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   Chapter 319 a false alarm

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Bob rubbed his eyes as he had waited for this moment for a long time.

Even when people all over the world thought Nina was dead, Bob was also waiting for the moment.

He believed that Nina wouldn't die. she would come back to find Wesley.

Finally, the moment came.

He finally made up for his debt to Nina.

"Young master..." Bob wiped the corner of his eyes with embarrassment.

"I didn't blame you for what happened in the past, Bob. Don't blame yourself any more, okay?"

"As long as you and Lady Nina can be reunited, I won't blame myself." Bob had always believed that if he hadn't left the hospital to buy milk powder, there wouldn't have been a separation between Howard and Nina.

this was why he kept blaming himself.

Howard patted Bob on the shoulder. "I promise you I'll keep Nina with me forever."

Everyone's wish was wonderful, but the reality was cruel. Nobody could know that?

Who could predict his fate earlier!

"Wesley, get in the car with Mommy," Then Howard turned to Melissa, "Melissa, I have to take Wesley out to deal with some business. you have to listen to Bob."

"I want to go with you, uncle Howard," With Wesley away, Melissa was not used to it.

"Melissa, uncle will fly kites with you." Bob hugged Melissa.

"I'll be back soon. Wait for me." Wesley said to Melissa and got into the car with Nina.

Melissa waved her hands at Wesley and Nina unwillingly.

After Howard started the engine, Wesley asked, "where are you taking me?"

"Go to pick up Tessa." Howard said casually.

Well, Nina looked at Wesley with worry. Wesley frowned and asked, "is she coming over?"

"She is your sister. Don't you welcome her?" Howard asked.

"I don't like her." Wesley got angry as long as he thought of Tessa throwing away his clothes in the gym. He hadn't taken revenge on her yet!

"Yes, she's a lovely girl. How come Wesley doesn't like her?" Nina caressed Wesley's hair and asked.

"Mommy, do you like me or her?" Wesley raised his head to look at Nina stubbornly.

"You are both my kids. I like both of you." Said Nina with a smile.

Wesley lowered his head, saying nothing.

At this time, Bonny had known that Spark had been kidnapped by Howard, because she had only given him two hours. He hadn't come out yet after two hours, which indicated that something had happened to him.

But it wasn't an accident. To be exact, Bonny had expected it.

Bonny knew Howard so well that she knew it was not easy to deal with a man as smart as him.

However, she wouldn't have the chance if she didn't take the risk.

Now that Spark lost the bet, Bonny decided to fight for herself.

She knew where Nina lived and she also knew that she had a daughter named Tessa.

The case was that Wesley and Melissa had been protected by Bob, while Tessa had been neglected. Therefore, it was much more likely to find Tessa to take actions more than finding Wesley.

Bonny didn't expect to meet Howard here. As soon as she pulled over, she saw his car coming in.

Bonny lowered her head immediately. Bad luck!

"Okay, I'll wait for you!" Tessa said in a lovely way.

But when the servant went to change her clothes, Tessa turned around and ran out of the Hua family.

Just go to the hospital?

She could go there herself.

It had to be said that little cutie Tessa was awesome. She came to the hospital alone by taxi.

And presented the name of her great grandfather to the consulting table.

So she found Andrea soon.

Andrea thought that Tessa came with Howard and Nina, but she didn't see anyone else.

"Tessa, where are your daddy and Mommy ?" Andrea asked.

Tessa shook her head, "I'm looking for them too!"

"You came here alone?" Asked Allen with great concern.

"Yes, I want to see my mommy. Where is my mommy?" Tessa looked around and found that her mommy, daddy and the little bastard were not here.

"Your mommy went to look for you, but you didn't find her?" Asked Allen with concern.

"No, I didn't." Tessa replied.

Allen said to Andrea, "call Howard and tell him that Tessa is here. Don't make him worry."

Andrea called Howard immediately.

Now, Howard and Nina were even as curious as ants on a hot pan. "Where did Tessa go?"

When he received the call from Andrea, Nina heard that Andrea told him that Tessa had gone to the hospital. She was finally relieved.

"Naughty girl..." Nina often let out a sigh of relief.

"Yes, Nina. I'm sorry. I didn't take good care of Tessa." Jack made a review.

"That's great as the baby is fine. You can go back to sleep, Jack." Said Nina with a smile.

"Jack, this house is yours now." Howard said understatedly.

Both Nina and Jack were puzzled. "What do you mean, Howard?"

'what an unexpected visitor! This is my house. How could he make decisions for me?' Nina thought to herself.

"I mean you and Tessa won't come back and live here from now on!" Said Howard arbitrarily.

"Oh, are Chinese men all so unreasonable?" "She is not yours now. How can you take her away from here? Do you give her a home?" Jack couldn't stand Howard's unreasonable behavior

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