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   Chapter 293 father is good

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With a frown, Howard put his hand on Wesley's shoulder and patted gently. "Son, are you sure you're not messing with your sister?"

Wesley rolled his eyes and snapped, "Dad, don't be biased in favor of Tessa. If you betray me, you should know that I'm never a good, obedient child. If I really get pissed off, uh, uh I will made fun of her... " Casting a glance at the Tessa who was entertaining herself, he replied, "I have many ways."

"you Don't go too far! " Howard warned.

Wesley shrugged. "You think your daughter likes it, don't you?" Wesley turned to look at Tessa. "Tessa, is bumpkin a lovely name? You like it, don't you?"

Carlos and Andrea didn't know what to say. 'Wesley is such a naughty boy? How could he make fun of his sister?

To their surprise, Tessa nodded her head happily and said, "yes, I like the name very much, because I worshiped the Superman since I was a child. The Superman is the most powerful hero."

"Babe, is this bumpkin the same with a superman?" Andrea couldn't help asking.

"Of course!" Wesley glared at her, not happy at all.

"Whatever Wesley says." Carlos winked at Andrea.

"Babe, no one in China worships super people, so don't make yourself a hero, and don't like the name bumpkin, understand?" Howard said while stroking Tessa's hair.

"No, I like it!" Tessa said with a glare at Howard.

"Come on, Howard. It's not a big deal that Tessa likes it. But it's just a period of time. What's the big deal between you and her?" She took Tessa into her arms.

Feeling speechless, Howard touched his chin. Was this kind of love really good? If Tessa knows the truth one day, she will surely fight with Wesley.

"Dad, stop talking. Let's go home." Raising his eyebrows, Wesley went downstairs alone.

"Hey, don't you stay for dinner?" Andrea called out her name reluctantly. The family sat together at the table and it was a kind of happiness to think about it.

Of course, there must be Nina in the family.

"Grandma, no, No. my mommy is still waiting for us. By the way, Jack, I have to go back to see if he's back." Tessa raised her head obediently.

Her big and pure eyes looked like Nina, shining with pure spirit. She was adorable and pitiful.

"Okay, Tessa. you promise me that I'll visit you more often, okay?" Andrea choked with sobs.

Tessa nodded, "okay. Bye, grandma. " Tessa waved her little fat hand.

But Andrea suddenly held Tessa's small hand and asked, "Tessa, do you know what happened to Jack?"

She prayed that there was nothing going on between Nina and this man. If something happens to them, Howard

"He is Tessa's godfather. He is nice to Tessa and Mommy." Explained Tessa.

Wesley stopped on the stairs and turned around. He said coldly,

care? What should I do? You are a bad man, a bad man, a bad man! " The more Max said, the more aggrieved she got. Then she began to beat on Ethan's back.

"Honey, the phone is ringing. It's a call." The man on the other end of the line was undoubtedly Ethan's savior. He cast a glance at the screen, on which was displaying the name of Howard.

TSK, TSK, TSK. He was indeed a buddy who knew him well!

Taking a deep breath, Max answered the phone in a bad mood.

"Hello Howard, what are you going to do with Nana? If you go on pestering with Cassie, I will make Nana marry others. " Max was still angry, so she didn't say anything nice.

Howard didn't dare to offend Max now, so he said kindly, "Max, I want you to prove that I am a good man, huh?"

"Shoot! Are you alright? Damn it, you and Ethan are the only men in the world who are bad. None of the men is good! " Max was extremely resentful towards the man on the phone now. It could only be said that it was not a good time to make the call from Howard. Howard was calling against the wind.

Without waiting for another response from Howard, Max hung up the phone.

For a long time, Howard still didn't come to himself. What did Max mean? Was she a fairy? If she knew what he would say? Or was she a Buddha who came to challenge her own happiness?

what did she mean by saying that just now?

Didn't she mean to make Tessa misunderstand him more deeply?

Howard raised his phone in his hand and said with a pretended lightness, "Tessa, your godmother didn't answer the phone. I'll call her later. Dad, I believe that your godmother must know that you are a good man, or she wouldn't have let Melissa stay at my home, right? "

Tessa said with a cunning smile, "I just heard mom * say that who is the bad guy." (* TN: here mother means sworn mother)

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