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   Chapter 341 I can't see clearly

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"I don't need to lie to you. Now that Cassie and Amanda have returned home, and I leave them some money, it's enough for them to live on. Of course, if Cassie is still greedy, it's her own business. I can't save the one who wants to kill herself, right? "

"Thank you, Howard." Realized that she had misunderstood Howard, Nina apologized shyly.

"I should do anything for my baby. However, no matter what happens in the future, you have to tell me. Don't rely on yourself. It's easy to deal with women like Cassie. Do you understand? " After a pause, he asked, "now, can you tell me whom you went to the bar with yesterday, my little baby?"

As far as Howard could remember, her drinking in the bar was not the only thing he asked about. He had asked her about it more than once, which meant that he still cared about who was with her.

"Of course I drank with that handsome guy." Said Nina with a mischievous smile.

Knowing that Nina was making fun of him on purpose, Howard couldn't help but pull a long face. "Sweetheart, if you dare to provoke me, I'll take revenge, especially at night..."

Nina got rid of his arm and ran into the living room with a smile. "Howard, I'll sleep with Tessa tonight, you can stay alone."

The moment Nina finished her words, she saw three little children running down the stairs, followed by Bob.

"Mommy, do you really want to sleep with me tonight? I'm so glad that I can sleep with you tonight!" Tessa said.

Hearing that, Howard was speechless. he said, "I'm just kidding, honey. Kids need to sleep by themselves. Understand?"

"Why do adults sleep together?" "Why did Melissa sleep with Wesley? Why does Tessa have no one to accompany her? "

The question came again.

Hearing what Tessa said, Nina broke into a cold sweat. She knew that if Tessa was serious about this, she might have trouble with Howard in the future.

"Uncle Bob, how about you? Is there someone else sleeping with you? " Seeing that no one answered her question, Tessa turned to ask Bob.

Embarrassment was written all over Bob's face. "I'm sorry. Since you don't have a girlfriend yet, you will have someone to keep you company when you have a girlfriend!"

After she finished his words, the corner of his mouth twitched. He thought about what he had just explained to Tessa. The more he heard, the less inappropriate it was!

"Why doesn't Bob have a girlfriend?" Tessa bit her finger and kept asking.

"About this question..." Bob couldn't answer her question. It was not true that no woman liked him. But the problem was that he didn't meet the woman he liked. It was his fault. With Nina as the standard, it seemed to require a high point wow.

"You are so stupid, Bob hasn't met a girl he likes yet." Wesley taunted, a smile hanging on his lips.

Tessa was in the mood. She grabbed Bob's hand and looked up at him, "Uncle Bob, do you like chubby girls to be your girlfriend

," Melissa recognized Max first.

Exasperated, Howard rubbed his chin and looked at Wesley.

"Why can't I see aunt Max clearly? Is it right mommy?" Wesley said with a hopeful expression, as he stared at Nina.

"Well, maybe it's because of the rain. The images are not clear. But, Howard, is there anything wrong with me going to the bar?" Asked Nina.

"Master, it's really Max..." And Bob didn't know that Howard had called the Max.

"Yes it was Max. "

Howard slammed the laptop shut with a slashing look.

Well, he was made fun of by his son and wife, which affected his authority in front of his children!

"What's wrong? It's okay for me to drink a little, isn't it?" Nina defended for herself.

"Honey, it's okay for you to drink, but it's a big deal to make fun of your husband."

With an innocent look on her face, Nina asked, "Howard, can you tell me how I made fun of you?"

"Dad, dad must be jealous. he thought mom was drinking with a handsome guy." Tessa put her chubby little hand over her little mouth. she didn't expect that her daddy would be so cute when he was jealous?

But Melissa was afraid that her uncle Howard would be jealous!

"Dad won't be so narrow-minded, because he knows that in the world, no man is more handsome than him. Am I right, dad?" Wesley said, trying to cover his lie.

Hearing what the baby had said, Howard couldn't take it out on him. He growled, "Nina, cook the meal now. We'll go to the hospital later."

"Why are you so angry? Just go to the hospital!" Then she ran into the kitchen.

However, when she ran into the kitchen, Howard's cell phone rang.

Howard simply thought that his mother and grandfather wanted to eat dinner made by Nina again.

But Andrea's words made him pause.

Andrea replied in a hurry, "Howard, come to the hospital as soon as possible. Mr. Zhiyao is in danger."

"Nina, hurry up. Mr. Zhiyao is in dangerous situation." shouted Howard.

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