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   Chapter 336 it rained

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10474

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Nina tried to open her eyes, but the view was still getting blurred.

Nina finally stopped the car.

She wanted to take a nap before driving home.

However, when she fell asleep, Nina didn't know what time it was.

The Hua family's villa was brightly lit.

Meanwhile, Howard was rubbing his eyebrows with a hand.

The three kids were in pajamas and sat down next to Howard in a line.

Melissa and Tessa wanted to sleep on their own.

Wesley wasn't sleepy at all. He read the messages from Howard's underlings.

"underlings said that mommy might have gone to a bar." Wesley said.

Howard raised his eyes and asked, "are you sure?"

"I'm not sure. I'm watching the video and the shape was like my mom's, but I can't see another person. It seems that he is a man," Wesley gave his dad a cunning glance.

As he expected, Howard's face darkened. "A man?"

They hadn't met each other for a day. why Nina hadn't come back in the middle of the night?

Now, Wesley told him that Nina was with a man, which made Howard more and more agitated.

"Yes, it must be a man!" Wesley replied firmly.

he thought to himself, 'Daddy, don't blame me for lying to you. it is a punishment of you partiality.

"Wesley, you're sleeping with Melissa and Tessa. I'm going out to look for your mom." There was a dangerous look in Howard's eyes. He thought of 10, 000 possibilities why Nina didn't go home, but he never thought that she would date with other men.

"Dad, uncle Bob has been looking for her. Maybe it won't take long. You can wait." Wesley recalled that the person who sat next to his mom was probably Mrs. Max. So, he assumed that maybe Mrs. Max went to the bar with her.

If so, Mommy will be back soon. '.

As Howard trusted his son so much, he couldn't figure out what was going on and just wanted to take Nina back.

"I'll be back soon. Take care of your younger sisters." With that, he put on his coat.

"Dad, I want to go with you." Wesley stood up from his seat reluctantly. He was not willing to take care of the little girls at home. Now that he had gotten used to taking care of Melissa, why did he have to take care of the bumpkin?

Well, since the appearance of Tessa, Dad's love has taken away a lot of it.

Wesley was furious?

"No, I can't let Melissa and Tessa stay at home alone." He walked to the hallway to change his shoes.

"Okay, daddy, you must take Mommy back." Wesley shouted.

he didn't want to face the two little girls alone. If he could not help but punch the bumpkin, what would happen to his parents?

Of course, as long as Tessa didn't piss him off

Wesley thought, he will not beat her.

Besides, it was hard to say whether he could defeat bumpkin with the skill he had learned!

Wesley looked at the tall and strong back of his dad, shrugged his shoulders and smiled cunningly.

What would happen if dad found out that his mom was in a bar with Max? Well, would he be mad at him when he came back!

Then I'll just admit that I didn't see it clearly. '.

Wesley was happy to see his dad get jealous and angry.

Because daddy always showed partiality t

arms in the longest position to measure.

"Where is it?" He didn't believe that there would be any horrible monsters in this world. He turned around to look for them.

Suddenly, there was another dull thunder in the air. Tessa covered her ears and screamed again.

Wesley laughed. "You're such a coward. How dare you call yourself a superman? Ridiculous! "

Tessa ignored superman. she leaned against Wesley, shaking.

"Tessa, look up! Lightning is very beautiful!" It was the first time that Wesley had talked to Tessa in a calm manner, and he hadn't even called her bumpkin.

Hiram looked up with fear. A blue lightning flashed, like a white silver snake dancing on the curtain.

The next minute, a heavy thunder was heard. At the thought of this, Tessa stopped immediately.

"Look, thunder is just ringing in the sky, and it won't fall. As long as we don't stand under a tree or in a place of metal, it's not that terrible. Let's go. It's going to rain." Reaching out his little hand, he took Tessa's.

Tessa was no longer so nervous. She took a peep at Wesley, only to find that he seemed to smile and not laugh at her!

But Wesley wasn't that annoying either.

The thought delighted Tessa.

At the thought of this, she felt relieved, as if the sound of thunder wasn't terrifying at all!

Just then, raindrops fell heavily from the sky.

"Run!" Wesley ran with her.

Tessa followed Wesley and ran in the rain, giggling.

When they got back to the villa, Wesley poured water for Tessa and said, "take a shower and change your clothes. I'll wait for you outside."

"You are not allowed to leave!" Tessa looked at Wesley.

Wesley shrugged. "Haven't you heard from mom that I'm a man of integrity?"

"Okay, wait for me." Tessa walked into the bathroom.

"You You can do it yourself? " It was weird that Wesley seemed to be used to taking showers for Melissa, but as for Tessa Well, he didn't want to!

"Of course. Tessa is super superhero and she will do anything." Regardless of Wesley's suspicious attitude, Tessa angrily closed the bathroom door.

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