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   Chapter 323 not allowed to be greedy

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Nina stood quietly like a windless scenery.

Nina like this made Howard's heart skip a beat.

So, Howard walked in quietly. All he wanted to do was to hug the beautiful Nina.

But he suddenly lost his breath, with a sense of longing.

Head down, Nina was not disturbed by the sudden appearance of Howard.

Her hair fell casually over her ear and she said, "no, I'm not. I'm here to cook for your grandfather, mother and Zhiyao."

Howard's hand swam upwards. While lowering his hand, Nina finally had the feeling and her body was stiff.

Howard was a little out of breath. He said, "well, I see. You want to be a good daughter-in-law in China. I will support you."

"Don't be garrulous. I just don't like the food in the hospital. So I cook them light food." Nina tried to calm herself down. Her rapid breath apparently exposed her emotions.

"Honey, do you know what I want to eat most now?" Howard was still clinging to Nina. He gently bit on the back of her neck.

Nina's heart sank. She gently bit her lips and said, "what do you want to eat? I'll ask the servant to cook for you."

"The maid can't cook this dish, but you can cook for me." Howard's beautiful eyes were filled with a sly smile. It was the moment that he wanted his wife.

Nina had understood what he meant, "Howard, son and daughter are at home now. Don't be so intimate, okay?"

"Humph! Do you know what they are doing now?" Howard asked.

Nina looked around, but there was no trace of Tessa or Wesley in the living room.

"Where are they?" Asked Nina curiously.

"When you went into the kitchen just now, Bob and Melissa came back. They bought a lot of snacks, which made Tessa very happy. she went upstairs with them. Wesley couldn't see what they are doing, so he took Melissa's hand and chased after them. These children make Bob so busy, so..." Howard couldn't wait to hold Nina in his arms and said, "no one cares about us now. Let's have fun as much as we want."

With half closed eyes, Howard lowered his head and kissed Nina.

Nina didn't have the strength to refuse, so she just let Howard do with her.

Or she was already unconsciously kissing back.

Howard took Nina to the guest room on the first floor.

The toy room on the second floor was very lively.

Tessa never denied that she was a foodie. In the past, Nina controlled Tessa to eat snacks, especially chocolate and so on.

Now that Bob had bought so many that Tessa didn't have to hide to do anything.

Melissa stood by and asked, "Tessa, will you live here in the future?"

With Tessa's mouth full of snacks, Tessa said, "snacks are available here. Of course I'll live here. Now that mommy lives here, I can't separate from her."

"That's a great idea! I like playing with you! If you can stay with me tonight, I can play with you every day!" Melissa said happily. However, she felt very strange when she saw the snacks in Tessa's hands. 'Oh, Tessa is here. Don't I have snacks to eat?' she wondered?

"Melissa Mei, aren't you afraid that you won't have snacks after she stay here?" Wesley asked coldly, which exactly told what was on Melissa's mind.

The sna

sed Nina on her face.

Nina's heart suddenly beat faster. What was wrong with her? Why do I feel that I'm in love? '!

"We We are an old married couple. Don't be pretentious. " Nina said to Howard, but she seemed to say it to herself.

Wasn't it? 'the twins are growing up, but I still have a feeling of first love towards Howard. Isn't it just an affection?'?

"The saying goes' absence makes the heart grow fonder '. We parted for five years and were sure to be more enthusiastic than bride." Howard snickered and raised Nina's chin, "really?"

There were too many emotions in his eyes, joy, happiness and regaining what he had lost

"Don't look at me that way. I'll cook dinner for you." As far as he was concerned, Howard's deep eyes were like two huge whirlpools, which could easily capture every woman's heart.

"Haha..." Howard let go of Nina and wiped away the water drops on his hands. "Do you have to work so hard, little woman?"

Nina stammered, "I I don't like the salty food made by servants. old people don't like it. "

"You can just stand there and watch." Howard took off the bath towel and wiped his hair. Water drops splashed on Nina's face. It felt cool. Therefore, Nina's face was extremely hot.

No, she was having a fever all over her body.

"I can cook by myself!" Not daring to look at sherry, Nina lowered her head, raised her arm and combed her mid wet hair. The casual way she was doing made her look more charming.

"Honey..." Howard murmured viciously. The next second, he reached out his hand to Nina again.

"Stop it. Don't eat too much. I want to cook now." Nina ran into the kitchen.

She turned the dragon head, picked up the water and washed her face, "you are so shameless. You are just like a girl in love." Muttered Nina.

"How old do you think you are?" An evil voice sounded behind Nina.

"Howard, is there any sound when you walk?" Nina was very embarrassed. She swore that she didn't expect Howard to follow her. Look, what did she just say?

Hearing that, Howard shrugged and smiled mischievously. "Honey, I heard nothing."

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