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   Chapter 340 believe it or not

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In no time, Ethan's lazy voice came through the phone, "boss, what's up?"

"Haven't you gotten up?"

"Too bad. Don't you feel pity for your brother since I am tortured by Max the whole night?"

Howard sneered, "you finally lost to Max? Hehe, isn't your reproductive organ always very strong? you just got married for a few years, but it became so weak now! "

Howard satirized.

"boss, since when you have become so gloomy and obscene? You are woolgathering! " Ethan murmured as he rubbed his eyes.

Hearing that, Howard's face turned grave. Well, it seemed that he had heard a lot about what Nina had said.

Oh, that's what Nina said yesterday.

Was he really too dark in his heart?

"Haha Ethan, did you have sex with your wife last night? "

"Well, boss, you always mention this thing. I want to sue you, not because I don't want it, but because Max is pregnant, she's suffering from morning sickness. Last night, I found that she was not at home, so I went to bed early." Then he yawned.

"Max wasn't at home last night?" Well, that's the point.

"Ethan, who told you that I was not at home last night? I just went out for a while. When I came back, you looked as if you were dead. How could you still remember that I was not at home? " Max sat up and took the phone from Ethan's hand. "Hello, Howard. What's up?"

"Did you drink with Nina last night?" Howard asked coldly.

Max thought for a while and asked, "is that what you are asking?"?

It meant that Nina didn't tell Howard the truth, did she?

That's why he called here.

Yes, it must be that case.

So she cleared her throat and said, "Howard, don't you remember what Ethan said? I went to the supermarket last night. So, how could I possibly be with Nana?"

"Really?" Howard emphasized. If Nina wasn't with Max, who else could she be with? In Nina's social circle, no doubt Max was her most trustworthy friend. Who else would it be?

"Howard, believe it or not, I'll hang up." Then Max hang up the phone.

"Hey, honey, why are you so angry?" Said Ethan, putting his arm around Max's waist.

"Isn't it annoying to call in the early morning?" Max then got into the quilt again.

"Alas..." Then Ethan made a sigh, put his phone under Max's eyes, and said, "honey, since you didn't check the time when you made the phone call just now, come and have a look."

"Don't make a fuss. It's only nine o'clock."

"Damn it. I am really convinced. OK, let's go back to sleep! " With his arms around Max's neck, the distance between them was absolutely zero.

Ethan sniffed and sniffed again. He hugged Max's head and sniffed at her lips.

"Oh my God! Are you a dog, Ethan? what do you sniff? " Max said irritably.

"What Are you drunk? " Ethan stared at Max.

"No, probably because there is a strong smell of alcohol in Nana's body, so I had a little smell of alcohol as well. She is drunk, isn't sh

lot with lightning speed.

Howard stopped. He thought, 'Nina came back very soon.'.

"Stop, Howard!" Nina got off the car angrily and stopped Howard.

"Honey, you are so angry. What's wrong?" He stood on the steps and looked down at Nina.

Nina walked up to him and asked, "it's you, Howard! How could you install a tracker in my car?"

"A tracker?" Hearing that, Howard smiled and asked, "sweetheart, where is it now?"

Nina patted herself on the head. How stupid she was to throw the evidence away!

"I threw it away." Said Nina disappointedly.

Hands folded, Howard answered, "you don't have any evidence. Why should I install a tracker in your car?"

"All right. You win. How did you know I didn't go to the company but I went to Gangnam building? "

Touching his chin, Howard smiled, "you're so interesting, honey. When did I know you went to the Gangnam building?"

Nina was so angry that she didn't know what to do. Howard would pretend to be ignorant.

"Howard, don't play dumb with me. You should have known it. You sent people to drive away Cassie today, but my dad was still worried about her. Dad asked me to..." Nina explained anxiously. She knew that she was going to disclose what happened yesterday, so she quickly shut up.

Howard held Nina's hand and asked, "honey, what happened?"

"Howard, please don't play dumb? you already knew it. Why do you still ask me? "

"I know what?"

"Can you tell me where are Cassie and Amanda now?"

"Oh, right. They went to a place where they should go,"

"What Will you kill them? " Nina asked in fear.

"Honey, is your husband so cruel?"

"I don't know, but I just can't understand why you have to pick up Cassie and Amanda."

"What if I tell you that I need you to worry less, and less worry for mom and dad?"

Hearing this, Nina was moved. She looked up at his beautiful eyes and asked, "really?"

Howard chuckled, "silly girl..."

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