when Nina was about to put Nina down, Nina put her on his body like an octopus. She put her arms around his neck tightly and had no intention of coming down.

"What?" Howard released his hand. However, Nina didn't put down her hand from Howard's body. Instead, she hugged him more tightly.

"Yes, you are right. It's very comfortable for you to hold me, so I want you to hold me. Just hold me as I want. Don't you want to show off love with me? Then I'll let you show off as long as you want. Hey, the more you show off, the healthy you will be. I wish you two two hundred years old! " Nina moved and found a more comfortable position.

Hearing her words, Howard squinted. He had to admit that she was deliberately retaliating agains

crucial problem. The last time Nina appeared at the shareholder's meeting, the shareholders looked at her in the eyes. Till now, she still remembered it clearly.

Those men were not funny at all.

"You're not a shareholder of the Hua group, but you're now a shareholder of the Ji group. Don't you remember?"

Though she couldn't figure out the relationship between Hua group and Ji family, she guessed that her visit must be related to Ji family's tycoon because of her.

So she took a few steps quickly to keep up with him.

As for the shares, the only thing she trusted was Howard. And she was willing to follow his arrangement.

Because Howard was the man whom he took her seriously.

Howard held Nina's hand tightly, and the overbearing power comforted her.

Howard pushed the door open, and calmly appeared in front of the shareholders holding Nina's hand.

Nina was still a little nervous.

The shareholders still exchanged looks with each other for a while.

"Nina is my wife. You must have known her for a long time, right?" He swept his sharp gaze across the shareholders.

"Yes, you are right. We have known each other for a long time. Mrs. Nina is unusually intelligent. Please have a seat." A shareholder said with a smile.

To Nina's surprise, not only one person's attitude towards her changed greatly, but all the shareholders' attitude towards her also changed greatly.

"Mrs. Nina is now one of the most successful businesswomen. It's our honor to have you here."

Nina was confused. Why were they so friendly to her? Nina looked at him and tried to find an answer.

However, there was something cold in his eyes.

"Honey, sit next to me." Howard held Nina's shoulder and let her sit down.

As expected, these shareholders only cared about money. They changed their attitude to Nina not only because she was his wife, but also because she was the heir of the Ji's tycoon.

No wonder Nina didn't think of it. This silly girl, since Grandpa Ji was buried, she had donated the cash given by him to the charity department. As for her shares of the Ji group, she had forgotten.

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