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   Chapter 329 provocation

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Wesley pressed his lips and didn't respond. He went to the garden alone.

Melissa squatted down and offered, "Wesley, let me help you, okay?"

"Did I ever ask you for help?" Wesley snapped at her.

Tessa was very happy!

"Dad, you're so kind to me?" Pouting, Tessa kissed Howard on his face.

'well, it turns out that it's so easy to buy off Tessa.'.

Nina prepared the breakfast and when she was about to ask the children to have breakfast, she found that the children were in the garden.

Wesley lowered his head and pulled the vegetable in his hand.

Melissa squatted down and looked at them, they didn't know what she was murmuring.

What can she murmur?

Seeing Wesley upset, Melissa was unhappy.

"Wesley, don't be mad at them, okay? uncle didn't mean to punish you. Tessa has just come to our home, so she is a guest. uncle won't be partial to her as long as she has lived here for a long time. "

Even Melissa could tell that his dad was biased. dad was indeed unfair, Wesley thought.

"Melissa, stop it!" The more Melissa talked, the more upset Wesley was. He threw away the cabbage and sank onto the floor in a fit of pique.

"Wesley, what's wrong?" It was early autumn now. What if his stomach got cold sitting on the ground?

"Humph!" Wesley snorted coldly.

"Melissa, what happened?" Nina asked Melissa in confusion.

"Wesley and Tessa are not happy," Melissa said obediently.

"Honey, don't be angry. We are men, okay?" Nina quickly Wesley from the ground up, but his face didn't seem happy.

Nina wiped the mud off Wesley's clothes, and then turned to look at the Howard and Hiram, saying, "it's time for dinner. You guys."

Howard kissed Tessa on the cheek and said, "let's go to have lunch, Tessa."

Tessa said with a smile, putting her arm around Howard's neck on purpose.

That was a gesture to show off to Wesley.

In Wesley's eyes, she was challenging him!

Wesley bit his lower lip and said nothing.

"Good boy, let's go to the dining room," Nina said as she took his hand

Holding Melissa in the other hand, Nina walked to the villa.

Wesley, who was walking in the front, turned around and cast a furious glance at Howard. The look of hatred and disdain was not only to Tessa, but also to Howard.

"Are you going to rebel?" Howard frowned.

"He has always been disobedient, hasn't he?" Tessa said.

"Wesley, Mommy'll cook with you some other day, okay?" Seeing that Wesley was still angry with Tessa, Nina gently coaxed him.

Mommy, Wesley is just a kid. Is it right for you to coax him like that?

"Mommy, I don't like to eat vegetable ball. "Wesley refused.

"Wesley, what do you like to eat?" Nina asked.

"I don't have appetite now." Wesley said.

"aunt, Wesley is still mad at Tessa." Melissa said.

But Nina had already guessed that they quarreled again.

Alas, this is really a headache!

Wesley and Amanda went to the bathroom.

Nina turned around to stop Howard, "Howard, put Tessa down."

"What's wrong? My baby? " He kissed Tessa's little face and

e initiative," Max said in a reasonable way.

It was obvious that rich husband was the target.

But it turned out that Max had been lovelorn for countless times, and she had never found a wealthy husband.

She trusted Max. She was capable of dealing with men and she wouldn't let herself suffer losses.

But Max once got drunk and said to Nina, "Nana, I have seen through everything. Love is meaningless. Just a woman flirts with a man, the man will fall in love with her"

Later on, Nina heard that there was a woman who had a good relationship with Max, she stole the rich man whom max liked from Max.

"Max, The old never comes to the new." Nina comforted Max.

Totally ignoring the fact that Max was drunk, Max cast a stern glance at Nina and said, "I told you to keep an eye on my diet. Did you do that?"

"Damn it! I didn't watch you eating. But you didn't listen to me. I made two bowls of rice, and you ate two bowls. When you finished, you looked at me apologetically, making me cook again. Damn it, you think my time is worthless, don't you?"

Every now and then, Max would smirk shamelessly.

There was no doubt that during the freshman period, it was impossible for Max to lose weight. Later, it seemed that something happened in Max's house, and Max suddenly lost weight. As for what happened in Max's house, Nina had asked, but she was prevaricated by Max.

From the ambiguous words of Max, it could be vaguely guessed that Max's half brother was sick, because there was a time when Max was very poor, of course Nina funded some money.

But out of no reason, until now, Max did no longer care her family. And Max rarely talked about her parents.

"Nana, why don't you eat? What are you thinking about?" Howard saw Nina staring blankly at the table after he washed his hands, so he asked.

"Oh, nothing. I just said that Melissa is not as fat as Max." After she calmed down, she found that the three babies were looking up at her.

Nina was a little embarrassed. How long had she been in a daze?

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