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   Chapter 311 I'll marry whoever I love

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Nina shook her head. "I'm flattered, Mr. Zhiyao. I just don't want anyone to be hurt. I hope they all live well, so I'm very happy!"

"But why do you treat me so well? I used to hate you so much! " Speaking of his misunderstanding and prejudice against Nina, Grandpa Zhiyao felt a little regretful.

"You don't have to think too much about it. I'm not thinking about getting any reward from you. I just feel that there's no one taking care of you at your age. If you don't trust me, I can find you a nursing assistant or your maid. " Nina explained in a low voice.

Of course, there was one thing that Nina didn't speak out, that was, she had a sense of fear for the old man since she was a child.

That was the love between Nina and the old men that was hard to explain. And that was why she liked to visit the old house.

She liked to stay with those who had experienced a lot. It seemed that her life was heavy with them.

"Silly girl, I know you are not a bad girl." Zhiyao said, "it's a very happy thing to have you. I like to see your smiling face."

"Thank you." Nina smiled at Mr. Zhiyao.

At this time, Howard came in.

When he went to Allen' ward just now, he found that there was nothing wrong with Allen, as he expected. It was just that Howard was infuriated by what Howard did.

Allen roared with rage when he saw his grandson.

"You bastard! How dare you come to me! If you still want to recognize me as your grandpa, you'd better hold the wedding ceremony with Cassie. If Cassie's shares are wrong, I'll not let you go. You know what? " Allen was so angry that his beard was about to fly.

Howard put his breakfast on the table and said unhurriedly, "Grandpa, now you are lying on the bed. Can you stop worrying about it? I don't want to make you angry, but please don't force me, okay? "

"Humph! No way! Tell me if you are going to marry Cassie or not. "

Howard shrugged and answered briefly, "no!"

"You bastard! You really want to piss me off!" Allen reached out to hit Howard.

Howard stretched out his hand to hold his grandfather's and said, "Grandpa, have a good rest. Don't worry about me. This is breakfast. You should eat more to recover from your illness and return home as soon as possible, okay? "

Then he loosed Allen's hand and left.

"You bastard was bewitched by Nina. She won't marry you!"

Turning his head, Howard asked in a cold tone, "Grandpa, do you want me to change my name?"

"You bastard! How dare you!" Allen grabbed his crutch and attempted to get out of bed.

"Grandpa, if you tenaciously repel Nina, then let's see whether I dare or not!"

Allen was so angry that he trembled all over. "You have grown up. I don't care about you any more, do you?"

"Oh, why do you quarrel in the early morning?" As soon as Andrea went to the bathroom, she heard the quarrel between Howard and Alle

our husband?" Said Zhiyao. He no longer hoped that Cassie was his granddaughter. The true colors of Cassie ruined the hope that Mr. Zhiyao had for a family bond.

In other words, he had realized that it was more suitable for Howard and Nina to be together, because in their eyes, there was deep love, care and love for each other.

"Promise me, marry me, honey!" In front of Mr. Zhiyao, Howard gave Nina a passionate kiss.

"Is that okay?" Asked Nina.

She wasn't sure whether her happiness was gained by a simple word of her own will.

"Honey, as long as you want!" Howard hugged Nina.

Nina closed her eyes happily. She wanted to say that she enjoyed the feeling of being hugged by Howard. She heard a voice from her heart, "stay with Howard, so you can get happiness.".

"Honey, promise me, okay?" Howard whispered in Nina's ear.

"Yes." "Uh huh." Nina plucked up all her courage and said softly. No matter what, she didn't want to have anything to do with the connection between her and Howard. She had to listen to her heart, and that was to be with him.

She was with her two babies!

"Great!" Zhiyao laughed heartily.

At this moment, some noise came from the next ward. This time, it was not Howard's voice, but Cassie's sharp whine.

Cassie's whine instantly brought Nina, who was immersed in happiness, back to the reality.

"Howard, it seems to be Cassie!" Panicked, Nina pushed him away and said, "you stay here. I'll go and see what happened."

Nina ran out before Howard said anything.

she could imagine how desperate Cassie was when she found out that her leg was about to be disabled.

Since she was disabled, it meant that she would no longer be able to marry a rich family.

No one would believe that Howard would marry a disabled woman!

This was what made Cassie stupid. Howard had canceled the engagement in front of so many people, how could he marry her?

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