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   Chapter 309 a lot of good fortune in love affairs

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Without any response, Howard took a deep breath and raised his eyebrows. "Honey, if I can't breathe, I'll just go die. Guess if my daughter and son will hate you?" he asked

"Nonsense! she is my daughter ..." Nina said the first half sentence. But she immediately paused when she heard Howard's snicker.

As expected, Howard smiled. He looked back and seriously said, "my baby, you have no son or daughter, if I didn't have sex with you."

Wesley moved his body a little. 'huh! Dad, don't you know you should be more reserved in front of your son?

"Howard, who said I don't have a daughter or a son without you? Don't make it sound like you are the only man in the world who has that kind of ability. If that is the case, then you... " Nina bit her lips and smiled. It didn't mean that Nina had ignored Wesley. She thought that he had fallen asleep.

She didn't want to be made fun of by Howard, so she spoke in a casual way.

Wesley pursed his lips. 'wasn't mom afraid that she would teach those naughty boy a lesson?' he thought?

"Haha If so, isn't my young master more precious than a panda? " Bob couldn't help but make a joke.

Howard's face darkened. Then he ground his teeth and said, "I have a lot of good fortune in love affairs!" If there was him in the world who really only had that ability, then he It seems that he cannot be relaxed as the national treasure.

"Don't you, these years..." Nina didn't finish her words. When she was back, she heard people talk about Howard who was drunk and lost in alcohol and beautiful women.

"Several years? Do you want to say that I have many women these years? " There was a touch of sadness in his heart. In the days when Nina disappeared, he had suffered, he was painful, he had decadent, and he had found women.

But that was just a wine party!

But now, in Nina's heart, what kinds of person does she think of me? Playboy?

With his eyes fixed on Nina's face.

Nina realized that she had said something wrong. "Well But, Howard, I don't care how many women you have. I just want to make it clear. I'm sorry! "

Before Nina could say anything else, she also felt mouthful, Bob low laugh spread.

Nina was so embarrassed that she wanted to hide herself.

She originally said this in a casual way, but why did it sound that she was jealous?

"Oh, hi, Nina. You seem to know my hunger and thirst very well? Or, how about now Take care of it! " Howard's teasing tone was full of strong teasing in a distant space.

"Well, master, do you want me to carry Wesley out of the car?" Bob didn't want to be the third wheel.

"Bob, don't..." Nina shouted nervously. If Bob left, Howard couldn't hold on. It would be a great loss for her?

She pulled Wesley into her arms. She had her son protecting her. Wesley must be feeling wronged. To stop your dad's bad idea, let mommy to hold him for a while.

Howard didn't say another word.

eeded. Were his bodyguards so easy to deal with?

Therefore, when Bonny entered the ward and did a search, the bodyguards had caught all of her actions.

When Bonny didn't find her will several times, she pulled out the breathing tube of Cassie angrily.

Just then, Howard's bodyguard rushed in.

Unfortunately, Bonny broke the window and escaped, but they failed to catch her.

When Nina and Howard arrived, Bonny had escaped.

What worried Nina was Cassie, she didn't know how about her

But when the doctor told her that Cassie might be disabled, Nina shook her head sadly.

"Bob, the next step, we can end the action." Glancing at Cassie who was lying on the bed, Howard said with no expression on his face.

"Yes, Mr. Howard." Bob winked at the bodyguards and they retreated.

It seemed that nothing happened in the hospital.

At this time, the sleepy Melissa rubbed her eyes and ran out.

"Wesley, where did you hide just now? Why didn't I find you?" Melissa felt aggrieved.

Melissa had been looking for Wesley for a long time. she searched every ward on this floor, but still couldn't find Wesley.

Later, she was so tired that she went to bed in the lounge.

She had been awakened by the noise. When she walked out of the booth and saw Wesley in the private booth, she was overjoyed. She grabbed Wesley's hand tightly, not willing to let go.

"Stupid, I don't want you to find it. How can you find it?" Wesley mocked.

"Melissa, Wesley wasn't here just now. So you couldn't find him. Now, let Bob drive you home, okay? " Nina bent down and focused on the big eyes of Melissa.

"Okay, Melissa is obedient to Auntie Nina. Wesley, shall we go home now?" Melissa hated hospitals the most. If she hadn't thought Wesley was here, she would have already returned home.

Wesley opened his mouth, but hesitated and looked at Nina.

"Hi, Nina. Wesley wants to ask if you are coming with him," Howard asked.

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