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   Chapter 303 break up

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"Cassie, please don't make Nina embarrassed. Let her go, okay?" Bob pleaded

He didn't want to embarrass Cassie, so he just gave his way to the girl without hurting her.

"You all bully me! You bad guys! I'll kill you!" With a dagger in her hand, Cassie viciously stabbed at Bob.

Because of her identity as a illegitimate daughter, Cassie had felt insecure ever since she was a child. Therefore, when she was at school, if her classmate laughed at her as other's illegitimate daughter, she would rush over and quarrel with her classmate. However, she was too weak to fight against her classmates.

Later, Cassie secretly bought a dagger and put it on her body. If anyone else made fun of her identity as an illegitimate child, she would show a knife around herself.

However, most people weren't afraid.

Some even provoked, "illegitimate daughter, if you have the ability, just give me one cut, hehe..."

Enraged by the fact that her classmate had been provoked, Cassie flew into a rage, brandishing a dagger and slashing at him.

As a result, the teacher took the knife and scolded Cassie.

She felt very aggrieved and found Spark.

Eager to protect his girlfriend, Spark hid himself on the teacher's way home after work and hit her on a dark night.

As a result, both of them were fired and became gang members.

Now, she just wanted to kill all the people she hated.

"Wake up, Cassie. Don't make any more mistakes, okay?" Nina shouted.

"What makes you think you can talk to me like that? You're unqualified to talk about me like that. Your son calls me Mommy, and he calls your name because I've took care of him for so many years. By the way, I have a son, Wesley..." She placed a glimmer of hope on Wesley.

Wesley walked over to her.

He said in a cold voice, "Cassie..."

Hearing his words, Cassie knew that it was all gone. She sat down on the ground helplessly.

She said in a trembling voice, "Wesley, I'm your mom. What did you just call me?"

"Cassie, it was you who took my phone and deleted the photo, wasn't it?" Wesley asked, expressionless. However, there was still a trace of sadness in his eyes. When he had thought that he could rely on Cassie, he had found that she was no more than a vicious woman. It turned out that she had treated him well before just to deceive her of being the lady of the Hua family.

"Wesley, don't listen to her. She's just stirring up trouble between us. She's jealous of us..." Cassie stood up abruptly and hugged Wesley, held the dagger in her hand.

"Cassie, calm down. Take your time." Afraid that Cassie might hurt Wesley, Nina consoled her, "Cassie, listen to me. Everything will be fine. Let go of Wesley."

Wesley stood still, not moving. he didn't fear, nor did he want to run away.

It was out of his calmness or the craziness of scorning Cassie.

In an instant, derrick's smile became more and more blurred and broken in his mind.

"Wesley, I'm your mom, right? Look at me. " Raising Wesley's face, she pleaded,

lar, and she stepped back repeatedly. "I won't give you it. It's mine, it's what I exchanged with my life. I won't give you."

"Get it!" Zhiyao said to his subordinates.

The bodyguards of the Ji clan all rushed to with Cassie.

All of a sudden, Cassie turned around and rushed out.

She stumbled and cried.

"Nana, stop her!" Gavin shouted.

Without thinking too much, Nina rushed to catch up Cassie.

No one paid attention to Bonny. When Zhiyao gave Cassie the will, she quietly walked out of the crowd.

She called one of her men, "come here as soon as possible. I've given you the pictures. You'll get a big reward if you take her away."

"Yes, Miss Bonny. You can rest assured that we will never let you down."

Just as Nina caught up with Cassie and tried to embrace her, a gunshot suddenly sounded. She saw that the subordinates of Zhiyao were all lying in the blood. Before Nina could figure out what happened, she suddenly felt darkness in front of her eyes and was put in a bag.

"Bob..." It never occurred to Howard that Bonny would take action under the gaze of so many people. Moreover, he had just declared that he and Cassie had canceled the engagement, but Bonny was still going to fight. Sure enough, she did it in order to get the Ji group, which had driven her crazy.

With these words, Howard had already got into his car. The black Lamborghini was crazily chasing the business car which kidnapped Nina.

"Hey, why did you kidnap Nina? there is a will of Zhiyao in Cassie's hand, and it's Cassie. You're wrong!" Andrea was a woman with experienced experience. There was no doubt that what happened just now was in Cassie's will. But it was obvious that the gangsters mixed Nina with Cassie, so they kidnapped wrong person.

"My Lord, what should we do?" Said Andrea anxiously.

"Don't worry, Howard chased her, maybe he would save Nina soon." Carlos was also very worried, but after all, as a man, no matter how he worried he can't be confused.

Andrea sighed.

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