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   Chapter 289 Tessa's punishment

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Howard took the pumpkin seeds out, peeled them off, and made pumpkin cakes with the rest of them.

Later, it was almost noon when Howard finished his work in the kitchen.

Nina and Tessa were really sleeping. They didn't get up yet.

Tessa was too tired, while Nina was the one who got hurt.

After all, the company was destroyed, and the efforts she had put in the company for so long in vain.

Therefore, the whole body was in an extreme closed state.

After finishing the meal, Howard looked downstairs for a while.

The group still stood where they were led by Bob. Some of them even had turned red in the sun?

But Bob is stupid. Why do you stand with others in the sun? You didn't damage a table in the Nina's company.

Thinking for a while, Howard finally gave up the idea of calling Bob.

Let's take a bath. Bob is in good health. He can handle it in a short while.

He came to Tessa's bedroom, bent over and pinched her little nose, "honey, the sun is on your buttocks. Are you going to get up?"

He had never been so gentle to his son Wesley. He had been practicing the traditional Chinese method of raising children, which was raising daughters in a rich way and raising sons in a poor way.

Tessa turned over and opened her eyes, "how are they doing in the sun?"

What Tessa said made Howard very surprised. Everything was going to be as expected. So, Tessa got up so late on purpose!

Howard was very pleased with himself. He thought, 'this daughter is very powerful like her father. When she grows up, she must be the most capable assistant of the Hua group.'.

"They were still standing downstairs waiting for the forgiveness from Tessa." Howard said with a smile.

"forgiveness? Howard, I haven't punished them yet. How can they be forgave? "

Howard was speechless. It was not a punishment since their faces were so hot that even their skin was burned off. Then how should Tessa punish them!

"Howard, ask mommy to have lunch?" Tessa said and went to the bathroom.


Why did he think that he was a servant of Tessa now!

'well, even if I serve you, I am still a happy maid, ' Howard thought in mind.

When he came to Nina's room, she closed her eyes and her face was still pale.

Howard stood still and stared at Nina.

"Honey, get up and have breakfast." Howard called cautiously.

Nina moved and murmured something.

She opened her eyes slowly and looked at him coldly.

"Honey, get up and eat." Howard repeated.

"I'm not hungry. Enjoy yourself." With these words, Nina closed her eyes again.

Howard was at a loss and didn't know whether he should wake Nina up or not.

Nina didn't look well.

At this moment, Tessa came in.

She angrily rebuked him, "you don't even know how to coax women, Howard. I don't know how you deceived my Mommy to give birth to me and That brat, Wesley, "

'honey, I don't think you should discuss this with Daddy.' he thought.

Putting her chubby little hand on Nina's f

me, you should at least show respect to our daughter." Said Howard arbitrarily.

"Mom, if you don't like him, you can take him as a robot." Tessa carefully locked the door.

"Honey, don't listen to our daughter. I am not machine!" Howard whispered in Nina's ear.

She turned her head away to avoid eye contact with him.

Then he held Nina in his arms and went downstairs.

They had been complaining for the whole morning.

They didn't know what they were going to do at first.

They were exhausted after working all day in Nina's company.

they then went to bed.

When they were sleeping soundly, their phone rang.

Everyone got the news that there was an emergency mission.

When they arrived at the place they had agreed on, they all thought that there must be an urgent task.

It's not easy for just any of those little underlings to see Bob.

"Get in the car with me," Bob added

The group of people followed Bob into the car. there were twenty black Ferrari which were large.

They didn't know what kind of mission it was, and all of them thought that they should stop doing the hard work during the day.

When they arrived at a good place, Bob asked them to get off.

"Keep yourselves upright, both of you," he ordered

The group of people stood in a line according to the order of Bob.

No more.

"Bob What are we going to do? " One of them couldn't help but ask.

"Nothing." Bob replied coldly.

It was better than doing nothing.

However, after waiting for three hours, five hours and seven hours The crowd started to stir even before Bob could order.

"How long do you want us to stand?" Someone was losing his patience.

"Not now." Bob answered briefly.

The crowd exploded in an instant. Some sat down and some lay down, there were kinds of person.

As a result, Bob kicked someone, they all stood up obediently as expected.

At last, they finally realized that sometimes what they had to do was much happier than nothing.

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