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   Chapter 317 posing as a pheasant standing on one foot

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Meanwhile, Howard drove the car from the parking lot.

"Honey, sit on the passenger seat." Howard opened the door of the assistant driver's seat.

Without thinking too much, Nina sat in the car.

After sitting in, she clicked on the wechat.

Max sent several wechat messages about pregnancy.

"This woman is pregnant again?" Nina muttered to herself.

Sensing something was off, she raised her head and saw the look on his face. Howard looked at her.

"Howard, why are you looking at me? You don't want to drive?" Nina tried to protect herself.

He raised his eyebrows and answered lazily, "silly woman, you are the most beautiful one."

"No wonder you two children mentioned the word" stupid "so frequently. It's because their daddy is so weird." Nina ridiculed.

"What? You don't like them?" Howard lit a cigarette and asked lazily.

"Of course I do. It's my baby. How could I not like it?" Nina retorted, "what do you mean? Why don't you drive the car and talk with me?"

Nina felt that Howard's eyes were blurred and shined with unpredictable danger.

"Honey, how about moving back with Tessa?"

Nina had guessed Howard's intention. She was right.

"Howard, you haven't got your grandpa's consent yet. How could you ask me to live with you?" Said Nina scornfully.

Hearing her words, Howard sneered, "silly girl, do you really think that everyone can fight against my grandpa? Today he tolerates you, which indicates that he has made a concession. If it were any other woman, he would have asked his men to drag her out. "

Who was Allen? If he hadn't thought that what Zhiyao and Andrea said made sense, he would have already asked someone to take Nina away.

Actually, it was also a small step for Howard.

"Well, I know that you and your grandpa are devoted to each other."

"Honey, did you hear what I said just now? Have a try. Whose heartbeat is it?" Howard took Nina's hand and put it on his chest.

"I'm not a half immortal. I don't know your heartbreak for who," Nina pretended to be disdainful, panicked inside.

Touching his forehead in pain, Howard said, "honey, we've been married for so many years. Can you be romantic? Why don't you understand romantic at all?"

"Does Bonny or Cassie understand? You go for them. I'm already a mother of two children. I'm too old to be romantic! " Then she opened the wechat, "Hi, a handsome guy."

Nina immediately added him.

"Being romantic with you is just as romantic as being romantic with a handsome man!" That was exactly what Nina wanted. She enjoyed it when she saw Howard's face become darker?

"Hey, man, what are you doing?" Nina answered the phone in a loud voice deliberately.

Hearing that, Howard gnashed his teeth in anger. 'no one dares to provoke me, don't you know?

The next second, Howard snatched the phone from Nina and said, "sweetheart, do you dare to make me jealous? It's all your fault. "

"Howard, please don't..."

Well, she was the one who took the initiative to trouble Howard today. She was the

lt wronged and cried.

"Stupid. I said you are not practicing martial arts. Will you continue to do it in the future?" Wesley teased, but he bent over and began to massage Melissa's legs.

"No, thanks." Melissa said obediently.

Wesley kneaded Melissa's leg for a long time until it didn't hurt.

Bob didn't know Wesley's mind. it turns out he did it on purpose. But why is he reluctant Melissa to continue to practice martial arts?' he wondered!

So he pulled Wesley aside and asked, "Wesley, why don't you want Melissa to learn martial arts with me?"

"This is between her and me. I won't tell you."

Originally, Bob was at a loss for words. He wanted to ask more, but Wesley had already left.

Wesley thought he could take care of Melissa and protect her after he learned martial arts. But if Melissa learned martial arts better than him, would she be able to protect him in the future? I'm a man, and I don't need Melissa's protection. '.

That was why Wesley had stopped her on purpose.

It was not until they went to a university that Melissa realized Wesley's little tricks. Although she had learned half of his moves, she still couldn't hold a candle to him.

But it was too late.

Now Wesley's plan had worked. But he had an obsession in his heart, which was, Melissa was the girl he wanted to protect for the rest of his life.

Although many years later, Melissa asked Wesley, "Wesley, when did you start to like me? From your childhood, right? "

With a cunning smile, Wesley answered, "you were a jerk when you were a kid. I wouldn't like you."

Although he didn't admit it, deep down he knew that he had fallen in love with her since childhood.

In this way, she watched Wesley practice martial arts, while she play with mud after only one move and a half move.

One day, as Melissa was bored, Bob tied a paper kite for the two little babies.

although Bob was a man, he was smart and skillful. As a large Butterfly Kite, if Wesley painted it, it would be beautiful and vivid.

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