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   Chapter 279 nd give you a noble identity

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On the second day, Wesley woke up first.

He moved his little head and felt something above it. When he turned his head, he saw Nina's arm. He had never seen Nina's face like this before.

The corner of Nina's mouth rose slightly, like the warm photo in Wesley's memory.

Wesley couldn't help but touch Nina's face with his little finger. He once missed such a mother.

Now Mommy is with him. Why doesn't he want to call her?

Under the gaze of Wesley, Nina opened her eyes.

Wesley quickly took off his small hand and pretended that he was not looking at Nina.

"Wesley, are you awake?" Nina asked with a smile.

Instead of saying anything, Wesley turned over and sat up.

Melissa opened her eyes and quickly got up from the bed. She gave Nina a lovely big smile, "Nina, your story is so interesting!"

The little girl had gone to bed a long time ago. Where she heard what she was talking about, she was a sweet girl.

Both Wesley and Melissa were awake, and Nina suddenly felt something bad. She looked at the sofa, and as she had a hunch, Howard was no longer on the sofa.

"God, where is Howard?" Nina jumped off the bed.

"Nina, don't worry. Maybe uncle went to the toilet or the kitchen. By the way, uncle likes to take a shower in the morning or in the bathroom."

Nina hurried into the bathroom, the toilet

Unfortunately, she didn't see Howard.

"Stop looking. My father has left." Wesley said lightly.

"Where did he go?" Nina asked in a hurry.

Wesley shrugged. "It's hard to say. Maybe he went to the Hua financial tycoon, or he went abroad to a company overseas, or..."

Well, Wesley said this, as if he would say nothing.

Nina went downstairs in a hurry.

"Hello Are you going to find my dad in your pajamas? " Wesley shouted.

Only then did Nina realize that she hadn't changed her clothes?

When Nina turned around and went upstairs, Wesley had already taken out her clothes. "These are the clothes you bought before that you haven't opened. But I see that you are about the same size as before. So, you can wear them, do you know where the cloakroom is? Don't go upstairs. Go to the cloakroom and change your clothes. If you hurry up, you may catch up with my father. "

After that, Wesley threw down Nina's clothes.

Nina caught it and said, "thank you, Wesley."

Because just now, after seeing Nina, Wesley said the most and the best words, without sarcasm and harshness.

"Thank me? No, I just want you to get out of here as soon as possible! " Wesley turned around coldly.

Nina smiled bitterly. She thought too much at last.

"You two go downstairs to have breakfast." Nina ran to the cloakroom, changed her clothes and ran to the car parked in the yard.

Fortunately, the black Lamborghini that was driven yesterday was still there. Nina opened the door and sat in the driver's seat.

Nina understood that when Howard left last night, she just fell asleep. When she fell asleep, it should be two or three o'clock in the morning. Then it was absolutely impossible to chase after Howard at this time.

Only by her own guess, where would Howard go?

Nina remembered the route she took Howard to yesterday.

It should be the route to the Ji family. So, did Howard go to the Ji family?

Nina was right. After leaving ho

o shouted, "Cassie, come out."

Cassie came downstairs happily, but her face was still reluctant.

Tears streamed down her face before she opened her mouth. "Howard, I said, I won't marry you. Go away."

Howard stood up and said, "we didn't cancel the engagement. You are my fiancee. Where do you want me to go?"

"But if I want to have no status, no status, and now I'm almost disfigured, what do you want a woman like me to do? Howard, I don't want to embarrass you. Go away. I will never see you. " Cassie turned around and was about to go upstairs.

"I don't dislike you. Why do you dislike yourself?" Said Howard.

"Ahem, Cassie, come down. I have something to say." Said Zhiyao.


Zhiyao smiled and said, "Howard, I intend to take Cassie as my granddaughter. What do you think?"

Howard was stunned and then said, "Grandpa Zhiyao, it's not good. People who know you think you like Cassie, and people who don't know you think I Howard used some means to let Cassie approach you on purpose. I hope Grandpa Zhiyao can take it back."

"Ha ha, Howard, you have thought too much. I just said that I would take Cassie as my granddaughter, but I didn't say that I would leave the property to her. What can the outside world say?" Said Zhiyao.

Cassie looked at Howard. Zhiyao is really a cunning Fox!

"In that case, you can discuss with Cassie. I have no right to make any choice for her." Howard retreated to the position of bystander.

"Cassie, do you agree?"

"But Grandpa, I am an illegitimate daughter. How can I be your granddaughter? I... "

"Silly child, what's wrong with illegitimate daughter? People's birth is the most impossible to choose by themselves. It's not your fault, and you should not feel inferior. Don't you want status? Then, I will give you one. In a few days, I will announce to the media that I will accept Cassie as my granddaughter. At that time, you will be the princess of the Ji family. Who dares to mention the identity of your illegitimate daughter? At that time, you can marry Howard without scruple, you should be happy. " Zhiyao asked Cassie to sit beside him.

"Thank you, Grandpa. You are so kind!" Cassie said happily.

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