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   Chapter 332 whose home

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As expected, when Cassie and Amanda showed up, Sophia was stunned and said nothing.

"Mom..." Nina smiled, not knowing what to say next.

It seemed inappropriate to persuade her mother. If her father hadn't insisted, Nina wouldn't have agreed to let Amanda and Cassie live in their house.

Sophia could guess what would happen next from Amanda's smile. "This is my home," she said in a low voice

"Just for a few days Am I right, Amanda? " Gavin was already very angry. He had not only messed with other woman outside his wife, but also had an illegitimate daughter. Now he had to pick up his illegitimate daughter and his other woman to live in his house. No woman could accept any of them.

"If you agree, we can also live here forever!" Replied Amanda.

"Bullshit Gavin, You lead your sweetheart and your illegitimate daughter going wherever you like, but don't come through my door! ' How could Sophia be bullied easily? She stood in the doorway with hands on her hips.

She touched her forehead, praying that Max could be there.

Max is the best at dealing with women like Cassie and Amanda.

"Nana! Are you still my daughter? How dare you come here with these two outlaws! Ask them to leave right now!"

Nina had never seen her mother be so angry. Her lips trembled, and the flame of anger in her eyes was not only angry, but also unspeakable grievance.

"Dad, how about moving them to another place?" Nina was afraid that her mother would be angry, so she suggested.

"Well, I also think that now my sister's temper is not good. If I live with her, I'm afraid that it will affect the recovery of Cassie. So, it's better not to live with her." "But Cassie and I have no place to live now. How about sister ask your son-in-law, Howard, to buy another house for you? you can move out of here now? " Sophia had tried her best to restrain her anger, hearing Amanda's words.

"If Howard was my son-in-law, I would ask him to buy me a big house," continued Amanda, still not knowing whether she would live or die

"Fuck off!" In the end, Nina heard her mother's hoarse voice.

"It's you who get out here. Your daughter has stolen my man. Now I live here and if you have the ability, ask someone to take me away. Of course, you can also call the police. But even if you call the police, I will still be Gavin's daughter. We are father and daughter. That's all. Even if the police come, they can't do anything to us." Cassie was more arrogant than Amanda. She violently pushed Sophia and entered the living room.

"Mom, let's go." Nina had no choice but to accept the fact that Cassie was Gavin's daughter.

Sophia turned around and walked into the living room.

"Nana, this is my home. Why should I leave. Do you have to stay here tonight? " Sophia finally came to her senses. Now that she couldn't leave, she couldn't bear to lose to both of them?

Why? She was Gavin's wife because they got married. Who did Am

ifficult position.

However, she didn't expect that his stupid daughter Cassie and Cassie would be so ungrateful as being more real than being at home..

The world is so big that there are all kinds of people.

It was lunch time. Usually, Sophia was busy cooking in the kitchen at this time.

But what should she do today?

"Mom, what would you like to eat? I'll make it for you." Asked Nina sweetly.

"Mom has already been fed up with those two women, and now I can't eat anything." She sickened.

"Don't be mad, mom. Whoever gets angry is a fool. If you are angry, you will lose to that mother and daughter. So, you must brace yourself up to defend your family and your husband." Said Nina, smiling.

"Silly girl, you are fooling your stupid mother." Sophia finally sat up from the bed.

Nina put her chin on her mother's shoulder and said, "mother, please understand father. He is sorry for what he has done. But Cassie is his daughter, and he has to admit it. So you have to bear it, okay?"

"what should I do if I don't bear it? I can't just kick your father out." Sophia's face softened.

"How about I make some millet porridge, and cook some vegetables for you?"

"I like eating whatever my daughter is going to cook." Said Sophia.

Sophia was so proud of Nina that she had never taught her how to cook. It seemed that she was eager to learn cooking from her own.

but in fact it was all because of Max!

In order to make Nina better, Max had bought a lot of Cookbook for her. Nina always liked reading. When Max wasn't in her dormitory, she picked up any book to read.

Max had known her for a long time, so she always put the book of recipes beside Nina's pillow or in an approachable place.

Now, it occurred to Nina that in the past four years, she only read one novel. She almost read the recipe during her spare time.

Now Nina finally saw through the then Max's intention and cunning, But it was already too late.

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