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   Chapter 273 a sly fox

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"Howard, here is your coffee..." Nina suddenly screamed out in panic.

After taking the coffee back to his mouth, Howard lowered his head to look at the coffee. Was there something in the coffee.

Just as Howard was about to lower his head, Nina put the pen in her hand into the coffee cup.

Howard's face immediately darkened. "Nina!"

Nina shrugged and smiled with gentle breeze, "Howard, This coffee is so tasteless when you drink it like this. I'll add a little color to it and you can try it. It must taste good."

The black silk rippled along the edge of the white porcelain cup, which was very enchanting.

Hearing that, a smile played at the corners of his mouth. He asked, "sister-in-low, what did you add to the coffee just now?"

Nina raised her pen and said, "didn't you see it?"

"Oh, ink! Nina, How did you know I liked it, huh?" Instead of pouring out the coffee, he lowered his head to enjoy the coffee, as if he would drink it at any time.

"People are accustomed to being cruel. Drink it if you can!" Nina couldn't believe that Howard could drink the coffee with ink.

"Cruelty? HMM, I like the word 'cruelty'. But, Nina, no one has ever told you that the habit of being cruel is..." Howard suddenly paused.

Nina was waiting for what Howard was going to say.

When she was unsuspecting, Howard stood up quickly and put Nina on the desk of a university.

Nina was fooled by him.

Fortunately, her body was soft and half crouched.

Howard said with a smirk, "Nina, since you said I'm brutality, if I'm not brutality today, I'll be sorry."

He pinched on Nina's chin and forced her to open her mouth.

Nina opened her eyes wide, but could not say anything to protest.

"Shh, baby, let me feed you. Oh, no, sister-in-law, your brother-in-law feed you."

Nina looked at his handsome face and almost wanted to slap him.

But she couldn't move.

Regardless of how angry she was, Howard hummed provocatively and the next second, he poured a large cup of ink mixed with coffee into her mouth under Nina's furious gaze.

Before Nina tasted anything, she swallowed it all with a sound of "Dong Dong".

He stood up and pinched Nina's angry face, "honey, how does it taste?"

"Bah bah bah..." Nina spat on his face.

Without dodging, Howard asked, "if you like it, I can make another one for you. Do you like it?"

Nina put her finger in her throat, but she could not spit out anything.

"Honey, one more drink won't poison you, okay?" He sat back in the swivel chair and gloated at Nina who was almost driven crazy.

Nina ran to the washroom to clean herself up. Then she walked back after washing her face.

It had to be said that five years of time did not leave many scars on her delicate face. Her skin was still bright and her eyes were as clear as clear spring.

"Howard, do you really hate me so much that you want to poison me to death?" Nina had been tied up in a ponytail again.

Howard nodded. He was a little angry, but how could it be possible to kill Nina!

"Honey, I think you misunderstood. It was not me who put the ink

the gossip?"

"Come on, no need to reason with me. You have said that I don't make sense, then you stop. What about me? I'm rough and thick skinned. I don't mind others' opinions." Nina thought that there were just a few discussions about her and Howard? After all, she didn't care this one?

Hearing that, Howard was helpless. He really wanted to take this opportunity to leave his office. He had to meet Zhiyao tomorrow morning. How could he go if Nina was here?

However, there was nothing he could do as long as she was determined.

"Okay, you can follow me." Howard had to agree.

Hence, a scene like this appeared in the building.

Howard walked ahead, while Nina followed him closely.

Even Nina followed Howard into the office.

As a result, he had no chance to escape.

Some busybodies stared at Nina.

"What are you looking at? This is our new secretary!" Said Howard.

"No, I'm just your lackey," Stressed Nina.

"Your bodyguard, right?" One of them said.

"She? Protecting me?" Howard glanced at Nina with disdain.

Unconvinced, Nina stood up straight and said, "protect you? Huh, I really don't care about it! "

In the presence of so many employees, Nina even did not save Howard's face.

Howard glared at Nina.

However, Nina ignored it.

After another round, he still didn't get rid of Nina.

They then returned to the CEO's office.

"How tired I am!" Nina sat on the sofa and tapped her legs.

Touching his chin, Howard thought what would happen if he left with toughness?

Will Nina make things worse?

She would definitely go to find Ethan and Max, and then Gavin, which meant that the secret between him and his grandfather might be disclosed here and there would be more trouble.

If he didn't leave by force, how could he get rid of Nina?

Nina raised her eyes and glanced at him, "Howard, save your time. Don't always think about how to get rid of me. You'd better ask Cassie to meet me."

What Nina feared most was the silence of Howard. If he kept silent, her mind would be unpredictable.

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