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   Chapter 322 Two eyes hate one another

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"Ahem, Wesley is here too. I have something to ask you." Andrea waved at Wesley.

With knitted eyebrows, Wesley came over to Andrea reluctantly.

Noticing that Wesley didn't like Tessa, Andrea asked, "Wesley, I want to ask you a question, do you want your mom to be with your dad?"

Of course Wesley was willing that his mommy lived with daddy.

Wesley pressed his lips, saying nothing.

"What about you, Tessa?"

Tessa looked at Nina and then at Howard, "if Mommy agrees, I will agree."

"How about you, Wesley?" Andrea asked again.

Frowning, Howard asked, "what's wrong with Wesley?

"Wesley!" Howard called out in a hoarse voice.

"I respect daddy's choice." Wesley finally opened his mouth.

All right. Now the two kids unanimously put the decision-making right to Nina and Howard.

Feeling remorseful, Howard touched his chin and said, "I have no choice, Grandpa. If you still want me to be your grandson, please allow Nina to come back to the Hua family."

It was obvious that Howard didn't want the Hua family, but Howard still wanted Nina! He looked at Allen calmly.

Allen's face fell and he didn't say a word.

Zhiyao waved to Tessa and Tessa ran to him immediately.

"What's your wish, Tessa? Tell it to great grandpa. " Said Andrea.

Andrea understood that it was a little difficult for Allen to admit his mistakes to Nina after he said a lot to hurt her. Although he had accepted Nina in his heart, he might also want to say sorry to her.

But Allen was used to being aggressive and in control of others. How could he speak it out easily! Therefore, she wanted to let Tessa say about her idea.

Tessa blinked her big eyes and said, "Great Grandpa, I really hope that dad and mom can be together. This is my first wish. You have to satisfy it."

Fortunately, Tessa didn't disappoint Andrea.

How could Allen say no? they had made it clear a long time ago. It would be very humiliating if he refuse Tessa now?

Wesley pressed his lips into a thin line and didn't say anything. He did hope that his mom and Dad could be together, but he didn't want to see Tessa?

"Why didn't Wesley say anything?" Andrea asked.

"I also want mommy to be with Daddy. But does bumpkin come with them as well?" Wesley asked.

Hearing the word bumpkin, Tessa's eyes widened. "Wesley, how dare you call me bumpkin? What a bumpkin! "

Annoyed, Tessa waved her fist, trying to fight with Wesley.

"Well, both of us are bumpkin. Stop competing with each other, okay?" Nina said when she saw her son and daughter quarrel with each other. she didn't want see them quarreling

"Yes, it is. All of our family members are bumpkins, but I remember that grandma has a liking for the word bumpkins. It sounds great!" To prevent her granddaughter and granddaughter from fighting with each other, Andrea had pretended to call all the Hua family bumpkin.

Hearing that, Howard's mouth twitched and gave out an evil smile.

"Now that everybody is a bumpkin, then I will register with your mommy later!"

"What is the registration?" Tessa asked innocently.

Taking out the marriage certificate of the beggar and Nina, Howard said, "register means that I have to be with your mommy, not only by the consent of you two kids, but also by the consent of the nation. Got it?"

Tessa shook her head, "no, I don't understand."


mmediately registered the marriage certificate for the beggar and Nina.

"I am proving it." Tessa ran to the staff and raised her head.

"Does my face look the same as Howard's?" Tessa pointed at her face.

The receptionist smiled obsequiously. "Mr. Howard, but I dare not to give you the marriage certificate without permission. If this beggar doesn't divorce with Nina, this... "

"What's this?" Apparently, Howard was impatient. How could he be willing to give a divorce certificate to the beggar and Nina. It was known that Nina had a special feeling for beggar!

"Ask your boss for help, okay?" Howard put away the marriage certificate of the beggar and Nina.

The staff soon found the leader.

The leader glared at his subordinate when he saw Howard.

Why didn't he go to deal with the formalities quickly? Why did he provoke the God of wealth.

"Mr. Howard, what's up?"

With Howard's arms around Nina, Howard said, "I want to apply for a marriage certificate with her. Here's my ID card."

"Okay, I'll do it right away."

As a leader, he quickly registered two marriage certificates for Nina and Howard within two minutes.

When the two big red marks were printed on the marriage certificate, Howard said wickedly, "honey, you can't escape this life!"

"I didn't want to escape, either. If it weren't for your grandfather..." Nina was about to speak, but she hesitated.

"We are a real couple now. My grandpa is your grandpa, that's our grandpa. Do you understand?"

Well, she was wrong again.

With the marriage certificate, Nina seemed to have no reason to refuse to go to the Hua family.

The family of four returned home in high spirits.

Happiness really isn't about having all the wealth in the world, it's simply about being happy with your wife and kids.

Two adults and two small ones.

After they got home, Nina went to the kitchen.

She was still not used to being the hostess here.

She took the groceries out of the refrigerator and picked out the meat.

Howard came in and hugged Nina from behind. He deeply kissed Nina's hair and said in a charming voice, "my baby, you are so industrial. Do you want to cook for us? Sure enough, having a wife is the happiest thing. "

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