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   Chapter 290 Where to reason

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When the sun rose gradually and the sun became hot gradually, they finally realized that there was a punishment waiting for them as long as they stood still.

When they saw that Howard held Nina, they finally realized that they were here for their CEO. It turned out that they were punished by their CEO!

What they didn't know was that they were not punished by their CEO, but by their CEO's daughter.

But it was not easy to be a subordinate, especially when they worked for several people.

For example, they worked for Allen, and they worked for Howard, too. Let's see. They obeyed one of the bosses and then offended the other. As a result, neither of them could win.

But they was still punished even if they used all their strength.

How could they make a decision? they had to hold back their anger.

The little figure of Tessa came out from the back of Howard.

Bob knew that the only one who gave orders was his little princess.

"Babe, Tessa, I've brought them to you. What should we do now?" Bob pointed at the group of people behind him.

Tessa held out her little fingers and counted them one by one. she found that all of them were here.

"Which one? Dean?" Tessa asked.

Dean was pushed out before he could figure out what was going on.

Relying on the power of Allen, he had often played tricks on others. Now others finally seized the opportunity, and someone took the opportunity to push him out.

"You are Dean?" Tessa asked sternly.

Wasn't it the girl who was in Nina's arms yesterday?

He didn't take her seriously yesterday, but today, the doll had become their master.

There is a saying in life that it's not that I don't understand, it's just that the world changes fast.

"Yes, I am Dean." Dean replied while nodding and bowing.

"Take off your waistband." Tessa ordered

They looked at each other in dismay.

"Didn't you hear what our little princess said?" Bob shouted at the crowd.

People took down their waistband in a hurry.

Howard could not help laughing. 'you have a mind of your own, ' he thought.

Tessa tied one end of their waistband on the car window, and the other on Dean's hands.

"Howard, please take my mom into the car. Bob, drive the car." Tessa said to the group of people behind her, "follow me. Don't stop. I'll drive whoever stops away from Hua group."

Tessa said, pointing at Howard, "see? Your president is here with me. You can decide whether to follow my order or not."

All the gang members were depressed, holding their pants and lowering their heads.

Tessa walked to Dean and said, "Dean, aren't you the leader of this group? Don't fall behind. You'll be dead meat if you don't, "

"My little baby No, a little princess. How can my legs keep up with the speed of the car! " If there hadn't been so many people around, Dean would have knelt down and begged for mercy!

"Show me how you punched my mommy yesterday. You can do it." After saying that, Tessa turned around and got on the car with a snicker on her face.

Howard had already put Nina in the car. He rubbed his chin and narrowed his eyes as if he was watching a drama.

"Go!" Tessa got in the car and gave orders to the subordinates.

Well, Howard was driving in the front. In the middle, a group of men were running with their pants i

He was so upset that he did not find Jack after he came to the police station several times.

he called Allen, but he didn't answer.

Allen was still angry with him. Okay, he had devoted himself to the Hua Group for thousands of years and nights, but it was he who sent people to smash up Nina's company, and Howard was willing to repair it.

Did he intend to make things difficult for him?

Now that Howard had called, Allen could easily guess what Howard needed to do.

The truth was that Nina asked him to take Jack out of the police station?

Helen of Troy, Helen of Troy.

He was not wrong at all. Howard would listen to Nina absolutely.

"Mr. Howard, what are you doing?" A police officer who knew Howard walked over.

"Sir, can you tell me where is Jack?" Howard grabbed police Wang's clothes.

Police Wang then realized that he didn't come at the right time. It was Allen who asked him to bring Jack here.

"Mr. Howard, what do you want from him?" police Wang rolled his small eyes.

"Can I take him away?" Said Howard.

My God! That Jack was caught here as Mr. Allen asked. Could Howard take him away as he please?

But he didn't dare to offend Howard.

What should he do?

"Ah, Mr. Howard, you are late. That Jack has left just now," police Wang said

"Why didn't anyone tell me?" Howard was puzzled.

"It seems that others don't know about it. I let him go, and you can go back to have a look if you don't believe me." Police Wang said with a flattering smile.

Howard hesitated for a moment. He did not have Jack's phone number. Today, Nina didn't bring her cell phone with her, so it was difficult to verify what police Wang said.

"Don't lie to me, or I will kill you." Leaving these words, Howard turned around and walked to his car.

Police Wang turned off his phone and ran away.

If he didn't run away, he would skin him alive before Howard came back!

When Howard drove back to Nina's gym for children, Tessa ran towards him excitedly from a distance. "Howard, where is my godfather?"

Howard was surprised, "hasn't he come back yet?"

Frowning, Tessa said, "Howard, didn't you go to the police station to take Jack away?. Where is Jack? "

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