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   Chapter 320 my son knows me better than you do

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"Enough! You two stop arguing." Nina said, "Howard, your grandpa is still in hospital, so do you think the relationship between Cassie and grandpa Zhiyao is not messy enough?"

"Let's go." With that, Nina took Wesley's hand and left with him, leaving the two men at a loss.

Howard snorted and walked into Nina's bedroom.

Then he opened Nina's drawer.

"What are you doing?" Jack looked at him in disbelief. "How could you be so impolite? You shouldn't rummage around here and there!"

"Jack, you should know that Nina is my wife and she is not someone else. Do you understand?" Howard took out the marriage certificate of Nina and the beggar and said, "this is our marriage certificate, but now I want to change my name. When we hold the wedding, I don't mind you attending!"

Howard raised his head arrogantly.

"Howard, don't brag. We have the same certificate!" Jack looked for it in the drawer and took out a certificate.

Howard saw that the English above was jack's name.

Right, this must be the marriage certificate that Max had said that Nina and Jack had marriage certificate in Britain.

Being extremely angry, Howard snatched the marriage certificate from Jack's hand quickly. The next second, the certificate in his hand became pieces of paper.


"Well, that's it!" Then Howard left arrogantly.

Jack's heart skipped a beat. He picked up a glass of water on the tea table and drank it.

"Mommy, why don't you live with us?" Wesley, who had been silent all this while, asked Nina.

"Wesley, I didn't say I wouldn't live with you. But I need time. I still have a lot of work to finish." Said Nina with a smile.

"What is it?"

"This room," It was improper for Nina to tell Wesley what she wanted to do. As for what matter did her own solve, She wanted to take the initiative and let Howard her.

"Honey, I've got it. Let's check in again when we have time." Howard followed.

"Howard, have you really made up your mind?" Nina asked with hesitation.

"It has never been fake, including the identity card of the beggar and you. The beggar loves you is true, and the certificate is also true, but it's just a matter of identity." Howard said sincerely.

"Dad, who is the beggar?" Wesley asked, confused.

"It's your father." Said Nina.

Wesley asked, looking at Howard.

Howard nodded, "yes."

Wesley took the marriage license from Howard's hand and asked, "have you been married?"


"Of course. Otherwise, how could it be possible for me to have you and Tessa?" Howard proudly put his arm around Nina's shoulder.

With a happy smile on his face, Wesley said, "Mommy, that's settled. Go home and live with us."

"Honey, our son knows me better than you!" Howard said proudly in Nina's ear.

Well, Nina was defeated by her son.

Bonny had been waiting for them in the car. She felt puzzled when she saw that Nina and Howard didn't take Tessa.

Is Tessa not at home?

After Howard started the car, Bonny followed.

Now Zhiyao and Cassie were in hospital, so th

saw Nina reaching out her hand, he paused for a while. Then, he slowly put his hand on her, looking a little reserved.

With that, Howard took Wesley's hand and said, "let's get inside."

Wesley looked up at Nina and then at Howard. A sense of happiness that he had never felt before arose in his heart.

he lowered his head and smiled.

Nina had heard the burst of laughter from the ward. This little girl Tessa was a joyous girl, no matter where she went, she would bring people happiness.

On the other side, Tessa was indeed a living creature. When she arrived, she saw that her mommy was not here and wanted to leave immediately.

But she was stopped by Andrea.

"Babe, mommy and daddy will come here soon. Don't go."

"He's the one who bullied my mommy." said Tessa, looking at Allen angrily

"Who said I bullied your mommy?" asked Allen, pulling a long face

"It was you who asked Dean to destroy mommy's company." Said Tessa angrily.

"That's because..." Allen really couldn't find any excuse.

"Tessa, let bygones be bygones. Don't be mad at great grandpa." Said Andrea, fondling Tessa's head.

"Humph!" Tessa snorted.

"Hey, you are the flesh and blood of the Hua family. Come here and let your great grandpa have a look." 'I have to behave myself in front of my great grandfather. I can't offend her now, ' Allen thought.

"I don't want you to see me!" Tessa said stubbornly.

"Well, you little girl, my temperament is like mine." Allen didn't get angry but smiled proudly.

Allen and Tessa were as stubborn as Nina?

Tessa's toughness was the same as that of Howard, OK?

"Great grandpa likes you. Let me kiss you." Andrea took Tessa to Allen.

"You can kiss me, but..." Blinking her big eyes, Tessa looked at Allen who had a goatee. She had never seen so much hair under a man's mouth!

You are very curious, aren't you?

"Really? Do I have to negotiate with great granddaughter to kiss her? " Allen pretended to be angry.

"I want your hair under your mouth!" Said Tessa.

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