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   Chapter 324 Allen's apology

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Gnashing her teeth in hatred, Nina picked up the kitchen knife, "Howard..."

"Nana, I'm here to help you cook. I didn't expect that there would be some unexpected harvest. You said it You know my poor memory and I will soon forget those words... " Howard smiled recklessly.

"Howard, please stop!" Feeling embarrassed and angry, the kitchen knife dangled in Nina's hand.

"Honey, don't move. It hurts me so much if I cut your hand accidentally!" Howard reached out to take the kitchen knife in Nina's hand and said, "I was just kidding. Look at your little red face. You're already a mother of two children, but why are you still so shy. Come here, I'll cook for you. "

As soon as he finished his words, he turned his back and began to scrape the fish's scales.

Nina rubbed her hot little face and sighed to herself, "it's better to be calm in the face of evils. You are so impulsive. What are you going to do with me in the future?"

"Honey, why it is not regarded as enjoyment..."

When Nina and Howard prepared the dinner, Bob and the children hadn't come back yet.

"Howard, please wait for the kids at home. I'm going to the hospital now." Nina put the food into the thermos bottle.

"I can rest assured since Bob will take care of the children. But I can't let you go to the hospital alone," The thought of the car accident still made Howard's heart flutter with fear.

I don't know how Bonny is now? Was she dead or alive? In China or England?

"Why? Has she already given up the Ji family's interest? Or is she still threatening me?"?

Howard had sent his men to take care of these things, but there was still no information from his subordinates.

Noticing that Howard became less aggressive and wore a serious look, Nina knew that he did need to worry about her. She was well aware of Bonny's ruthlessness.

"Well, you go with me. I don't want to see your grandfather alone." Said Nina, putting three thermos bottles in her hands.

"Wait for me to change my clothes." Howard tidied up his hair and went upstairs.

Allen continued, "it seems that Howard has forgotten us. He has been away for so long and hasn't come back yet."

"There is jealousy in the room. Andrea, have you got it?" Grandpa Zhiyao sniffed and asked.

Andrea smiled and stole a glance at AllenAllen. "You're right? My grandfather is the one who likes to be jealous most. Every time he makes dumplings, he is the one who eats vinegar the most. "

"Don't make fun of me. I'm old, but not stupid," Said Allen with great anger.

Andrea and Mr. Zhiyao both laughed.

At this time, Nina and Howard walked in.

"What are you talking about? Why are you so happy?" Howard put the vacuum bottle on the table.

"Talking about you..."

"What good things did you bring?" Allen interrupted Andrea's words.

"Steamed carp, yam and rice porridge, vegetable meatballs, and pumpkin corn cakes." Howard introduced them one by one.

Andrea held Nina's hand. Thin corn crumbs could be seen in her fingernails. Andrea asked, "did you make it yourself?"

Nina sat down next to Andrea and said, "I was worried ab

leave him alone." Allen laughed cheerfully.

It was the first time for Nina to see Allen laughing so happily. Every time she saw him, he always pulled a long face, which was terrifying.

But Allen smile was just like most of old men.

Generally speaking, one's expression was related to his career. In the past, Allen thought that he could control the Hua group whenever he wanted. But now, when he really wanted to see that Howard could be more capable than him, he could totally give up and didn't need to be serious.

On that night, the elders ate and slept well.

Nina and Howard slept the whole night in the lounge.

Nina nestled in Howard's arms and pinched his muscles with her small hand.

She smiled unconsciously.

Howard became a little tired. He kissed on Nina's forehead and asked, "my sweetheart, why are you laughing? Did you find that your husband's skill is better than before? "

"Howard, this is hospital. Aren't you afraid that others will hear you?" She bit the flesh on his chest.

"I'm with my wife, not cheated. I don't care who listen our conversation."

"Tell me the truth. Have you done the same thing as other women these years?" That was the question that Nina had always wanted to ask. Five years had passed, and it was not a short question. In fact, Howard was a normal man. He had normal physiological need. How did he solve it?

"I have thought about it..." Howard squinted at Nina, "but..."

Nina was a little disappointed, "but what?"

"But what if my wife think I am dirty when my wife comes back?"

"What about Cassie?" Nina asked.

"Don't be silly. Sometimes I mistook her for you. It happened when I was so missing you. But nothing happened between us. Do you believe me?"

Nina nodded. "You do these things without leaving any signs for me. How can I not believe you?"

"Oh, honey, I trust you. How dare you doubt me? Should you be punished? " Pretending to be angry, Howard scratched under Nina's arm and giggled.

"No, No."

"Call me husband!" Howard ordered.

"Honey, husband, don't do that..."

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