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   Chapter 300 exposing the scheme

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Nina kicked her feet hard against the car. The car was luxurious, but it still trembled slightly under her feet.

The two little girls gazed at Bob with admiration. Very soon, several men in black were knocked down by Bob.

"Wesley, let uncle Bob drive us home," After frightening just now, Melissa didn't want to see Howard anymore.

"Melissa, why are you so timid? We didn't get into the house. Are you a deserter? " Wesley hadn't figured out what had happened, so he couldn't give up easily?

Giving Melissa a stare, Wesley said, "if you want to go back, you go by yourself."

"Wesley, Melissa is not a coward. I I want to pee. " Melissa almost burst into tears.

"You know, girls always have a lot of things to deal with," Wesley said impatiently

Wesley looked around and wanted to see if there was a bathroom or something nearby.

However, there was no bathroom here.

However, Wesley saw the cars shake.

Wesley also can't remember Melissa to urinate. Curiosity drove Wesley towards the dangling car.

Wesley leaned against the car window, but nothing could be seen.

Watching Wesley approaching her, Nina kicked her car harder.

'it's so weird. There was someone else inside. Why didn't he speak?'?

"Who's in the car? Tell me who's there," Wesley said as he patted on the car frame

Nina wanted to answer him, but she couldn't make a sound, so she could only make a noise.

At the same time, sitting in the passenger seat, Bob had already noticed Wesley approaching his car. Praying in his mind, he said, "my lady, please don't make any noise. Master has asked me to keep an eye on you. If you get out of the car, master will kill me. I beg you. Please, my lady, just listen to me, okay?" if Nina had left, he couldn't explain to his master.

Standing not far from them, he was unsure whether he should follow Wesley. Maybe Wesley was just curious. As long as his lady didn't say anything, he wouldn't be interested. That way, he would leave.

Wesley didn't give up easily. hitting the car, he threatened, "if you keep silent, I'll call the police."

Bob became more anxious. "Young master, we can't call the police. If you call the police, how can I explain this!

And what if Howard's plan is exposed!

As he took out his phone and pretended to be calling the police, Bob ran over to him. "Wesley, let me take you home," he said

"Uncle Bob, it looks like something is moving inside," Melissa had full trust in Bob. As a result, she needed to report something to him.

"Oh, inside!" Of course, he couldn't tell her that Nina was inside. "There might be some pets of other clans in it."

"Pets?" Melissa grew curious, "Uncle Bob, I want to see it."

Bob patted his head regretfully. He was afraid that things would get worse. "Melissa, others' pet might be something, or 'tigers, lions...'. Bob thought the little girl was naturally afraid of this.

Melissa stepped back to stand behind Wesley.

that you would come here today. Why are you so late? We've already end the party. Look at you. What's wrong? Why are you in such a mess? " Said Cassie, with a hint of unobtrusive contempt in her eyes.

Touching his chin, Howard asked, "Hi, Nina. why are you here?"

As he spoke, he averted his eyes to Bob.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Howard." "I didn't take good care of her," he added apologetically

Hearing that Bob was calling Nina lady, a hint of disappointment appeared on Cassie's face.

"You are a coward. I will get even with you later. Cassie, come here. I want to have a word with you." Nina held Cassie's hand and told her that Bonny was the most dangerous person in the world and she should be careful.

Nina grabbed Cassie's wrist, with which, Cassie strongly grabbed Howard's arm and said, "sister, if you have anything to say, just say it. There's no need to mind Howard !"

Enraged, Nina exerted all her strength to pull at Cassie, who stumbled on the ground.

Howard frowned unhappily, "there are so many people here. What are you going to do?"

With a sneer, Nina said, "Mr. Howard, the more people, the better. I'm going to expose your purpose in front of everyone. Cassie is my sister, but how could you take advantage of her kindness? You bastard! "

"Nina, things are absolutely not what you think. Cassie is not as kind as you think I didn't use her. I just don't like her to treat you like this For us... " Howard was not sure if he was going to tell her the truth.

Once he did that, his grandfather's plan would be ruined. The deal between him and his grandfather would come to an end.

"Please don't argue with me anymore. What do you take us for? You bastard! " With these words, Nina turned her head and looked at the journalists, "everyone, listen, I have a piece of news to tell you, it is Howard who let my sister ..." Nina decided to tell Allen's plot.

But before she could finish her words, she was kissed by Howard.

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