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   Chapter 349 profound

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After they left the model company, the kids were still excited.

Tessa and Melissa twittered about Yvette and Bob.

"Mommy, can Aunt Yvette sleep with Uncle Bob tonight?"

Nita was amused and touched the head of Tessa, "baby, No. your uncle Bob and aunt Yvette just knew each other. How could they be together so soon and sleeping together? "

Tessa pouted in disappointment, "why not? Mommy. "

"Honey, uncle Bob and aunt Yvette haven't gotten married yet. they can sleep together when they get married," Noticing that Nina looked embarrassed, Howard continued.

But this time, Tessa didn't stop. She continued, "Daddy and Mommy are not married. Why can you sleep together?"

"Mommy and Daddy have gotten the marriage certificate." Nina explained in a hurry as if she was afraid that the children might misunderstand them.

With a smile on his lips, Howard continued, "what's more, mommy and Daddy have been married."

"But you don't have any wedding photos. Besides, dad said that he and Mommy got married. What's going on?" Tessa couldn't figure it out. She couldn't bear that there was something wrong with her little brain, so she had to figure it out.

"That's because dad wants to hold a grand wedding ceremony for your mom. I married your mom in the past simply. Now do you understand?" Howard explained to Tessa patiently, "as for the wedding photos, we can take them right now. kids, are you going?"

Howard became excited. He thought that he should take wedding photos with Nina and take the children together.

Both of them agreed. Of course, Nina wouldn't refuse.

Then, Howard started his car and drove them to the best wedding photo studio in the city.

Well, the wedding photos with kids must be very interesting.

Wherever Howard goes, he will be welcomed, and the wedding photography company is no exception.

The manager personally found out all the latest international wedding dresses for Nina, and respectfully held them in front of Howard. "Mr. Howard, this is the best wedding dress we have. Please have a look."

"Yes, it is okay. And you can also find several sets of flower kids' clothes for the kids. We can take pictures together." Commanded Howard.

"Yes, Mr. Howard."

Then the kids started to get busy. They shuttled back and forth in the wedding store to try on dresses.

The staff of the wedding photo company laughed and joyfully talked with each other every now and then. Wherever they went, they were attracted others' attention.

Melissa was a pretty lady in a light yellow ring bearer. She held the hemline of her dress and spun it non-stop. "Wesley, is Melissa very beautiful?"

Wesley's lips were shut.

"Melissa, why did you ask Wesley? You look gorgeous. You look gorgeous," Said Tessa.

"Tessa, do you think I'm prettier than Amy?" Lovely Melissa still held a grudge against Amy.

"I don't know who is the Amy. I know that Melissa is prettier than all the girls in the world," Said Tessa wit

ve directly to the old house of the Hua family.

When Allen was talking about Nina, he saw the car of Howard coming in.

Andrea had already walked up to them and said, "here you are. Your grandpa is talking about you. And now you are here."

After Howard parked the car, the young kids all jumped out of it. "Grandma -"

Both Tessa and Melissa jumped into the arms of Andrea.

"Well, that's good." Said Andrea with a big smile on her face. Since Nina and Howard were together, Andrea had been very happy in her heart. Happiness in life was nothing but her wish coming true.

"Mom, are you free today? Let's make some dishes together. " Nina got out of the car with vegetable in her hand.

"Silly girl, I'm waiting for you every day!" Holding Nina's hand, Andrea said, "Nana, I've bought a lot of books these days and learned a lot about how to cook wild vegetables. After a while, I'll teach you. I promise it tastes good..."

"Okay." Said Nina with a smile.

Howard was the last one to leave. He looked at his mother's back and found that she looked more healthy and energetic than before. His mother's laughter was more delightful than before.

Moreover, she had never done housework before, but was interested in cooking. Most of the change was because of Nina.

"Howard, come upstairs. Grandpa is here." Allen stretched his head out from the window of the third floor.

"Coming, Grandpa." Howard held the corner of his mouth and smiled. It seemed that Allen was in a good mood.

Nina and Andrea went to the kitchen and the three little kids were playing in the garden.

"Do you two like Yvette very much?" Wesley asked

Melissa and Tessa nodded at the same time.

"Well, let me tell you. If Bob also likes Yvette, we can ask Bob and Yvette to hold the wedding ceremony on the same day with our parents,"

"Great!" Both Tessa and Melissa raised their hands in agreement.

However, the three happy little kids didn't know that danger was approaching

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