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   Chapter 299 keep out

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"Baby, Tessa, listen to me, okay?" Facing the two persons, Jack was a little unable to cope with them.

The coach finally bought some clothes for Wesley.

Jack helped the coach to put the coat on Wesley's body.

"Tessa, apologize to the client," said Jack Wesley was one of their clients.

Tessa was the leader while Wesley was the guest.

"No way!" Tessa tilted her head, "he started it first."

"I don't want that apology. Just wait and see. The lawyer will come," Wesley said stubbornly

Both of them were not convinced by each other.

When Tessa saw Wesley was about to get dressed, she quickly ran away.

After getting dressed, Wesley held Melissa's hand and walked out of the gym. He didn't look for Tessa anywhere.

He kept apologizing for Tessa. "Wesley, I'm sorry. Can you forgive her for the sake of your sister?"

Wesley didn't respond. He didn't want to listen to what the speaker said.

Wesley hailed a taxi, asked Amanda to get in, and then got in himself.

"Hey, let me drive you home." Jack asked anxiously. He was afraid that something bad would happen to them.

"Drive the car. Leave him alone." Wesley told the driver and gave him five hundred.

The driver just cared much about money. Even though Jack was patting the window, he still said, "I'm their guardian today. You can't take them away. Please put them down."

The driver ignored Jack's complaint.

Jack ran his fingers through his hair and kicked the taxi hard.

Well, it worked. The driver drove faster.

Jack looked at the car and sighed helplessly.

"Wesley, where are we going?" Melissa asked carefully, staring at the angry Wesley.

"I'm going to see my dad, of course." Wesley answered without hesitation.

"But uncle is not at home!" Reminded by Melissa.

Wesley thought for a moment and answered, "Dad is going to Ji's villa or something." Wesley heard vaguely that his dad had told Cassie that he was going to visit Zhiyao in the morning.

"Yeah, I heard it." "Did Cassie and uncle get married?" Melissa asked

"babies, today is the day that Mr. Zhiyao will recognize Cassie as his granddaughter. You haven't read the newspaper. Here you are." The driver said as he threw a newspaper to Wesley.

The fact that people had acknowledged the affection between Cassie and Zhiyao was on the headlines of a city. It was well known in every corner of the city.

"Drive us there," Wesley said

"Got it." Then the driver drove the two kids to the Ji family.

Nina struggled in the car, watching Melissa and Wesley looking around.

"Wesley, are we going in?" Melissa blinked her big eyes and asked with seeing the men in black at the gate of the Ji clan.

"Dad is inside. Of course we are inside!" Holding Melissa's hand, Wesley stalked towards it.

"My little babies, do you have an invitation?" A tall man in black stopped Wesley and Melissa.

Melissa shook her head obediently, "No."

Without fear,

ut their hands and grabbed Wesley's arms.

Wesley just carried a robot. He felt helpless and outnumbered in front of the hands!

"Wesley, let's run!" Melissa tugged at his clothes.

Wesley also wanted to run, but now he and Amanda were surrounded by the men in black.

Wesley froze and looked at the men in black. "You dare to touch me?"

"We will not hurt you. We'll lock you in the dog's den. Maybe we can still blackmail Howard a large sum of money." One of the men in Black said obscenely.

"you want Money more than your life!" His partner mumbled.

As soon as they finished this sentence, a black shadow flashed over. Before they could figure out what was going on, all the guns in their hands had been thrown out.

"Bob?" Although he was masked in front of them, Wesley recognized him easily because he was familiar with his move.

"Wesley, take Melissa and step aside," Said Bob.

"Bob, if you can defeat all these bad guys, I will take you as my master," Wesley said.

"OK." Bob agreed happily.

As Wesley led Melissa to the other side, he saw Bob fighting with several men in black.

Wesley and Melissa hid behind the flowering shrubs. Melissa said, "Wesley, uncle Bob is so amazing!"

"Of course. Otherwise, I wouldn't have agreed to be Bob's student," he answered proudly

"If Wesley becomes uncle Bob's student, you will be very powerful, won't you?" The big eyes of Melissa were full of worship.

"I'll be more powerful than him."

"Wesley is awesome!" Melissa raised her head and kissed Wesley on the cheek.

Wesley narrowed his big eyes and smiled in a commanding manner.

He was cool, of course. He was so popular that girls admired him so much?

The car was just behind Wesley and Melissa. Hearing what the two girls said, Nina kept shouting in her heart, "Wesley, Melissa, turn around! I'm in the car behind you. Come and save me!"

Wesley and Melissa didn't know what she was saying in her heart.

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