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   Chapter 346 baby games

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With the moonlight shining, Howard saw the mother and daughter sleeping soundly. 'damn it, my wife should have ignored me.'.

Howard took away Tessa's hand which was holding Nina, and then gently held Nina up.

Now, Nina was the mother of his two children, but he felt an inexplicable sense of beauty and impulse.

Perhaps it was because Nina was too tired today, she slept soundly and was not awakened by Howard.

She was still in a sound sleep when Howard took her to the bed.

Before Howard could start something with Nina, a young kid rubbed her eyes and entered the room.

"Mommy, why did you run away?"

The truth was, when the little girl Tessa turned over, she took the opportunity to salvage, and did not find her mother around, so she went to her mother and father's bedroom.

Hearing what Howard said, Howard suddenly became listless. He thought, 'Tessa, are you on bad terms with dad?'.

Howard lay aside obediently. Well, he tried to pretend to be a gentleman. No, he was a gentleman originally. Everyone has seven emotions and six desires, and he was no exception.

"Sweetie, look, your mommy is asleep. You should go back to your room to sleep, OK?" Answered Howard softly.

It was not easy for him to assume that his little princess came back to her room after she saw Nina had fallen asleep.

Tessa stared at her for a while and went to bed instead of going back to her room.

The little girl lay down in the middle and grinned. "I want dad and mom to accompany me. You little bastard, Wesley! you must be jealous."

Tessa kissed Howard on his face, and then kissed Nina on her cheek.

"Tessa is the happiest child in the world. Let's go to sleep." Tessa finally stopped nagging. she closed her eyes and began to sleep.

Tessa was indeed very stable now, but Howard's condition was not good.

Alas! How poor he was.

He wanted to sleep as soon as possible, but the heat wave on his body was not willing to recede, and the night was longer.

Every time when he wanted to have sex with Nina, Tessa's arm came over.

she even warned, "Daddy, sleep well."

Thinking that Tessa had woken up, Howard asked, "honey, are you awake?"

But Tessa kept silent.

But when he wanted to jump through the meddle line, Tessa's arm come to him immediately.

After millions of failed attempts, Howard was not as excited as before. Finally, he got tired and lay down on the bed.

He felt like he was on pins and needles all night. He rolled and endured countless times until he was too tired to rolling before he fell asleep.

The morning was as beautiful as usual. When Nina woke up, she found an adorable scene.

At the moment, Howard was about to fall off the bed.

As for her dear daughter, Tessa, one of her feet was on the body of Howard, the other on her own body, with two small arms stretched out. The whole little girl looked small "big" in Chinese.

But she didn't know what had happened after she fell asleep last night?

Wasn't she in the same room with Tessa?

How did she get back to her

ould finish her words, her mouth was covered by Howard's lips.

A sense of dizziness swept over her. Nina squinted.

"You are such a torturing woman..."

It was rare for Howard to say such emotional words. Today, he really waited for too long.

It was a rush. This was a sand beach after the ebb. There were many shells on it.

Before Nina could dress well, the little kids outside called out, "Daddy, I am the last one."

"I am the slowest."

"I am the slowest."

With an easy smile, he quickly got dressed and sat in front of the dresser.

Howard cleaned up the bed, opened the door, crossed his arms and looked down at the three kids.

"Who was the slower?" He asked seriously.

The three little kids raised their hands together and answered, "me!"

Howard raised his wrist to check the time, "so you three spent ten minutes washing, right?"

The three kids nodded and said, "yes."

Howard clapped his hands and said, "good job! In this case, I'll take you all with me. Now, let's go downstairs to have dinner. We will set off after dinner."

"Mommy will go with us!" Tessa added.

Howard took a look at Nina. Sitting in front of the dresser, she was too shy to raise her head.

Her shy and cute look was like a young girl who was in her first love, which attracted the attention of Howard. If it were not for the baby girls, he would like to have good time with Nina again.

With his Adam's apple bobbed in his throat, he smacked his lips and said, "well, of course your mommy has to go."

"Mommy, your face hasn't been washed yet. Why are you sitting in front of the dresser?" Seeing that her mommy didn't say a word, Tessa walked to her strangely.

"Oh, I see Mommy just got up. Ahem. Both of you are in the bathroom, so Mommy will wait for you to come out! " Faced with the question of Tessa, Nina was a little uneasy.

"Auntie Nina, your face is so red. You seem to have a fever." Melissa tilted her head and looked at Nina whose face was redder.

Nina was embarrassed by the question.

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