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   Chapter 339 thank you

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"Are you hungry, sweeties?" Putting down her Tessa, Nina came to Wesley and Melissa.

Melissa almost raised her little hand, "Auntie, I'm hungry."

"Got it. Let's go downstairs and have dinner," Nina said with a sweet smile, as she stroked Melissa's head She sniffed exaggeratedly and said, "yes. The food here smells delicious."

Wesley took a peep at Howard, who was wearing a sullen face. He opened and shut his mouth, unspeaking.

Wesley smiled. It seemed that his revenge had been successful. At this moment, his father was very unhappy.

Humming a song, Wesley went downstairs leisurely.

"Tessa, Mommy wasn't here last night. Were you scared?" Nina held Melissa in one hand and held Tessa in the other.

"Oh, last night..." Tessa glanced at Wesley, who still wore an indifferent expression. "I slept on my own," said Tessa

Tessa said in a low voice. she wanted to be grateful to Wesley, but she didn't want her mom to know that she was so timid.

"Are you sure?" Wesley asked coldly.

"Lying is not good." Said Nina.

Nina smiled gently. She knew Tessa well. she was very independent, but it was almost impossible for her to sleep alone in a rainy night.

"Yes..." Tessa said, pulling a long face Wesley slept with me last night. "

"say thank you to brother." Taking this opportunity, Nina hoped that her daughter and son could get along well with each other.

"But..." Tessa was pissed off when she heard Wesley call her bumpkin! How could she say thank you.

""I said for Tessa. Thank you, Wesley." Melissa said happily.

Said Nina with a smile.

But Tessa said, "thank you, Melissa."

Wesley's face grew even colder.

Why didn't they get along well with each other.

At the table, the little children talked a lot today. Of course, they liked to talk because of Nina.

Nina was afraid that if they stopped continuing to talk, Howard would ask her about what happened yesterday. Therefore, she just joked with them for a while.

Fortunately, Howard didn't ask more about what happened yesterday.

After dinner, Nina said to Howard, "you have to take care of the kids today, because I have to go to the company. By the way, I have no time to visit Grandpa. Please say sorry for me."

Without raising his eyelids, Howard asked, "what's the matter with the company? Why are you so busy?"

"Oh, Jack he said it. I don't know. I'll go and have a look. " Nina faltered.

Howard ate his food calmly. Didn't Nina know that she would stutter when she lied? Not wanting to reveal what Nina had lied, Howard kept eating slowly.

"Honey, stay at home. Mommy's gone." She kissed all of them.

"Mommy, why don't you take us with you?" Tessa said suddenly.

Nina sighed and thought that why her daughter had lots problems?

Nina stole a glance at Howard and he continued to eat.

"Tessa, there's something in the company today, so you can't go." Said Nina.

"What is it?" Tessa got to the bottom of the matter.

"I don't know what happened. When I arrive, I will call you, okay?"

"All right." Tessa said reluctantly.

"Honey, are you going to call us with

Lying on the bed, Sophia seemed to be very angry with Cassie yesterday and hadn't completely released her anger.

Gavin was cooking in the kitchen, looking listless.

Nina looked for it in the room, but didn't see her pocket.

Then she came to her mother's bedroom and said, "Mom, didn't dad sleep in one of your bedrooms last night?"

"I don't want him. If he has the ability, he can go to find Amanda. Ouch, Nana, why do I feel this house is so dirty! No, I don't want to enter the room that Amanda used to live in at all. Well, what should I do? " Said Sophia, annoyed.

"It doesn't matter. Let's get up and have dinner first." Nina helped her mother sit up.

"Does it still hurt where you fell yesterday?" Nina massaged Sophia

"Of course it hurts? It's still painful! " Sophia sighed.

By this time, Howard's car had reached the Gangnam building.

He was not in a hurry to get off the car. Instead, he parked the car and lit a cigarette.

He had seen Nina's car, but he still couldn't understand why Nina lied to him.

Howard got off the car, threw the cigarette butt into the trash, and walked towards the security.

A security came out from the distance. "Mr. Howard, what brings you here?"

Howard stood still and reported the Gavin's apartment number.

"What's wrong, Mr. Howard?"

"Did anything happen to them yesterday?" Howard asked.

The security guard smiled and said, "it's just the mistress who knocked at his door. She was so arrogant that she just stayed at his house and didn't leave. In the end, she was dragged out by us."

Hearing that, Howard nodded. He now knew that it was all Cassie's fault.

He turned back to his car and took out his phone to call Bob.

"Bob, send Cassie to the slum and do not offer any help. She has been so comfortable in the past few years that she probably has forgotten what kind of life it was in the past."

"Yes, Mr. Howard." Bob answered.

Another question of Howard was that who went to the bar with Nina last night?


Without any hesitation, Howard dialed Ethan's number.

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