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   Chapter 302 flipping over

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When Nina saw it was Zhiyao coming out, she got rid of Bob and ran up to him.

"Mr. Zhiyao, I have something to tell you!" Nina shouted anxiously.

"It's you again. Don't you know that I don't like you?" Zhiyao said with displeasure.

"That's right. I don't like this woman, just like Zhiyao. Nina, why are you here?" Allen became angry. His plan was about to succeed. Why did Nina show up all of a sudden.

He rolled his eyes at Howard and of course hoped that he could have Bob take Nina away.

To his surprise, Howard didn't move.

"Grandpa, don't listen to my sister Something is wrong. " Cassie became anxious too. she was afraid that Nina would destroy her dream of marrying a wealthy man. She pointed at her head and said.

"Wesley, why does aunt Cassie point at her head?" Melissa asked curiously, "I like Auntie Nina so much!"

"Melissa, don't talk, understand?" In fact, Wesley had already sensed something wrong. He stared at Allen and Cassie with his wide open eyes.

All the people present widened their eyes. They hadn't heard that there was something wrong with her brain. What the hell was wrong with her?

Howard frowned and was dissatisfied with the ridiculous words of Cassie and his grandfather.

If the success of the plan was based on hurting Nina, then he would rather not have this plan!

"Yes, Cassie is right! There is something wrong with Nina's brain!" Allen echoed.

Nina took a deep breath. "Mr. Zhiyao, believe it or not, I must tell you that Cassie just likes money and I hope you not blame her. Because she has lived a poor life since childhood, I hope you can forgive her. But at the same time, I hope that you will not regard her as a granddaughter, she..."

Before Nina could finish her words, Cassie burst into tears. "Grandpa, Nina said that just because she is jealous that I have a relationship with Howard. Because you know that I'm just an illegitimate daughter. Sister, you can hate me, but why did you insult me? If you still love Howard deeply, I'll leave him. Please don't insult me again! "

After saying that, she turned around and was about to leave.

"Stop!" Growled Zhiyao.

Cassie stopped in a hurry. She hadn't moved a few steps.

Zhiyao looked at Allen slowly.

"Allen, since so many people are here today, shouldn't we make a decision for Cassie and Howard?" Zhiyao asked.

Hearing that, Howard's heart sank. He had never expected that things would come to this.

There was no doubt that Zhiyao and his grandfather were discussing the marriage with Cassie.

"Haha..." Allen laughed while stroking his beard. "Mr. Zhiyao, now Cassie is your granddaughter. With such a noble identity, she really matches Howard!"

The people present were all holding their breath, waiting for Mr. Allen's following words.

Nina stood still. She was very conflicted. If Cassie woul

for Howard, he didn't know that his two babies were also here. All he wanted was to leave here as soon as possible.

But it was not easy for the journalists to get such valuable news, so how could they let him go easily.

they were getting closer and closer.

"Mr. Howard, since you don't love Cassie anymore, is it because Nina has come back?"

"If you cancel the engagement with Cassie, will you marry Nina?"

Howard indifferently glanced at the crowd and said word by word, "listen, Nina is always my woman, and Cassie has never been my woman. I have answered all your questions. Now move away! "

With a cold and ruthless sight on everyone's face, the journalists kept silent at the same time and automatically separated into two sides.

"Unfilial bastard..." Covering his chest, Allen breathed heavily.

"Howard, what are you talking about? Don't you want me to be alive? " Cassie stamped her foot. She began to cry.

Was her dream of being rich vanished like this? No, I've worked so hard to climb up the stairs step by step. I don't want to lose it like this. No! '!

At this moment, Cassie was full of hatred for Nina.

The crowd was still in a daze as the plot was reversed too fast.

Nina scratched her hair and didn't know what to do.

"It's all your fault! Nina, you are such a bad woman to destroy my happiness!" She vented all her resentment on Nina.

"Cassie, please understand that I have nothing to do with all these things, okay?" Nina sympathized with Cassie, but she didn't know what Howard was up to.

"I just want to blame you. If you don't come back, Howard will be mine. Why did you come back? Why didn't you die? " Cassie is crazy to collect the hair of Nina.

"Wesley, Auntie Cassie seems to have lost her mind. Hi, Auntie Nina..." Melissa bit her lips and looked at Cassie in horror.

Wesley didn't answer but walked out from behind the bushes.

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