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   Chapter 333 Wesley's jealousy

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Nina came to the kitchen, and she took out millet and cabbages, so she wanted to simply make two vegetables.

When she washed rice, she made more rice subconsciously.

The dinner was soon prepared. Nina thought for a while and decided to fill the two bowls, one for herself and the other for mom.

Nina didn't take them to the living room or the dining room, but to the bedroom.

When she went to the living room, Nina saw that Gavin was reading newspaper. It was obvious that he was pretending reading. Because she saw the terrible look on her father's face, she knew that he just used the newspaper to avoid the women's entanglement.

"Dad, do you want to eat something?" Asked Nina.

"Enjoy your meal." Gavin said, annoyed.

"We want to eat. Give me some. Come here." "Cried Cassie from the room.

Nina ignored her and took the meal to the bedroom.

Then she heard the noise from Cassie and Amanda. They came out and said, "Oh, the meal is ready. It smells good!"

"Mom, let's eat first. We can ignore them." Said Nina.

"Of course I will eat. When I am full, I will fight with them to the end." Sophia was pissed off as she saw Amanda and Cassie sitting at the dining table after she washed her hands. Then she went over and swept all the dishes off the table.

Nina shook her head with a bitter smile.

Then she heard Amanda roaring.

Then Nina covered her ears with her hands.

After a short while, Sophia came back.

She scolded, "why do you make so much food? Just make it for us."

Nina nodded and handed the chopsticks to her mother, "Mom, don't be angry. Let's have dinner first."

In this way, Nina stayed with Sophia in the afternoon. She cooked some simple meals for dinner. She really followed her mother's words and only cooked the meals for them.

Gavin was just having a hard time and didn't know how to eat.

In the evening, it was not until Sophia fell asleep that Nina went home.

The more she thought about Cassie, the more upset she was.

Leisurely, she took out her phone and called Max.

"Nana, why do you think of me?" Max said in a weak voice.

It was rare for Max. If a woman was five hundred ducks, then Max was one thousand ducks.

Why did Max suddenly lose her voice? Something was wrong with her.

"It's just that I miss you." Said Nina with a smile.

"You bad girl, never think about me when you have nothing to do. You've been on good terms with Howard recently. You must be very happy." There was still a soft tone in Max's voice.

"Max, what's wrong with you? Are you pregnant?" Nina remembered that recently, Max posted a lot of information on her wechat moments. Was this woman really pregnant.

"Are you pregnant?" Asked Nina.

"Damn it! I am not happy. I think I am pretty miserable because of the morning sickness. I am going to die soon. " Max complained.

"Well, have a good rest at home since you are pregnant. I won't disturb you again." Well, Nina wanted to end the phone. Since Max was pregnant, she'd better not tell the unpleasa

at Nina didn't come back, Howard didn't worry too much. Maybe grandpa and mother kept on badgering Nina, so she couldn't come back.

But by the afternoon and by the evening, Nina still hadn't come back. Howard was anxious.

In particular, he couldn't get through to Nina.

What? Nina didn't turn on her phone?

Without any hesitation, Howard called Andrea, "Mom, where is Nina?"

"Why are you still asking me? I haven't asked you yet." Nina had promised to take dinner here today, but Andrea, Allen and Zhiyao had waited for her for a whole day, but she didn't show up. they couldn't get through to her.

"Does she not want to come? You can tell me directly if you don't want to come. Why do you ask us to wait here? " It wasn't her fault, but Allen's face darkened because he was used to the dishes cooked by Nina these days. It was really hard for him to swallow other things!

"Nina won't do that. She must have been delayed by something." Zhiyao analyzed.

Andrea looked at the sky and said, "please wait for me. I'll go and cook food for you now."

As soon as Andrea finished her words, Howard called her.

Hearing that his mother didn't see Nina, Howard's face darkened. He asked, "you haven't seen her for the whole day?"

"Of course not." "Isn't Nina at home?"

Andrea's heart sank.

"No, she didn't." He answered, "she said she would bring you the food this morning. She hasn't come back yet."

"What?" Andrea was dumbfounded. The day had passed. Where had Nina been?

she prayed there would be nothing wrong with the girl!

"Hurry up! to find her." Andrea said in a trembling voice.

"What happened?" Zhiyao and Allen asked at the same time.

Andrea murmured, "Nina is missing."

Zhiyao and Allen stared at each other. "Where did she go?"

"I don't know!" Andrea lowered her head and tried to hold back her tears. She choked and said, "Howard is looking for it. If he has any news, he will call us."

After saying that, Andrea put her hands together and started to pray.

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