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   Chapter 307 the little boy saved the mother

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 9655

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Howard was astonished. He didn't know why Nina was caught by the gangsters again.

"Okay, I will put down my weapon, but please don't hurt Nina, or you know the consequences." The Howard winked at Bob as if to tell him to throw away the gun.

With Nina held in his arms, the gangsters walked to a distance. Some of them had been wounded by Howard and Bob. Groaning in pain, they stood up and limped behind Shura.

They looked like they had lost their lives, and no longer arrogant as before.

"Mr. Howard, what should we do?" Bob asked anxiously.

"Follow up." As for Nina, she was shot by a powerful man. If Nina died because of his carelessness, Howard would never forgive himself.

At this moment, he suddenly saw a figure flashed behind Nina. he looked like a little baby.

"Is he the young master of our family?" After all, there was a long distance between them, which made Bob uncertain.

"Yes, it's Wesley," After all, Howard was Wesley's father, so he knew Wesley better than Bob.

It turned out to be the case. After Howard and Bob had left, Wesley said to Melissa, "wait for me here, Melissa. I'm going to the bathroom."

Melissa blinked her big eyes and answered spontaneously, "I will go with you." Now adults were all busy and alone. She was afraid, so she insisted on following Wesley.

"I'm a man. I'm going to the men's bathroom. You want to go with me?" Wesley said sarcastically

"I'll wait for you outside." Melissa asked, blinking her big eyes.

"Don't you go to the bathroom?" Wesley asked.

Melissa shook her head.

Wesley snorted and went to the bathroom. Melissa stood outside obediently.

Wesley deliberately made a loud noise, because he knew best about Melissa. The little girl had a small problem, that was, when she listened water dripping from the tap, she would try to pee.

As he expected, when she heard the noise, she ran to the ladies' room and said, "Wesley, don't run around. I'll be out soon."

Wesley smiled conspiratorially. Now that his plot had succeeded, was there anything to be proud of?

Turning off the car engine, Wesley ran out of the men' room.

Then he ran into the elevator.

When Melissa came out of the bathroom, she didn't see Wesley.

Melissa ran to the corridor to look for him. She had thought that Wesley was playing hide and seek with her! Every time Wesley made fun of her, he would hide it somewhere!

Wesley must have been hiding somewhere.

Melissa went to every wards looking for Wesley.

Andrea even asked her, "what are you doing, Melissa?" At the same time. "Grandma, I'm playing hide and seek with Wesley," Melissa answered secretly

In this way, Andrea didn't think about other things.

Little did she know that Wesley had already taken a taxi to the western suburbs.

As far as he could remember, Wesley reached the western suburb of the city and walked towards a ab

give up. No, it was impossible.

He would never allow her to leave him, never!

"Cherr ', I'm a beggar. Will you wake up?" Noah kept doing artificial respiration for Bonnie, he called her name softly.

Howard's voice seemed to come from the distant sky. Nina told himself again and again that she must wake up. She had her son, her daughter

She decided to stay there until Wesley called her "mommy".

But she felt pain all over her body.

It hurt so much.

"Beggar..." Nina managed to say the word.

Howard finally breathed a sigh of relief. "Yes, honey. I'm beggar. Open your eyes and have a look, okay?"

Howard was so excited that Nina started talking, which meant she came to life.

He loved Nina's voice all the time, and at this moment, her voice was more beautiful than ever.

"Say it again, babe, I want to hear you." Howard held Nina in his arms.

Nina couldn't think clearly. She had just rolled down the hill with the gangsters, but why did she suddenly appear here? What made her more surprised was that Howard was also here?

Was it because of her?

"Howard, did you save me?"

"Yes..." Howard touched Nina's face with his hand.

Nina smiled, "thank you. You always save me."

"Silly girl, if it wasn't me who saved you, who else could it be? Do you want it to be Jack? " There was a slight jealousy in Howard's joyful voice.

Nina suddenly remembered something. She sat up and didn't seem to be at her last gasp.

"Speaking of him, you become more interested in him. Honey, do you really want to be like this in front of your husband?" He laughed with jealousy.

"What's this? Go away." Nina paused for a while and said, "Howard, I know who kidnapped me. It's Bonny. She found someone and wanted to kidnap Cassie. It seems that her subordinates were wrong. By the way, where is Cassie? How was she. I saw her fall to the ground. Did she get hurt? Is it serious? Tell me! "

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