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   Chapter 308 a sweet scene

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Reluctantly, Howard fixed Nina's hair and said, "silly woman, you just came back to life. Can you think about yourself first? You are so concerned about Cassie, right?"

"It's My dad has been worrying about her. If anything happens to her, he will be more remorseful. Besides, Cassie has been kind to me. She has helped me take care of Wesley for so many years... "

"What if I tell you that Cassie is not as kind as you think? Will you still treat her like this? "

"But she is my sister." Nina replied after hesitating for a while.

Hearing that, Howard smiled disdainfully. He held Nina up and said, "let's go. After we go back, I'll show you a video. By that time, you'll know what kind of person your so-called sister is."

Howard held Nina and climbed up the hill little by little. It was lucky for him that he had some strength. Otherwise, the mountain would be too exhausted to climb up.

Even so, sweat dripped from his face.

And dripped on Nina's face.

"Howard, have a rest." Nina reached out her little hand and gently wiped the sweat on Howard's forehead.

"You fool, if I stop now, do you believe that we will fall off? You are so weak. What if you fall down again? " With that, he raised his right hand and grabbed Nina with the other, forcing Nina to be buried behind his back.

Nina leaned on his back and smelt his good smell. She said naughtily, "I have you. You are on my back and I am on the top. Even if I smash you would be into meat pies, I will be fine."

Howard held Nina up and said, "you are an ungrateful girl. If I let you go, you would really fall into meat pies."

Nina wrapped her arms around his neck unconsciously. "You won't."

"Why won't I? You don't love me. You keep thinking about that man. My heart is broken. "

"Howard, you're not good at acting. Besides, how could I miss that man?" Said Nina coquettishly.

When Howard was absent-minded, he liked Nina, who was like a little woman in his arms and a lovely woman.

"What are you thinking about? Is it me? " Howard asked.

"I won't tell you." Fortunately, it was at night, or else it would be very difficult.

"Tell me!" Unconsciously, he let go of his hand.

"I won't tell you." Nina replied stubbornly, putting more strength in her hand to hold him.

"Ahem, ahem, woman, you're gonna strangle me." Hearing that, Howard suddenly felt difficult to breathe. "Let go, or both of us will fall down."

Nina quickly let go of her hand and said shyly, "Howard, I'm sorry."

"You don't have to say sorry, honey. What do you think we will do if we never come down?"

Nina answered without hesitation, "I'm gonna die. What else can I do?"

"Will you say you love me before you die?"

"Howard, it's not time to get emotional. Can't you be more serious about the hillside?" Nina avoided his question.


n a low voice, "it's a call from my subordinate. Do I answer it?"

Howard nodded.

"What is it?" Bob asked in a low voice.

"Bonny is in hospital and she is in action. What should we do?"

Bob took a look at his young master, waiting for the order of Howard.

"It's time to protect Cassie. let someone take photos which should be taken. As for Bonny... " Howard thought for a while and said, "it would be better if we can catch her."

"Yes, I will."

Then he put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.

He was tired and wanted to have a good rest.

Nina suddenly opened her eyes. She gently put Wesley down and moved behind the Howard.

She gently rubbed the hair of Howard with her finger.

Howard moved a little and asked, "baby, what are you doing?" He was most familiar with what Nina did and asked in a daze.

"Howard, what did you say just now?" Nina listened to his words and felt something was wrong. What did he mean that they should take photos? What photos should they take?

Without any expression on his face, Howard snorted and ignored what Nina said.

Nina became anxious. She reached out and pinched his nose. "Howard, can you say something? If you don't talk, I'll kill you today! "

With a smile, Bob said in a low voice, "my lady, why are you still so cute as before?"

"What do you mean by 'cute'? Howard is pretending to be dead?" Nina covered his mouth with the other hand.

Finally, Howard opened his eyes. There was no anger or impatience in his deep eyes. Instead, there was a smile in his eyes.

Nina lowered her head and happened to meet with Howard's eyes. With the light from Howard's car, Nina was on top of Howard and Nina saw that his beautiful eyes sparkled. Looking at their postures, she couldn't help but fall into a reverie.

Nina's face suddenly flushed. She quickly let go of him and sat back to her seat.

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