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   Chapter 272 nice calling

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Nina was dressed in a loose denim dress today. It seemed that she remembered what he said.

He once said that Nina looked terrible in a formal dress.

Sure enough, this woman had never worn a formal dress again. It seemed that she also cared about his comment. But, why didn't she say that she loved him or she liked him.

Yes, Just a word 'like' is good..

Looking at Nina's angry face, he wanted to see more. However, he was afraid that the security guards would bully her. He couldn't bear to see that. No matter what cruel words Nina had said, she was always the woman in his heart.

No one could replace her in his life.

Howard walked out. He tried to act as if he didn't care, but he walked in a hurry, showing his anxiety.

When he just walked out of the CEO's exclusive elevator, he heard some comments on Nina.

Hearing that, Howard frowned unhappily. As expected, women always say more.

"Yes, Nina has given birth to my baby. If any of you want to birth baby and tell me about this, I'll go to the hospital and donate more sperm. Even if I have made a contribution to the country when I trained elites, the contribution is the contribution, of course. Don't expect to get any money from me. Children should never call me daddy either..."

But before he could finish his words, those women who had whispered to each other just now all ran away.

Who dare to stay? If she stayed here, she would be fired!

"Howard, I've always known that you are promiscuous, but I didn't expect you to be so promiscuous!" After placing the car in the security office, Nina came in by herself.

Howard had never thought that the words that just taunted the employees were heard by Nina.

"Nina, I contributed the sperm. How could I be promiscuous? Why are you so unfair? Do you understand? " Howard measured up Nina.

"I'm not coming to discuss your moral quality with you this time. Howard, could you please tell me where is my sister? My dad is worried. " Said Nina.

Putting his hand on Nina's shoulder, he looked at her white neck and collarbone.

"Honey, it's our father."

"Howard, are you so impatient to hear me call you brother-in-law? Then, my brother-in-law, our dad is very worried that we can't find Cassie. Could you please tell you sister-in-law where your fiancee is? " Nina stared into his eyes without fear.

Hearing that, Howard's eyes shrank, and then he laughed wildly. "Sister in law, nice name. Well, sister-in-law, since you call me brother-in-law, it means that we are a family. Then my sister-in-law, please go upstairs and have a seat, what do you think? "

He bowed slightly to show her the way out.

"Howard, I just want to know the whereabouts of Cassie. Have you sent her to a man?" There was a terrible thought in Nina's mind, that was, she was afraid that Howard would give Cassie to the man whose last name was Ji.

She had seen Howard's ferocity before, so she didn't know what he could do.

"What?" Howard didn't expect that Nina would think him so bad.

"Howard, where on earth have you sent Cassie?" Nina asked anxiously.

Howard spread hi


"I am guests. Howard, your mother..." Nina paused and thought, 'I can't hurt Andrea. She is still kind to me.' then she asked, "didn't anyone teach you how to entertain guests?"

"Hum, who is the guest here? Is that you? "

"I came from afar, of course I am."

"Well, what a boast! "Mommy of my children.". I didn't treat you as a guest, but you treat yourself as a guest? " Howard mocked with disdain.

At this time, the secretary came in with a cup of coffee.

She didn't pay much attention to it when Nina came in just now, but now she suddenly asked her to make coffee for her. She was confused. Except for the Secretary Assistant, there were very few women in the CEO's office.

Who was this big star today? Why did she ask her to make coffee for her.

Generally, the Secretary only obeyed the order of Mr. Howard. Of course, when Ethan comes here, since it was like his own company, the Secretary dared not neglect Ethan.

She took a tray, put the coffee on it and pushed the door into the president's office.

But she saw a woman sitting face to face with the president.

"Mr. Howard, who wants coffee?" The secretaries here are more obedient to the president.

"Me ." replied both of them

The secretary was embarrassed and said, "well, I'll make another cup of coffee."

As she spoke, she put the coffee cup on the tray in front of Howard.

Howard was happy, he stressed, "look at that woman. This is my place. Don't challenge my authority.".

Nina smiled.

The secretary turned around and she grabbed the coffee cup the Secretary had just put in front of Howard.

But she forgot that Howard was much faster than her.

Before Nina even touched her glass, Howard had already picked it up.

He put it under his nose and sniffed, exaggeratedly drinking, "Wow, good, fragrant!"

Nina clenched her teeth and wanted to punch on his face.

With his eyes narrowed slightly, Howard glanced at Nina and raised the coffee to grace in a bragging way, "my sister-in-law, cheers!"

'Howard, will you die if you don't show off?

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