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   Chapter 306 blood

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It was already late when Howard and Bob reached the abandoned building.

The building was pitch dark.

Originally, Bob had no choice but to click on his own cellphone. Under the blue light from the screen of his cellphone, he and Howard were observing the situation around them.

"Nobody?" Howard fixed his eyes on Wesley's phone screen. The red dot was already fixed on the screen, indicating it was nearby.

"Mr. Howard, you see..." Bob pointed at the ground.

When he faintly saw some blood stains on the floor, Howard breathed heavily and hurriedly walked into the room through the bloodstains.

It was a room more than ten meters wide, with its door wide open and its inside was covered with dust.

"Yes, it's here." Bob pointed at a clothes hanging on the doorknob and said.

It turned out that the gangsters had taken off their clothes and hung it at the handle behind the door.

Since Howard was holding Wesley's phone and he didn't know how to control it, the robot was in dormant.

"Where is Nina?" Howard's heart sank. He clenched his teeth and the veins on his forehead popped out. "Bob, where is Nina?"

Staring at the blood stains on the ground, he was as overbearing as a king. He had never begged anyone or anything. Now, he was humbly begging God in his heart, hoping that the blood was not belong to Nina.

Howard's voice trembled. As a matter of fact, Bob understood what was going on in Howard's mind.

And so did he.

Seizing the robot, Bob thought for a moment and said, "Mr. Howard, maybe we should follow the trace of blood."

"Bob, don't tell me that the blood is Nina's! It's not her. It's impossible! " Howard growled.

But a bad feeling grew in his heart. He wished he could see Nina in this second. His steps were flying but heavy.

Right then, Nina opened her eyes and saw a lot of men's faces in the moonlight.

She frowned and rubbed her forehead. She finally remembered what had happened.

"What are you doing?" Nina shouted in horror.

A gangster smirked and reached out his hand to touch Nina's face. "TSK, TSK, it's so tender. you asked what we are doing? Of course we are going to have sex with you! "

The gangsters laughed at the same time.

"Shura (who was the leader), you come first."

Shura walked to her and squinted at Nina. "Oh, you are not dead! It's better not to die. It's more fun, isn't it? " As he took off his coat, he continued, "woman, let me enjoy my passion."

Nina finally realized what would happen. She wanted to get up from the ground, but her legs were soon held down.

"Woman, don't run, hehe..."

Nina was scared, "help! Help!" Although Nina knew she was in the wild, out of instinct, she asked for help from the outside.

"Ha ha, woman, I'm telling you, even if you shout loudly, you won't cry out a person to save you. You'd better listen to us." A gangster began to tear at Nina's clothes.

It was until now tha

"Watch out!" Nina blurted out.

Hearing that, Howard raised the corners of her mouth and asked, "honey, are you worrying about me?"

"I... i Howard, is there a gangster coming? " Nina changed the topic.

He smiled and turned around to meet the gangsters.

Nina was watching the fight between Howard, Bob and the gangsters nervously. Soon, Howard and Bob gained the upper hand.

She made up her mind that with the help of Howard and Bob, the abductors couldn't get rid of them easily. So she decided to leave.

She pulled her ragged clothes and thought, 'I'd better leave as soon as possible, or I may be disheveled and cannot face Howard later.'.

Therefore, Nina walked around the several fighters and was about to leave.

However, she was accidentally targeted by Shura.

Obviously, the fight between Shura and Howard was not on the same level. As his men were battered down by Bob and Howard, there was no way he could escape.

Suddenly, he saw Nina.

This was about holding this woman hostage, However strong Howard was, he could just have to stop.

He pushed the boy to the back of his companions, dodged the Howard and the assassin, and walked behind Nina.

"You wanna escape? No way!" Shura said fiercely.

"Ah." Nina immediately felt that someone strangled her neck. She felt something cold on her head.

Damn it! It was a gun.

Nina was very regretful. She should listen to Howard's words. But now she was into the devil's hand.when she just escaped from a tiger's mouth.

"You, stop!" Nina swallowed.

"Don't move, or I'll kill you." Shura threatened.

Nina put up her hands in surrender, "I won't move, and you should keep your gun."

Nina was not that stupid. With a gun on her head, she would be stupid to irritate the gangster!

"You'd better keep that in mind." The leader snorted and then turned to call to Howard. "Howard, Nina is in my hands and let me go. Otherwise, I will shoot her. "

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