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   Chapter 292 the more one gets, the more one wants

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 9252

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"Great Grandpa." Wesley walked in.

"Wesley, did you see the news today?" He thought Wesley would back him up.

"Yes, I did." Wesley replied.

"How dare Nina threaten me! Shouldn't I punish her?" Allen sneered.

"Great Grandpa, it was her fault that she threatened you, but she did not make any harm to you. Great Grandpa, I worked in the children gym with Melissa, and there were many kids there. We could not go there today weekend, but what about tomorrow and the day after tomorrow? What do you want us to do? "

Only then did Allen realize that even Wesley was also here to question him.

"Wesley, since you like exercising, I can set up a company for you. is that ok?" He adored Wesley very much.

Raising his head, Wesley answered stubbornly, "No. I just like going to the Nina 's gym."

"You naughty boy! Your father and you don't listen to me! You two are going to rebel, aren't you?" He was so angry that he almost lost his temper.

"We should rebel against the old fossil like you." At this moment, Tessa walked in.

"Tessa?" Allen only saw Tessa in the photo, but it was the first time in reality.

Tessa didn't answer him and sat beside Allen either.

"What should I call you?" Tessa asked.

"Silly girl, of course you should call me great grandpa. Come here. Let me have a good look at you." He reached out to touch her chubby face.

"Please don't do that. I'm not here to see my ancestors, so please control your emotion first." Tessa moved away.

"Tessa?" Allen was irritated. What an unruly kid! she didn't even take Allen seriously.

"I'm here to ask for Jack. Please let go of my godfather, and then we will talk about other things." Tessa made a gesture of negotiation.

"Haha..." Allen laughed angrily. "What can we talk about?"

"Let's talk about how to make compensation. You sent someone to destroy my mommy's company, shall we make it written off?" Tessa said seriously.

"Tessa, my sweetheart, Howard is my grandson. He has found someone to repair your mommy's company. Is his money not mine?" Asked Allen.

"Great Grandpa, my father's money is his, yours is yours. How can you mix them up?" Wesley said.

"In addition, you have to pay for it. As for your attitude to apologize, you have to apologize to my mommy, you have to do the right thing." Tessa said seriously.

"What if I don't?" Allen didn't take his great granddaughter's words seriously. Despite his stubbornness, he was glad to see that Wesley and Tessa were smart, which showed that the Hua family wasn't afraid of succession!

For an old man like him, the greatest relief would be that.

"If you don't agree, then sorry, I will sue you." Said Tessa.

Well, he almost dropped his chin.

It had become a sensation to hear that his grea

andson had always been domineering. How could he be so weak and incompetent in the face of Nina?

"We'll talk about it later. Grandpa, now you should know what's the most important thing for us." With one hand holding Tessa, the other holding Wesley.

"Grandfather, don't forget what you said just now. Nina's company has lost a lot of money. I think that they can't afford one hundred million." Said Howard.

"Great Grandpa, I will go to exercise after you pay the money!" Wesley persuaded, adding fuel to the fire.

Only now did Allen realize that he was fooled by the three of them!

If he could give money and people, he would get a kiss from Tessa.

However, the baby Tessa was really adorable.

He raised his hand and touched the place where Tessa had kissed.

"I'm leaving now. I hope to see my sworn father, Jack, after I go back." After saying that, Tessa turned around and left.

"Great Grandpa, don't let us down!" Wesley added.

Howard said goodbye with a smile.

three of them walked out of Allen's room together.

"My baby, you're so great." Andrea immediately lifted Tessa up and kissed her on her face.

"Grandma." Said Tessa sweetly.

"Would you like to stay here with me?" She really didn't want to let Tessa go back.

"Grandma, Tessa is very busy today. I will help Mommy to tidy up her company. Can you do that later?" Tessa said with embarrassment.

"Tessa is a good boy." Carlos touched Tessa's head.

"Grandpa, am I not behaving myself?" Wesley's face fell. He was jealous of Tessa.

"Wesley is a good boy. But you're older than Tessa, and you should respect Tessa. She's your sister." Said Andrea.

"I don't need him to give in. I'm a bumpkin and I can defeat all my enemies." Tessa sang.

Carlos and Andrea didn't understand what Tessa was talking about, but Wesley did and smiled.

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