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   Chapter 280 rd hit the mark by a fluke

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The noble identity that Cassie had always dreamed of was about to be easily obtained.

But at this time, there was a noise outside.

"Who are you? You can go in if you want, but you need a body search. Hey, what about you? Do you hear me?" Outside was the furious voice of the servant.

When several people were wondering whether there was such a bold man to break into the Ji family, Nina came in breathlessly.

She took a look at Howard and Allen. Without saying a word, she grabbed Cassie's wrist and left.

"Sister, why are you here?" Cassie was surprised to see Nina.

Of course, it was not just Cassie who was surprised, but also Howard and Zhiyao.

"Cassie, come home with me immediately. We are ordinary children of ordinary families. What do you want to do in these wealthy places?" Nina didn't say anything against Howard. She just wanted to take Cassie home.

"Okay, sister, I'll go home with you, but you let me go first!" Now, Cassie is trying to pretend to be a good girl and speak naturally.

Nina let go of Cassie's hand.

Howard stood up and said, "Grandpa Zhiyao, this is Nina, Cassie's half sister. Since she has come, we'll go back."

Howard clenched his teeth secretly. Nina came sooner or later. When his plan was about to succeed, Nina came.

Didn't this force him to give up the plan?

In order not to let Nina say anything more, Howard wanted to leave with Cassie and Nina as soon as possible.

As for the plan, it would have to be considered in the long run.

Compared with Howard's anger, Cassie hated Nina. In her opinion, Nina was jealous of her, so she didn't want her to get close to Zhiyao.

In the view of Cassie, once she really became Zhiyao's granddaughter, her identity would immediately be different from that of Nina. In other words, Cassie had become a white swan step by step, and Nina was, of course, an ugly duckling worthy of the name.

No matter how much Cassie hated Nina in her heart, she couldn't show it on the surface.

She had to fully cooperate with Howard, because only in this way could she become the Young Mistress of the Hua family.

"Grandpa Zhiyao, I appreciate your kindness. Now I'm going home with my sister. Thank you for taking care of Cassie these two days. I really appreciate it. If I have the chance in the future, I will come to see you."

"Well, sit down and listen to me, okay?" Zhiyao said solemnly.

"Zhiyao, you'd better listen to me first. You are so old and have a rich family. So, you'd better take good care of your family property and don't let others covet it. We, Cassie Oh, and Howard, you'd better stay away from him. " Said Nina.

"Why? Can Miss Nina tell me a reason?" Zhiyao expressed his interest in Nina's words.

"No, just because we are kind people no matter we have money or not. We don't want to deal with any evil, do we, Cassie!" Nina said this to Howard.

Howard twitched.

"Ha ha, in the eyes of Miss Nina, money is all

sibility for speaking randomly, understand?" Howard opened the door and said, "Cassie, get in the car."

Cassie got into the car. When Nina was about to get in, Howard suddenly started the car.

"Nina, remember to drive my car back, OK!" Howard said and drove away.

Nina stamped her feet with hatred, but she could do nothing.

She had to get into the Lamborghini and start the car.

Leaning on the driver's seat, Nina was in a mess. How could Cassie be used by Howard?

Nina didn't know that Cassie might not be used by Howard, but also she used of Howard.

She had always held grudges about the identity of her illegitimate daughter. Now she heard that Zhiyao would accept her as a granddaughter, which was no less than a rebirth for her. Therefore, she was so willing to cooperate with Howard's plan.

Because of the success of the plan, Cassie got too much.

Although Zhiyao didn't tell her about his noble identity and the property of the Ji family, Zhiyao was more than 80 years old. How many years could he live? When Zhiyao was gone, who else could take over the property without his granddaughter?

the second reason, she can be Howard's wife!

Well, this is the most important thing.

When this step by step plan was completed, she, Cassie, was the Young Mistress of the Hua family who was superior. at that time, she could call the wind and call the rain. Who dared to laugh at her identity as an illegitimate daughter, she would definitely let that person look good.

If Cassie was simply the granddaughter of Zhiyao, Nina would not stop her, but the benefits behind it, which made her tremble with fear every time she thought of it.

Maybe what Cassie ascended was not heaven, but hell.

If so, the consequences would be unimaginable.

If something happened to Cassie, father would be very sad.

More importantly, Wesley would be sad.

No, never let such a thing happen!

Nina turned around and went to her parents' home.

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