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Everyone escaped from the gunshot.

"Cassie..." Perhaps Gavin was most nervous. Nita was taken into the business car, and Cassie was injured and fell to the ground.

Gavin hurriedly called the ambulance, and then picked up Cassie.

In fact, it was not because Gavin was partial to Cassie, but because he owed a lot.

Zhiyao lost his breath, threw his crutch away, and fell to the ground as well.

"Ouch, what happened?" Andrea ran to him in a hurry. "Mr. Zhiyao, what's wrong with you?"

When Andrea supported Zhiyao with his back and got him up, she found that he was breathing shallowly.

Okay, one of them, Cassie was covered with blood, the other was Zhiyao who was not sure whether he was dead or not.

It was a total mess.

Bob and Howard were driving fast on the way, but unfortunately, neither of them caught up with the commercial vehicle.

Those men were all desperadoes. They couldn't catch up!

"Mr. Howard, stop chasing it!" He took Howard's car aside. As far as he could see, Howard was as if losing his mind. With his hands tightly gripping the steering wheel, the car had reached its limit. If it went on like this, lady Nina might not be able to catch it, but it was very likely that the car had an accident.

The car screeched to a halt with a screech. Howard finally stopped the car.

"Bob!" Called Howard painfully. He rested his head on the steering wheel and asked, "tell me. Is Nina okay?"

All he could think about was that the gangsters had done something to Nina that he couldn't accept.

What he feared most was that the gangsters would take Nina's life.

"No, Mr. Howard. We'll check the destination on the commercial vehicle when we get back, and then we'll save Mrs. Nina." As a matter of fact, Bob wasn't sure whether he could succeed or not, but he could only comfort Howard at the moment.

"Tell them to look into it now!" Howard tried to hold back the anxiety in his heart.

"Yes." As soon as he got the order, he called his men.

But soon his men replied. Bob and Howard both felt disappointed.

Every piece of news seemed that he couldn't find a commercial car which had kidnapped Nina.

It turned out that after the gangsters kidnapped Nina, they quickly transferred her to a minivan.

However, they didn't do anything. Instead, they kept moving forward and draw Bob and Howard away at the same time.

Finally, the driver got out of the car and the commercial vehicle fell into the river. Of course, they couldn't find the car.

"Mr. Howard, what should we do?" Bob could do nothing about it.

All of his men were professional and efficient. What else could he do if they couldn't find out anything? Therefore, he could do nothing but wait for Howard's order.

Lowering his eyebrows, Howard didn't reply. He didn't answer Bob or scold him.

he rubbed his chin and said, "it is obvious that Bonny found someone to do this, but we don't have any evidence. What's more, we are not prepared for Bonny's appearance in front of Ji's house..."

"Master, those people just received Bonny's money. If we give them mo

know what the bad man gave her to smell some medicine, she felt in a daze driving a long way.

"Who are you? Why do you kidnap me?" Although Nina was not very sober, she still had consciousness.

No one answered her.

"Are you Bonny's men?" When Nina saw Bonny, she had a hunch that something bad would happen.

The first thing came to her mind was that Bonny was going to deal with Cassie, but she didn't expect it was her.

A gangster kicked Nina impatiently and said, "don't talk, woman. Do you hear me?"

"How could the drug not work?" Someone complained.

"Maybe it's just a fake, would you like to give her a little more?"

"Come on! If she die, we will be in trouble!"

Nina struggled for a while. Today her arms and legs were really wronged. She was tied by Bob for a long time, and now she was tied for so long by the gangsters.

She felt pains all over her body.

"If you want money, I have. I can give you the money as long as you let me go." Nina tried to bargain with the gangsters.

If she could talk with them, then it would not be Bonny who started the whole thing. If she could not talk with them, then there was a high possibility that Bonny was the leader.

Because Bonny must give them a lot of money.

Someone said, "how much money do you have to pay us?"

"How much do you want?" Said Nina.

"Tens of millions?" The man snickered.

"I don't have that much. Can I give you less?" Nina suggested.

"Hehe, why shouldn't we keep tens of millions and discuss with you?" Someone laughed at her.

Someone kicked Nina on her body and said, "there's no need to discuss. Just stay here."

"You mean I'm valuable, don't you? Someone has offered tens of millions of dollars to catch me, but I should die first if you want me dead. I want to know why I'm worth so much money? "

"Bitch, you're so long winded. Don't think too much of yourself. You're worthless for what you did, and you're just a nobody. Don't dream of yourself as a Phoenix. Now that you've offended the master, you deserve it!" Someone cursed.

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