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   Chapter 285 I don't need your sympathy (Part One)

Speak Softly Love By Lou Yu Characters: 5944

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She saw from a distance that something was thrown out of the company, such as tables, chairs, flowerpots, and Chinese medicine.

'what a damn Mr. Allen! How could he be so fast?' Nina thought.

Nina quickly stopped, opened the door and got off.

"Stop! What are you doing?" Nina shouted.

But nobody paid any attention to her. They kept throwing and breaking things in the company.

While the other employees of the company were screaming and shouting, the parents and their children ran out of the office with their heads in their hands.

Well, Nina only saw this scene when the ghost came to the village on TV.

It's the 21st century. How could she be so unreasonable!

"Let me go!" Shouted Nina, grabbing a man throwing away a file.

The man shook his hand and threw Nina to the ground.

"Okay, Nina..." Jack ran towards them with Tessa in his arms.

"Don't come here, Jack." Nina was afraid that someone might hurt Tessa.

"Okay. I've called the police. They will be here soon. Don't be afraid." Jack comforted Nina.

Nina nodded her head and hoped the police could stop them.

"Everything will be okay. Nina, leave them alone." Jack walked over and helped Nina stand up.

"Jack, I'm going to fight these bad guys!" Tessa struggled in Jack's arms.

"Tessa, can't you see? They are a group of lunatics. There are so many people here. Who are you going to fight with? They all have weapons. What if something fall down and hit you? " "Why haven't the police come yet?" asked Nina anxiously

She had placed her only hope on the police.

Finally twenty minutes later, a police car arrived.

With a sigh of relief, Jack replied, "the police are finally here."

Jack embraced Tessa.

It seemed that Nina had seen the Savior, "Sir, come and hav

ompany. Your grandfather asked someone to destroy it."

"How could this be?" Regardless of anything, Howard quickly rushed downstairs.

Andrea didn't expect that Allen hit her so hard. They thought that only the symbolic image of Allen could be recovered. If Carlos hadn't urged Andrea, she wouldn't have come to the children's gym.

When Carlos saw Dean coming in, he caught him and asked, "Dean, what did Allen tell you to do?"

Unwilling to tell the truth, Dean answered vaguely, "nothing. Allen just asked me to do something."

"What is it?" Carlos asked.

"Oh, Lord, he asked me to have someone tidy up Nina's company." Dean found an excuse.

Carlos nodded and Dean slipped away.

The more Carlos thought about it, the more uneasy he became. He thought, 'I just want to frighten Nina. It's enough to let Dean go alone. How did Dean go to find others?'!

But how many people did they go there!

The more he thought about it, the more worried he became. He wanted to go to the gym to have a look, but his health condition didn't allow him to do so. So he said to Andrea, "you'd better go to see in person. What on earth has Nina's company been transformed into?"

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