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   Chapter 313 Pie in the sky

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 10831

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Walking out of Cassie's ward, Nina leaned on the shoulder of Howard sadly.

"Honey, are you okay?" Howard asked nervously, stretching out his hand to feel Nina's forehead. Her temperature was normal.

Nina asked weakly, "Howard, why did this happened?"

Howard knew what Nina was referring to was why Cassie became this.

And he could understand Nina's disappointment with Cassie.

Touching Nina's hair tenderly, Howard explained, "sweetheart, Cassie is always like this. She pretended to be innocent before, so you think she is a kind person. Now that she has revealed her true colors, you feel inconceivable and can't accept that. However, whether you accept it or not, this is the real Cassie. "

"Well, just a little disappointed." She said slowly.

"Don't think about those annoying things, think about the happy things, for example, when you will marry me? Or what kind of wedding dress do you like? " Howard thought for a while and said, "I am looking forward to hold a big wedding for you as soon as possible!"

"Howard, I was just bewildered by Cassie, about us...... I haven't decided yet! "

Howard held up Nina's head and kissed her tenderly. "Honey, I'm okay with it as long as I have made up my mind."

Despite her unwillingness, in the corridor of the hospital, Howard kissed her on the lips peremptorily.

At this moment, a man wearing a cap came from the end of the corridor.

He paused by the side of Nina and Howard, and then entered the ward of Cassie.

Without being noticed by Howard and Nina, them went to the ward of Zhiyao.

Zhiyao looked much better now and enjoyed the time with Nina and Howard.

"Would you like something to drink, Mr. Zhiyao?" Nina asked with concern.

"Water is fine." Zhiyao sat up. Nina quickly put the cushion under him.

Then she wiped his hands with a towel and himself.

Howard had already filled the glass with water. Nina put a tissue on Grandpa Zhiyao's chest and carefully fed him with water.

"I know my disease. I might leave at any time." Said Zhiyao, waving his hand to Nina.

Nina put down the water and took the paper towel from his chest, "Mr. Zhiyao, don't think too much. You are in good health!"

"You are such a sweet talker." Zhiyao said.

Nina smiled. She knew very well that his illness could not be cured, so she tried her best to take care of him so as to make him happy at the last moment of his life.

"Did you quarrel with Cassie just now?" Zhiyao asked again.

"Okay," Feeling a little embarrassed, Nina stammered, "I was too impulsive just now, so we had a quarrel."

"Alas." Zhiyao sighed, "after all, I mistook someone else for my dizziness."

He shook his head sorrowfully.

Nina knew that he was talking about Cassie. "She is just a little older than you. After she get married, she will be softer when she has her baby." Although Nina was very angry about what Cassie had done, But it was her father's blood that flowed through Cassie. She didn't want to protect Cassie, but she thought it was not good to criticize her sister in front of an outsider.

"You naughty girl." Zhiyao pretended to be angry and said, "but it is said that" ineducable "can't be used to cultivate. Cassie is indeed a rotten wood. I a

is chin, Howard finally opened his mouth, "Mr. Zhiyao ." When facing the lawyers, he had to be respectful. "I will buy the shares you gave me at the market value, and you can donate the money to charities. As for the share you give to Nina, I think it is not appropriate. "

As a smart man, Howard had the ability to know the stock market share of many companies were keeping watch on Ji group. They were jealous of it, but if it was in the hand of Nina, how could she live well?

Not to mention others, only the Su family members would not let Nina go.

"Why are you so stubborn?" Zhiyao was confused.

"Because Nina is my woman. I don't want her to take any risks. So, I hope you can take back your shares. If you're going to sell them to me, I'm very happy. But if you're not going to sell them to me, you can sell them to the individual investors. " Of course, Howard didn't want Mr. Zhiyao to sell his shares to a company. Neither of them wanted to cause trouble for themselves?

Zhiyao thought for a while and nodded.

"I'll think about it."

"Yes." As for the shares you gave me, I will transfer the money to your account very soon. You can deal with it by yourself. "

"Okay. Nina Give me your hand." Zhiyao put out his aged hand.

Although Nina was confused, she couldn't refuse him.

So she stretched out her hands obediently.

Zhiyao took Nina's hand and pressed her fingers three times.

Then, he released Nina's hand.

Nina didn't know what grandpa Zhiyao meant, so she just took it as a strange gesture.

"Mr. Zhiyao, I really can't take the cash you said to me. You can donate it to charities or projects in your name." Said Nina.

"I'm old and don't have time and energy to handle these things now. Nina, I'll leave these things to you to do for me. I think you'll do better than me." Said Zhiyao.

Nina still wanted to refuse. But Howard said indifferently, "Nina, don't let Mr. Zhiyao down. I also think you will live up to him."

"Howard, you understand me..." Zhiyao laughed.

Nina rolled her eyes at Howard.

What are you doing here? If people knew about it, would Nina become a woman who coveted money?

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