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   Chapter 271 I shouldn't have come

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Nina had known Max for a long time. If you really didn't want to hear it, she would speak it out.

As expected, Max said to Nina in a low voice, "Nana, I heard that Howard asked Cassie to be Zhiyao's daughter or granddaughter."

Surprised, Nina looked up and asked, "what?"

"Ah, I don't know either. But that's it," Max said impatiently

That day, she drove to the old house of the Hua family. She wanted to talk with Andrea about what happened between Nina and Howard.

But she couldn't find Andrea.

When Max went upstairs to look for Andrea, she overheard the conversation between Howard and Allen.

She admitted that she had done a lot of similar things, but she had just cheated on her classmate.

But now, things were related to Howard and Cassie. If Cassie really became the Ji family, her assets would be unparalleled by ordinary people. In this case, wouldn't Nina and Howard be in a worse situation?

This was not the result that Max wanted.

Although Nina said that she didn't love Howard anymore, but Max knew that it was just Nina intention to escape from reality.

Just because her kindness!

She would rather hurt herself instead of Cassie.

Nina was a stupid woman.

Max sneaked downstairs and drove home, not daring to stay in the Hua family any longer.

Max can't hide secrets in her heart. If she had a secret in her heart, then she would be a cat on hot bricks and couldn't stay at home no matter where she was.

"Honey, you have been to the Hua family. What's wrong with you back home?" Ethan shook his head in disbelief.

Max stopped and looked at Ethan. She wanted to say something but she can't do it. It was awkward, but she didn't say it.

"Honey, have you become constipated recently?" Ethan asked, rubbing his eyebrows, putting away the book in his hand.

"You are the one who have constipation! I did steal... "

Ethan widened his eyes in astonishment, "honey, what did you do?"

"Oh, my God!" Max stamped her foot. The words' steal 'were already disgusting.

'I'm definitely not a lewd woman. I just overheard their conversation by accident.

"Honey, are you not going out to cheat on me?" Ethan jumped up. He didn't know since when had Max had such a constipated expression

"Oh, Ethan. Are you a fool. You'd better do that kind of thing. I am a woman with a complete conscience! " Said Max, giving a violent shudder to Ethan.

"So you went out to steal something?" Ethan was confused.

Since she didn't go out to have an affair, why did she become constipated expression?

"Ethan, I'm not cheating or thief. I'm eavesdropping," Max said in a low voice, as if she was having an affair.

"Honey, what makes you so nervous?" It was rare for a careless Max to have such a disdainful expression on her face.

"It doesn't matter if you listen furtively, but I overheard the conversation between

ren. After all, she is the mother of two children."

"Why was she so angry about the child?"

"As you said, a woman hasn't got married and has two children. How can she not be tired? I guess she is here to ask Mr. Howard for money. "

"She is a cunning woman. She has given birth to Mr. Howard's baby. Although she has worked hard for years, she will lead a better life than we do!"

"How about we have a child with a CEO too?"

"Ha ha, I'd like to. But it's really rare to find such a handsome and rich man like Mr. Howard."

As they were laughing and talking, none of them noticed that Howard was standing behind them.

Howard knew that Nina was coming. Since Cassie was missing, she had to ask Howard.

Generally speaking, after all, she was Dad's illegitimate daughter. It would be better if she disappeared, so that she wouldn't fight against her for property?

But Nina was not interested in money. Moreover, she was interested in the family.

In this case, naturally, such a woman would not let her sister disappear like this.

Therefore, when Nina hung up the phone, Howard was waiting for her.

Howard measured up his office, which had a lot of memories about him making fun of Nina.

It seemed that he was looking forward to Nina every day, because he liked to see her teased by him.

Over the past five years, he had carefully tried to hide the past, but every time he woke up from dreams, he seemed to hear Nina questioning him in the office and she was drunk.

Only she could say so many harsh words to him.

Only she never please him.

Howard thought Nina would never show up here, but she came again today.

As before, she still came to question him.

But when he thought of Nina's angry face, he smiled.

He habitually stood in front of the window and waited.

Finally, he saw the familiar red car of Nina. As expected, she was stopped by the security guards.

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