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   Chapter 334 There is nothing wrong with it

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10244

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Howard asked his men to look for her.

Right now, Nina didn't know that her family had been in a bad mood because of her.

She drank a lot just because she was upset.

Fortunately, Max only drank a little juice due to Nina's insistence.

But Nina couldn't stop her from smoking.

Nina told everything that had happened today to Max, and Max squinted into silence.

"Max! I don't know what's wrong with our family. Are you trying to comfort me?" Nina said drunkenly.

Taking a drag on Max's cigarette, Max said, "I'm a bad tempered person. I'm sure I'll kick both Cassie and Amanda out. You're the only one to do like this." Max gave Nina a stare and leaned over, "Nana, I just don't understand. Why do you have such a strange kind heart?"

Nina had a sip of her cocktail and said, "don't say that you are kind-hearted or not. I'm worried about my father. He was hurt badly by my mother and Cassie."

"The uncle asked for it. Why are you taking pity on him?" Max said with disdain.

"Oh, don't blame me. What should I do next?" Then, Nina rubbed her temples and said, "Max, I have no choice."

"Damn it. You have Howard's support. Do you fear Cassie and her mother?" Max said with disdain.

"My dad said we can't let Howard know. But it's really not good news. We don't want to be humiliated."

"he has already done it, but he doesn't want to be ashamed. I don't understand him."

Nina lowered her head. Although Max was telling the truth, she felt very uncomfortable.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Nana. In fact, uncle is a good man, and he did such a wrong thing all his life." Max thought that she might be a bit too harsh to Gavin, because he treated her like his own daughter.

"How about I go with you?" Max knew that Nina was worried about her family, so she suggested.

Nina was confused. She nodded in a daze.

"Let's go. I'm not driving anyway. You can drive me home after a while." Max picked up his bag and stood up.

Well, Nina hurried to keep up with Max. She felt a little dizzy and felt that the person in front of her was also shaking.

"Max, why do I feel dizzy?" Nina touched her forehead.

"Shit! Are you drunk?"

"I just drank a little..."

"Humph! You can't even keep your tongue when you speak. You are not drunk, so it seems that I have to drive!" Max held Nina.

"I'm just not drunk..."

"You are so stubborn."

"Max, I'm really worried about my mother. You know she has a bad temper and my father spoils her all her life. But now she has caused such a mess. I'm so worried about her!" Nina said in a daze.

"As long as I'm here, there won't be any unfair thing. What are you worried about?" Max helped Nina to the parking lot.

Besides, Nina was in a semi comatose state.

Max took out the key from Nina's pocket, opened the door of the car and put her in the car.

Then she sat in the driver's seat himself.

Then she started the car and drove towards the house of Gavin and Sophia.

Max thought that she and Nina went to visit Gavin in the downstairs. If the light was turned off, she would send

de a mistake." "Said Max contemptuously.

"Nonsense I am Gavin's daughter. " Cassie was very anxious.

"But you are not surnamed Liang, but Luo."

"I, i..."

Max lit a cigarette and said, "tell me, how many days do you want to live?"

"Dad, I just want to stay here ." Cassie stamped her foot.

Gavin broke out in a cold sweat.

"Gavin. I tell you, if you let these two women stay here, you get out of here immediately." She shouted at Gavin.

Nina's head ached again.

"Let me tell you, Cassie. Don't be so unreasonable and reckless in front of me. I'll find someone to take you away. Do you believe me?" Said Max slowly, who stretched out a circle of smoke.

"I don't believe you. This is my father's house. Why do you ask me to leave?" Although Cassie is still reluctant to admit it, it is obvious that she has lost her confidence in speaking just now.

"Uncle, are you going to live in this endless quarrel? It's obvious that Cassie won't leave just for a few days. " Max asked with a smile.

"Cassie, how many days do you want?" Gavin asked.

"I, i..." Cassie couldn't answer him for a moment.

"Gavin! Oh my God. How heartless you are! You just asked us to leave directly," Amanda cried, sitting on the floor

Max poked Nina.

"Well..." Nina looked up.

"Give me the phone number of the property management." Max said in a low voice.

Nina understood what was on Max's mind, so she gave the phone number to Max.

Just as she had expected, Max called the security guard of the property management team. "Someone is harassing the landlord here. Please come and deal with it."

Hearing this, Amanda cried harder.

"Why do you meddle What do you think you are? " Cassie threw the cane away and scratched Max again and again.

Not caring who she was, Max swirled her palm and slapped Cassie hard.

At that time, Cassie lost her consciousness and fell down on the ground.

Max then snorted and said, "Cassie, you have to remember that the one who can hurt me in this world has not been born yet!"

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