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   Chapter 298 a superman is the farmer

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Tessa clapped her hands and smiled, "that's great." Then she got on the car.

"What's wrong with her?" Wesley said.

"Lower your voice, Wesley. Don't let Tessa hear you," Melissa whispered.

"Why should I keep my voice down? She is just a little bumpkin. She actually regards herself as a superman, an innocent girl!" Wesley mocked.

Unfortunately, this sentence was heard by Tessa.

She blinked her big eyes and asked, "Wesley, in the country bumpkin is superman, is that right?"

Wesley smiled and nodded. "Yes. Even Chinese Superman call bumpkin, so I call you bumpkin."

"Melissa, do you like the bumpkin?" Tessa asked Melissa.

Melissa looked at Wesley, unsure if she should tell Tessa the truth!

The bumpkin didn't mean a superman!

Wesley glared at Melissa.

So Melissa said timidly, "yes, I like this kind of bumpkin, too."

"Then does Melissa want to be a bumpkin?" Tessa asked again.

Melissa shook her head, "No."

"But why?" Tessa thought being a superman was the dream of every child, but why didn't Melissa want to do it?

"Because Because... " Melissa didn't know how to answer.

"Young bumpkin! Melissa is not as strong as you. She only needs me to protect her, but she doesn't need your protection. Do you understand?" Seeing that Melissa couldn't answer her, Wesley said.

"A bumpkin can protect a lot of people. Both of you can be protected." Tessa finally sat up straight, her face beaming with happiness. as if she was like a superman, doing great things.

"Well, then you can be the country bumpkin, always the bumpkin!" Wesley echoed.

"Well, I'm a happy little bumpkin, who will always protect kids on the earth. They all like me, and they all said that Tessa is the best." Tessa said while singing, entertaining herself in the car.

And the most funny part was that Jack didn't know much about bumpkin, so Wesley had to make fun of Tessa.

If Tessa continued to be ignorant, there would be no problem.

At least, there would be no problem even if Nina and Howard were not here.

The problem was that Tessa wanted to be a Superman so much that she wanted to be recognized by others!

She not only wanted to be a superman in front of Wesley and Melissa, but also in front of all children.

It would definitely be a problem?

When Wesley and Melissa reached the gym, the two kids followed the coach to take a bath.

But Tessa didn't need a bath.

But she was much busier than Wesley and Melissa. Her mission was to take a superior posture, waiting for all kinds of children.

When every kid got off the car, Tessa shouted in a forceful voice, "bumpkin is here. You can go on!"

Most parents and children just took it as an activity held by the fitness company, so they didn't care about it. Most of them just smiled and praised the little girl, "she's so cute!"

However, a naughty bo

she thought of Jack.

Uncle Jack is a nice person.

Jack, who had been busy, heard the shouting of Melissa and rushed over. He was shocked by the scene in front of him.

Tessa asked, standing with her hands on her hips. seeing Wesley.

Wesley, on the other hand, was bending over with his arms crossed. His face was as dark as a dark cloud.

"Tessa, what happened?" Jack scolded Tessa.

"Why did Wesley call me bumpkin? This is his punishment." Tessa said with disdain.

"Jack, I will sue you for torturing kids. Just wait and see. I won't compromise with you. Even if you beg me, my father won't listen. I will definitely ask you to close the door!" Wesley gnashed his teeth.

"Go find his clothes!" Shouted Jack to the coach.

The coach had never seen such a ridiculous thing. "Where can I find clothes?"

"Buy it for him," said Jack, throwing his wallet to the coach

The coach ran out with Jack's wallet.

"Let's get out of children's body good-looking? If you really want to see it, you can go home and have a look at yourselves." He shouted, as he drove the crowd away.

Someone said, "we are not here to see the child's body, we are here to get the free bathtub card."

"How can you take kids' words seriously?" Jack said with a shrug.

"she is the spokesperson of your gym. Of course we take her words seriously." Someone said seriously.

"Okay, wait for me." Jack had no choice but gave out his free card of the bathtub.

The crowd cheerfully dispersed with their free bathtub cards.

Jack walked over to Wesley and draped his coat over his shoulders. "Wesley, if you don't walk out of the bathroom, they won't be able to see you," he said

Wesley ignored Jack's friendly tone. He raised his lips and roared, "Jack, just wait for my lawyer. I won't let it go!"

"Ha ha! Jack, don't you know that you can't be merciful to the bad guys?" Shouted Tessa.

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