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   Chapter 301 to take away Nina

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"Howard!" called Cassie, gritting her teeth

Nina's eyes were wide open. Since her hand had been locked by Howard, she could only use her feet and knees.

She tried to find his feet but failed.

She wanted to bite him, but his lips were only pressed on hers and would never put into her mouth.

She was about to shout for help, but the back of her head was pressed by Howard's hand. She couldn't even move her lips.

Andrea and Carlos exchanged glances with each other, and Gavin and Sophia also looked at each other.

The guests craned their necks in confusion.

However, the paparazzi didn't stop shooting, for they had taken lots of photos. People were shocked by this piece of news.

"Oh, it's so beautiful!" Melissa said after staring at the scene for a long time.

Wesley shifted his gaze from Cassie to his father, then to Nina.

He couldn't believe that he just smiled secretly.

What a sweet picture!

"Ah, my Lord, I have told you that your young master will never like Cassie. Look, how touching it is to be with Nina!" Andrea didn't know what to say. Tears began to well up in her eyes.

Carlos was not in a good mood. If Allen came out, he would be very angry!

"Howard!" When he was about to shout out, his mouth was covered by Andrea's hand. She said, "Carlos, don't let me down now."

Carlos sobbed and didn't continue.

"Oh, my God. You're such a bitch. How could you kiss your brother-in-law?" Cassie shouted, stamping her feet She fiercely rushed at Nina.

When she was about to put her hand down, her backhand was held by Howard. "Woman, don't spoil my good news!"

A sharp pain came from her wrist, "Howard, it's not me who's going to destroy your good plan. It's Nina!"

Cassie angrily pointed at Nina and said, "you bitch! I know you're jealous of me. I didn't expect that you couldn't control yourself and came to my grandfather's house to seduce him. I'll fight with you today!"

At this moment, Cassie just showed her true colors. she couldn't pretend to be a lady anymore.

She took off her hairpin and stabbed it into Nina's face.

"I will destroy your pretty face, how dare you seduce my man!"

Cassie's malicious image and words shocked everyone.

"Auntie Cassie is so scary!" Melissa covered her eyes immediately.

Wesley pursed his lips, silent.

"Cassie, don't be silly!" At last, Howard let go of Nina. He stood in front of Nina and glared at Cassie fiercely. Obviously, he was warning her.

"Howard, I'm your fiancee, please watch carefully? I know you don't love Nina. You love me, right? " Cassie shouted, crazily shaking Howard.

"Mr. Howard, answer her!" The reporters began to make a fuss.

"Mr. Howard, who do you love on earth, Cassie or Nina?"

"It must be Cassie. She is the lady of the Ji family now."

Hearing his words, Cassie proudly raised the corners of her mouth. Yes, she still had a trump card, which was the noble status that Nina couldn't match.

"Howard..." Gavin heaved a sigh and said, "now, it's Cassie who is

ed her happiness. "Thank you Miss Bonny. I won't let you down!"

Hearing her words, Howard became silent. He said to Nina, "Why are you still here?"

Nina sensed that there was a underlying meaning in Howard's words. She glanced at Bonny. She had seen how vicious this woman was before. She said, "Howard, I want to leave here with Cassie!"

Showing off, Cassie took hold of his arm and said, "sister, you'd better watch out that Howard is my fiance. Don't mess around anymore! I won't go with you. " After a pause, she continued, "I think you have already had Jack. you should be more careful from now on. Don't always think about Howard!"

Andrea couldn't stand it anymore. She lowered her head and scolded, "how evil Cassie is!"

"There seems to be something wrong with our son!" There had been a gap between Carlos and Howard, but he was still familiar with Howard. It was obvious that Cassie was a vixen just now. If Howard liked such a woman, it was really surprising!

There must be something fishy about it!

The guests were even discussing.

Howard put out his cigarette in a hurry, "Bob, take Nina with you."

"Yes, Mr. Howard." "My lady, let's go back." Bob walked up to Nina

"I have my own car. You don't have to drive me," Nina was irritated. Since Cassie insisted on her own ideas, she didn't want to interfere. she walked through the bushes to look for Wesley and Melissa.

Just then, Allen and Zhiyao came out. They were talking and laughing.

"Wow, so many people here." Said Allen.

"They must be blessing Cassie." Zhiyao said with a smile.

"Yes, grandpa!" Cassie shouted with excitement, which never happened before.

"Wesley, Auntie Cassie is a little weird today," Melissa said with a frown

With a stony face, Wesley replied, "she's that weird more than one day."

The way Cassie danced that day appeared in front of Wesley again. Since then, Cassie had been more and more weird.

In addition, Wesley felt that he was more and more unfamiliar with Cassie.

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