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   Chapter 283 a bumpkin is a superman

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Nina was afraid that Tessa wouldn't let go of her, so she lowered her head and continued eating.

"Mommy..." Tessa frowned and asked, "is the Chinese food cooked by Jack very delicious?"

"Yummy! It's so yummy! Can you have a try?" said Nina, nodding her head Nina helped Tessa to put the food in her bowl.

"Thanks for your praise. In fact, it was Tessa who taught me to do it." After preparing all the food, Jack took off his apron and sat down at the table.

Since Nina wasn't at home yesterday, Jack accompanied Tessa.

He guessed that Nina might come back at noon today. Then, he said to Tessa, "Tessa, can you teach me to cook Chinese food? Let's give mommy a surprise, okay?"

"Okay, let's go to the market. We'll cook a lot of delicious food for Mommy." Tessa was already missing her mommy. she had called her mommy countless times. Why didn't Mommy answer the phone.

Therefore, Jack and Tessa went to the supermarket and bought lots of vegetables and meat.

When they got home, Jack started cooking and Tessa ate a lot. Finally, when Nina came back, a full table of dishes was prepared.

"Thank you, Jack." Nina raised her glass and winked at Jack.

"I like to cook and I find that it is very good at Chinese food, don't you, master?" Jack greeted and cupped his hands to Tessa.

Tessa was not interested in this at all. What interested her was why her mommy didn't come back and what she did?

"Mommy..." shouted Tessa unhappily. It was just a trifle, but the little girl raised her hand unexpectedly.

"No, baby, Mommy is here!" Nina finally raised her head and looked at Tessa.

She was afraid that if she slapped, all the dishes would fly out of her hand?

"Mommy, answer my question. Did you go to visit Wesley?" Tessa said with a straight face.

"Babe, I'm visiting Wesley. Mommy..." She really didn't know how to tell Tessa.

"So have you found a bumpkin with seven colored flowers?" Tessa asked innocently.


"Tessa, a bumpkin..." Nina grinned.

"what is this bumpkin?" Well, it was also the first time for Jack to hear the word.

"What's wrong with you, Jack!

"Yes, a bumpkin. But in fact, is not a hat..." Nina couldn't say this to laugh at a person who didn't look fashionable.

If that was the case, the hard-earned relationship between Wesley and Tessa would come to an end?

"What's that?" Tessa was disappointed.

"That's a story." Said Nina.

"What story?" Tessa decided to get to the bottom of the matter.

"Honey, you've heard the story of seven colored flowers, right? I remembered that once there was a kid called bumpkin..." Nina started to make up a story.

Tessa blinked her eyes and said, "this bumpkin must be very beautiful, just like me."

Tessa held her little face with her hands and laughed happily.

Nina nodded, "yes, she is as pretty and cute as

ther," replied Andrea

Andrea said in a disappointed tone.

"Hello, uncle and aunt." Nina greeted Carlos and Andrea politely.

"It's so early. Have you had dinner yet, Nina?" Andrea asked with concern.

"Yes, I have." Replied Nina.

"What about Tessa? she didn't come with you?" Andrea asked again.

"Auntie, I'm here for I have something to talk with Grandpa so I didn't bring Tessa with me. If I have time the other day, I will bring Tessa here. " She knew Andrea was worried about Tessa, so she apologized to her.

"Okay, I'll wait." Andrea's eyes got wet with tears.

"Yes. Your grandpa is on the third floor. He just got up. Do you need me to send someone to accompany you upstairs?" Said Carlos.

"No, thank you, uncle. I can go by myself." With a smile, Nina turned around and went upstairs.

Looking at Nina's back, Andrea sighed, "my Lord, Nina makes people feel comfortable. And how about Cassie? I just don't like her."

"It's not just that you don't like it, so do I. but our father does. So let's just pretend that nothing has happened!" He sighed.

Nina went upstairs to the third floor.

Actually, Allen had been standing by the window.

In the garden, Carlos and Andrea were talking to Nina. Allen heard them clearly.

Nina was right. In the eyes of Allen, women were women. It had nothing to do with love, and it was related to interests.

He left the window with a cane and lay down on the cane.

Nina knocked on the door gently.

"Come on in. I've already seen you." Said Allen.

Nina pushed the door in. She hated Allen, but out of politeness, she greeted, "good morning, Mr. Allen."

Allen looked at Nina with half closed eyes. Over five years, Nina seemed to be more feminine as time went by. She stood on the surface of the pond, graceful but not coquettish.

How could a man be so nonchalant!

It was so-called "dangerous beauty".

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