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When Tessa came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, she found that Wesley's hair was wet and drops of water kept falling from it.

"Hey, Wesley, what's wrong with your hair?" Tessa asked curiously. Although it was raining outside, rain didn't make Wesley's hair wet. she and Wesley had come back home so soon.

Wesley's hair looked like he had just taken a shower.

"I just took a shower. Is there anything wrong?" Wesley replied casually.

"You liar! Didn't you say that you would wait for me outside the bathroom? Why did you sneak out to take a shower? "

Every time it rained and thundered, Tessa was frightened. Just now, she thought that Wesley was outside, so she wasn't afraid at all. It turned out that he was lying to her.

Her negative impression of Wesley grew even stronger?

Raising his eyebrows, Wesley asked, "who said you were a superman? Do I need to be protected outside when the Superman is taking a bath? "

"I don't want to talk with you anymore, you little bad guy!" Tessa said angrily.

"Okay. But you won't need me to tell you stories tonight, will you?" Wesley took a towel to dry his hair. pretending to go to his bedroom.


She really needed his company. She had to make a concession to Wesley.

"What?" Wesley stopped.

Thinking for a while, Tessa came back to her senses. Yes, she didn't like Wesley very much, but she had to let him stay with her in this rainy night.

Then, Tessa gave Wesley a flattering smile and ran up to him. "Wesley, your hair isn't dry yet. I want to dry it for you. Can you help me dry it too?"

With a cunning smile, Wesley asked, "okay. Your bedroom? Or mine?"

"Of course it's my room. Melissa is sleeping in your room. We can't wake her up, right?"

"You are right. Let's go to your room."

In this way, Tessa and Wesley came to the bedroom.

Tessa took out the hair dryer and dried Wesley's hair. Wesley also helped her.

Tessa began to yawn when Wesley was drying her hair for her.

She looked really sleepy.

But after he finished drying Tessa's hair, Tessa was somehow cheered up again.

Sighing in defeat, Wesley said, "Hey, bumpkin, weren't you very tired? Why do you look energetic now? "

Tessa answered seriously, "I'm waiting for you to tell stories to me!"

"Okay, you go to bed first. I'll tell you stories."

Tessa obediently lay on the bed, and Wesley sat on one side. Then he began to tell stories to Tessa.


She was unable to understand the story that Wesley had told her. War, history, big shots

Why didn't she know any of them?

She wanted to object to listening to such a story. But if Wesley runs away because of her, she won't have any companion anymore?

Tessa had to put up with it.

She tried her best to bear it and then fell asleep.

Wesley had fallen asleep on the edge of the bed.

Lightning flashed and th

softened a little.

Bob was confused and wondered what happened to Mr. Howard? He was asking the man before and the others now. It seemed that there was something wrong with Lady Nina alone in the car.

"No, young master. Who do you want Nina to be with?"

Realizing that Howard had repeated his words, he rubbed his chin and remained silent.

"We are afraid of waking lady Nina up, so we haven't talked to her. It seems that lady Nina is in a sound sleep." Added Bob.

He looked around and found that the window of Nina was half open. He stretched out his hand and opened the door.

He sat on the passenger seat and smelt the wine on his face.

How much wine did she drink.

Then Nina seemed to feel a little cold. She shivered, changed her posture and was still asleep.

She frowned slightly and sighed from time to time.

It seemed that she had nothing to do with other man. Without hesitation, Howard took off his coat and put it on Nina.

"Honey..." Called Howard.

"Yes..." Nina murmured in her sleep.

"who were you with? " Howard asked.

Nina didn't say anything.

Frustrated, Howard kneaded between his eyebrows and said, "sweetheart, I feel tired sleeping in the car. Let's go home, okay?"

"Okay." she answered.

Hearing that, Howard smiled angrily. He really didn't know whether Nina was awake or sleeping. It seemed that Nina could hear every word he said, but she answered him in part.

Was it intentional or just a coincidence?

"Honey, wake up." Howard gently pushed Nina.

"What are you doing? I'm very sleepy!" Nina waved her hand in protest.

Do you know, in order to find you, many people are still up at this late hour and are still standing in the rain! How dare you say you are sleepy?

"Honey, are you comfortable sleeping in your car?" Howard remembered that when Nina made fun of him, she would pinch his mouth and nose.

It might work well on Nina.

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