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   Chapter 318 Melissa's little pigtail

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Melissa was thrilled to see that kite. She followed behind Wesley and shouted, "Wesley, I want to fly a kite."

So Wesley picked up the receiver and held it in Melissa's hand. But unfortunately, Melissa was too careless and she stumbled backward.

Then Wesley snatched the kite from her hand and snapped, "Melissa, watch me play."

Wesley flew with his kite and Melissa followed.

The laughter of the two little children came from the garden now and then.

When Nina saw this scene, her eyes became moist.

She dreamed of the scene when she was pregnant, which she and Howard had dreamed for countless times. However, they were separated since five years ago.

"Honey, what's wrong?" Howard opened the door for Nina.

"No, I saw them playing in the garden. How time flies!" She got out of the car and looked at Wesley and Amanda.

Lowering his head, Howard whispered in Nina's ear, "so, sweetheart, we each should seize the happiness in our hands."

But she pretended as if she hadn't heard it. She got out of the car and walked towards Wesley and Melissa.

Howard rubbed his chin with a smile.

"Hi, Wesley. Melissa, are you flying a kite?" Nina greeted them happily.

"Auntie Nina, uncle Bob made a kite for us. Is it beautiful?" Melissa asked with a bright smile.

"Of course it's beautiful." With these words, Nina bent over and kissed on the little face of Melissa. "Melissa told me who gave you that pigtail?"

Nina looked at the two different braids above Nina's head. She guessed that it must be Bob who did this to Melissa. After all, men couldn't do such an exquisite thing.

Of course, Nina didn't know that these two braids were not done by Bob, but by Wesley.

Nina liked braiding little girls, but her own Tessa didn't like braiding, because every time Nina braided for her, just two minutes later, she took off her bowknot and threw it into the ground.

Over the time, Nina finally realized the temperament of Tessa. She had the same character as Max, and she didn't like braiding, so Nina gave up.

Now, with the fine features of Melissa, Nina felt that Melissa were more like her own daughter compared with Tessa.

"it's Wesley did this for Melissa. " Melissa whispered in Nina's ear after she stole a glance at Wesley.

Nina was surprised that Wesley was able to braid Melissa.

Wesley was in a towering rage when he saw Tessa, but took good care of Melissa.

Perhaps it was because he had been with Melissa for a long time.

In the morning, Melissa was with her messy hair when she woke up. She couldn't hold the comb to comb her hair herself.

Wesley was still sleeping.

It was the first time Wesley had stayed up late because he had been practicing martial arts with Bob the day before.

Melissa crawled onto the bed and pointed at Wesley's nose. "Wesley, you're awake," she said

Every morning, Wesley was so scratching Melissa to ge

r Melissa looks so pretty today. It turns out she has two beautiful braids," he remarked

Melissa was even more arrogant. She asked everyone if her braid was beautiful?

Faced with this lovely little girl, all the maids said with one voice, "Melissa is so beautiful today.".

they spoke highly of Melissa. And she was more confident than she was in just thinking. And she looked prettier with two pigtails on her head. Even Wesley, who had always been impressed by Melissa, found that she was getting more and more beautiful with her braids.

Therefore, when Nina suggested to braid the braid for Melissa, she was rejected by her resolutely.

"Auntie Nina, this is the most beautiful braid that Wesley braided for Melissa. Don't braid it again, okay?" Melissa covered her braid with her hands, afraid that Nina would push her away.

Nina stood up and looked at Wesley.

Wesley stood where he had been and looked at Nina expressionlessly.

The kite flew down and stopped at Wesley's feet.

Wesley clenched his fists and pursed his lips.

"Wesley, why not call her Mommy?" Howard walked up to Wesley and asked.

Wesley raised his head and asked, "will she stay?"

Howard could see the desire in Wesley's cold eyes.

"Don't worry, Wesley. She's your mom. She'll stay,"

Tears welled up in Nina's eyes and poured down her cheeks. "Wesley..." her voice choked with sobs.

Wesley walked up to Nina slowly and stood in front of her.

"Wesley..." Nina lowered her head and greeted

"Mommy, will you stay?" Wesley asked flatly.

His words made Nina's heart ache. With a nod, she said, "if you want me to stay, I'll stay."

Wesley smiled.

He wanted to yell to the world that his most intimate mommy was back.

"Okay, I want you to stay." Wesley said indifferently, no matter how excited he was.

"I promise you." Nina knew that she couldn't refuse again. She couldn't find any reason to refuse her son.

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