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   Chapter 321 Pull out the beard

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10025

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People were amused by Tessa's words. "How can you take off my beard, lovely baby Tessa. you cannot be taken off?" Said Andrea.

"If you don't give beard to me, I won't let great grandpa kiss!" Tessa knew it was painful to remove the beard, but she was angry when she remembered what her great grandpa had done to her mommy's company.

So she insisted on pulling Allen's beard.

"How about this? One piece of beard?" Allen discussed with Tessa.

"Give me a kiss for one piece of beard." Tessa haggled with Allen.

"Okay, I'll draw two pieces and let your great grandpa kiss you twice." The so-called returning youth was actually what Allen was thinking now.

Tessa blinked and said, "I want to do it myself."

"Yes." Allen raised his head In order to play up to his great granddaughter, Allen had gone all out.

Tessa reached out her little hands and grabbed a strand of his beard with a little force.

"Ouch My dear baby Tessa, is that okay? " He felt a sharp pain in his chin.

Tessa opened his little hands and said disappointedly, "no, I didn't. I want to do it again."

He clenched his teeth and thought to himself, 'it's just a little pain. It's worthwhile for me to have Tessa's kiss.'.

So, he raised his chin again.

This time, Tessa's grip was less than before. And she had increased his strength.

You know, our baby Tessa is a vigor. Allen's beard was almost ruined with her strength.

There were more than two of them in Tessa's hands, as many as twenty?

Allen would shed tears as long as he wasn't a man of the same age.

"Wow, brother Zhiyao, see? Although she is my great granddaughter, it's not easy for her to get close to me." Allen sighed.

"Tessa, Zhiyao doesn't have beard. Can I get a kiss?" Zhiyao touching his empty chin.

"I exchanged my beard for a kiss from Tessa. What do you want to exchange?" Allen said jealously.

Zhiyao didn't know what he should exchange?

"Could you change it with your hair?" Tessa replied.

"You're clever!" Zhiyao complimented Tessa

"I am the first!" Enduring the pain in his chin, Allen closed his eyes and looked at Tessa.

Actually, Tessa didn't want to kiss Allen on his face. However, she had removed that his beard. He didn't want to betray him!

Then, Tessa closed her eyes, pouted and kissed on Allen's face.

"Again." Allen asked intimately.

He wanted to praise Tessa for her soft and obedient tongue!

Tessa reluctantly pouted his small mouth. Well, who let her pick so many moustaches!

Tessa kissed the Allen's face.

"Okay." Tessa wiped her mouth.

"Tessa, here is another one." Allen pointed at his own mouth.

"But your beard has used up. Is it swollen?" Tessa's rolled her eyes and got an idea.

"Why do I feel you should give me more kiss?" Said Allen.

Tessa counted his beard and asked, "I just kissed you for twenty-six times, how many beard do you have?" Said Tessa, grasping Allen's beard in his hand.

"Thirty!" Allen said.

"It's twenty. But you still ow

nt to find Mommy?" Tessa pouted and said unhappily.

"Shouldn't you at least inform Jack about it?"

"Mommy, do you think that Jack will allow me out home if I tell Jack that ?"

"Naughty girl..." Nina was speechless.

"Well, Nina, don't blame Tessa, as long as she doesn't encounter bad guys." Andrea felt so sorry for Tessa as she held him into her arms.

"I'm so envious of Nina's two babies. Call me great grandpa, so that I can be blessed by them." Zhiyao had been smiling at Wesley. At this moment, he really envied Allen.

Wesley, on the other hand, paid no attention to Zhiyao. Instead, he looked at Tessa with an unfriendly expression. At that moment, what he wanted to do was to knock Tessa down and beat her up.

Looking up at Wesley, Tessa didn't want to show weakness.

She nudged him and said, "Wesley, call him 'great grandpa.'"

With a cold face, Wesley stood still and greeted in a cold voice, "Great Grandpa."

"Wesley, come here. Let your great grandpa have a look," Zhiyao invited

"You are just hug the bumpkin, so I don't want to go over there."

Allen was speechless. It seemed that the two little girls didn't get along well with each other!

"Bah! Wesley, you are the most powerful bumpkin in the world!" Tessa hated to be called bumpkin.

"Oh, my lovely babies, why do you quarrel with each other? Okay, today I have something to announce. You two stop quarreling." Andrea interrupted the quarrel between Tessa and Wesley.

Tessa made a face at Wesley and hid herself in Andrea's arms.

"This is my grandma." Tessa said to Wesley, showing off.

"How childish!" Wesley retorted

"Grandma, what does he mean by being childish?" Tessa raised her head and asked Andrea.

"Being childish means being cute!" Added Allen.


Nina rubbed her forehead and didn't know what to say. Please don't mislead Tessa who doesn't know Chinese well anymore. A little bumpkin made so much trouble. She didn't want a 'childish' to make trouble again.

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