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   Chapter 282 jealousy

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"Mr. Howard, can you stop and don't let Cassie take a risk?" Nina looked at him.

Howard shrugged and said, "it's a good business, but why does it become a risk to you?"

"There are plenty of women in the world. Why do you insist that Cassie becomes Zhiyao's granddaughter?" In fact, Nina knew it in her heart that Cassie is more vanity, there a variety of conditions for her to become Zhiyao's grandchildren.

"If I don't allow Cassie to go, are you going to do it?" Howard groaned.

"Okay. If you insist that we should go, then I'll go, but you don't let Cassie to go, okay?" Nina almost pleaded.

Hearing that, Cassie panicked. Was Nina compete with her for the Zhiyao's grandchild?

"sister, don't worry. You can see that Zhiyao is against you. It's okay. Just be his granddaughter. Why can't you agree?"

"Why are you so silly, Cassie? This is the scheme of Howard and Allen. If you follow their plan, who knows what kind of danger you will face. At that time, you can't wait to cry!" Nina said anxiously. Alas, people are easily blinded by vanity.

Is it so easy to be Zhiyao's granddaughter?

No one knew how the car accident happened to the son of Zhiyao. But they all knew it was a plot, just because someone coveted the property of Zhiyao!

No matter how much money and manpower Mr. Zhiyao had spent, they still couldn't find the murder. Now, Cassie was still rushing to be the first bird. Wasn't this just looking for being beaten?

"sister, please don't involve Allen in this. Let me tell you the truth. If it is really a plot, I will take the initiative to participate in!" Cassie told her the truth.

"Cassie, I think your sister's words are reasonable. You'd better think twice and make a decision. Be careful!" Gavin was a shrewd man. He thought it wasn't that simple after hearing what Nina said.

"Dad, my sister is jealous of me, so are you jealous of me as well?" Enraged by her elder sister's words, Cassie immediately regretted saying what she had thought. "No, sister, I mean that you don't need to care about me!"

Nina closed her eyes in pain. Jealous? In the end, her kindness earned the word "jealousy".

"Never mind, Nana. You have no reward for your kindness!" Although Sophia was in the kitchen, she paid close attention to the living room!

Speaking of that, every time she saw Cassie and Howard being together, she would feel angry. And she thought it was Cassie's fault that Nina and Howard couldn't be together.

She took the dishes to the dining room and cursed, "you idiot!"

Cassie stood up and said, "I don't have to eat your food now. My husband is rich, and I'm going to be..."

Nina knew that Cassie would say that she was going to be a big granddaughter of Zhiyao. So, she interrupted her words, "Cassie, no matter what you think, I just want to tell you that no matter what you are going to do, you must be cautious!"

"I know!" Wearing a cold face, she looked very angry.

Howard touched his chin and thought, 'Cassie and Nina are sisters. Why are they so different ?'!

"Cassie, listen to your sister more. She won't hurt you." Gavin knew what kind of person Nina was and wouldn't be jealous of Cassie.

t into the Lamborghini and lazily started the car to go home.

On her way, she thought it must have something with Allen.

As long as Allen cancelled the plan, Howard would have nothing to say.

However, Allen didn't like her. If she went to see him, she didn't know whether it would work or not. If she didn't try, how could she know!

Nina thought for a while and decided to talk with Allen about it.

She missed Tessa so much that she didn't know what Tessa did at home.

Before impatient to go upstairs, Nita parked the car and smelled the fragrance of the dishes before she opened the door.

For Nina, the most delicious food in the world was made by Tessa.

This little guy was so hospitable today. she should actively cook in the kitchen.

"Tessa, Mommy is back." Said Nina gently after she changed her shoes.

"Mommy..." Tessa reached out her head from the kitchen and asked, "where have you been?"

It was impossible for Nina to tell Tessa that she was with Howard. So she told her, "Mommy is on a business trip."

"Hi, Nina. Do you like the Chinese food I cook for you?" Jack said

"Oh, I thought Tessa was at home. So you are at home?" Said Nina happily.

"You're not here, of course I'll be." Jack then put the dish on the table.

It felt so good to have a relax at home, as if all the worries of Nina would disappear once she saw Tessa.

After washing her hands, Nina came out from the washroom. Tessa asked, "Mommy, I miss you so much. Do you miss me?"

"Of course I do." "Um," said Nina, as she kissed on the cheek of Tessa.

"Did you go to Howard's home?" Tessa asked.

Nina picked up the dish and put it in her mouth. "Who made this dish?"

"Mommy, answer my question?" Said Tessa angrily.

"Tessa, Mommy went to work." Said Nina.

"You're lying. You must be visiting Wesley. Tell me, are you going to ask a 'bumpkin' for me ?"

Uh huh, why don't you forget that bumpkin? Well, it's just a story, a story!

You are so obsessed with that. What should I do? Mommy wasn't a magic artist and if she cannot take out a hat of five colors on it. What should she do?

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