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   Chapter 295 a good wish

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Since Tessa returned home, the baby sat on the sofa. she was holding her chin with her hands and meditating.

Wesley's remarks that she didn't have a dad always echoed in her ears.

'Howard said he was my father!

Besides, Howard's hand was so big. She kind of liked it!

It seemed that it was not bad to let Howard be her father?

But, does Mommy like Howard?

My mom is so impatient! 'she thought to herself!

"What are you thinking about, Tessa?" Nina prepared the dinner and put it on the table.

Tessa jumped down from the sofa and rubbed the chair with her hands, "Mommy, you like Howard very much, don't you?"

Nina was surprised. What was wrong with Tessa today?

"What did Howard say to you?" Nina sat down. She remembered that Tessa met Allen today, and became more worried. "What did Allen say to you? Did they get you back to your family? "

"Mommy, don't worry. If Tessa doesn't agree, there's nothing they can do. But Mommy, it seems like I should have a dad. "

"Well This one... " Nina was embarrassed and spoke incoherently, "but Mommy doesn't like anyone yet!"

"Why do I think mommy likes Howard?"

"Tessa, you have seen that Cassie likes Howard, haven't you? Do you want to ask mom to take Howard away and let him become you dad? " Said Nina, pretending to be angry.

"If you and Howard are truly in love, there is nothing you can't do!" Tessa said seriously.

Baby, are you sure this is what a little kid should think?

" What love or hate. Wash your hands and have dinner with me." She took Tessa from the chair to the bathroom.

Tessa couldn't help but sigh. Mommy, you don't care about your own feelings. Please think about my feelings too, okay?

It's time for Tessa to go to school. Maybe other kids will have their fathers when that time comes. But did she have any?

That was really a pathetic thing.

"Do you like Jack, Mommy?" Tessa asked.

"No, he's just Mommy's friend," said Nina sourly while turning on the tap

Tessa nodded and then shook her head, "Mommy, are you just friends with Howard?"

Nina paused. The relationship between her and Howard was hard to explain.

So, she rubbed her hair and said, "listen, Tessa. Kids can't worry about adults, they should have meals, they will grow up, OK?"

"Mommy is too stupid to make clear of whom she loves. How can Tessa not worry about you?" Tessa said.

What annoyed Nina was scratching her hair. Who did she love? In fact, she knew it clearly in her heart. However, how could the so-called love be as simple as it thought.

If it weren't Allen and Cassie, she might still have a chance to say it.

But, now

Nina sighed.

Tessa blinked at her with a cunning smile. she was right. Her mom liked Howard.

However, her mommy's stubborn temper really made her crazy.

After dinner, Tessa didn't come back to her room as usual.

Instead, she asked Nina to tell her what had happened between her and Howard.

Nina didn't want to say more, but she couldn't wait for Tessa to get to the bottom of it.

Lying in Nina's arms, T

lamboyant but very quiet and gentle.

Nina liked it very much.

"Do I look good in this dress, Jack?" Putting them on, Nina walked out to rotate.

"I haven't told you that you are pretty no matter what you wear?" Jack looked at Nina.

He had fallen in love with this girl since the first sight of her. He loved her no matter what she wore.

Hearing this, Nina blushed and said, "thank you."

"Don't mention it." All of a sudden, something occurred to Jack, and he said, "okay. Remember to call me if anything happens."

"Got it." Nina made a simple bun for herself.

At that time, Cassie had received the clothes from Zhiyao.

It was a red dress decorated with all kinds of jewelry, shining brightly, which made Cassie very excited.

She jumped with joy, "Howard, that Mr. Allen was so generous. How could he spend so much money for me?"

Wearing his tie indifferently, Howard said, "Cassie, you have to keep it in mind that no matter how well Allen treats you, you cannot show it to him. Otherwise, our plan will fail. Do you understand?"

"Don't worry, Howard. I'll be Zhiyao 's granddaughter." Cassie said with confidence.

"That's good. By the way, watch your sister carefully. Don't let her talk nonsense. She has different thoughts from you. Or she is not as clever as you! " Howard reached out his hand and a servant brought him a new suit. He put it on and gently ran his fingers through his hair.

"Howard, you're so handsome!" exclaimed Cassie, who was so obsessed with his handsome look

"What?" It was the first time that Cassie praised him for being handsome. Howard knew that she was afraid of Howard. It seemed that she had changed a lot in her mind before she became the granddaughter of the Ji family.

"Yes, I'm handsome. Many women say so." Howard said indifferently.

"Why a lot of people are there?" said Cassie reluctantly

"Haha Of course, I'm glad to hear that. " Howard smiled.

"What about my sister? Did she also say that you are very handsome? " She looked at Howard expectantly.

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