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   Chapter 269 whatever you like

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Gavin always felt a bit awkward because he contact his own body easily. no matter who was right or wrong.

Sometimes, a person's accomplishment was not only related to his education and environment, but also his or her own temperament.

Even though Nina grew up with Cassie, she was still a kind sister, while Cassie was an evil sister.

"What's going on?" Cassie angrily asked.

"Mr. Allen wants you to be his daughter or granddaughter. He wants you to improve your status by making use of his identity. What do you think?" Gavin cautiously asked.

Cassie thought that it was because Allen disliked her humble position that he didn't want her to marry Howard. However, when she heard from Gavin that he wanted her to take advantage of Mr. Zhiyao, she couldn't refuse it.

"Cassie, do you agree?" Gavin kept asking for Cassie's opinion.

"You said you agreed!" Cassie said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, but in fact, she had already had a lot of happiness in her mind.

'if I really have something to do with Zhiyao, I will be much more powerful than Nina.'?

Of course, Cassie had been pretending that she didn't know about it, but she was waiting anxiously in her heart. She was so excited when she heard the name of Zhiyao from Howard.

But she couldn't reveal the fact that she had heard the name of Jonathan in front of Howard.

"Howard, what are you talking about?" Cassie pretended that she didn't understand.

"Zhiyao, have you heard of him?" Howard repeated.

Cassie shook her head, "No. what's wrong with him?"

Howard helped Cassie sit on the sofa. He said, "Zhiyao is a big business tycoon, but he doesn't have any relatives. He is a poor old man. He is eager for family. He is always looking for family affection. I want you to help him fulfill this wish. Cassie, can you help him?"

Hearing his words, Cassie nodded, still confused. Then she said, "Okay, Howard. As long as you think it's okay, then that's enough."

Hearing her answer, Howard smiled and said, "well, let's go tomorrow. I'll take care of everything."

"Yes." Cassie believed that she could do anything as long as she had a noble identity.

"Well, good night." Looking at his back, Cassie said reluctantly.

Although Cassie often acted as Howard's fiancee outside, She found no one like her except herself to identify with that identity.

Howard turned around and smiled, "Cassie, I'm a little tired today. Have a good rest."

Although Cassie was really reluctant, she could only nod her head.

The next day, Howard got up early and asked Bob to send Melissa and Wesley to the gym.

Bob was willing to go, but he didn't know why his young master suddenly thought of him?

In the past few days, Cassie and his young master sent Melissa and Wesley to the gym.

Are they busy today?

Sure enough, he saw Cassie and Howard get on the car.

'does young master really want to marry Cassie?'? He didn't believe that Howard would fall in love with Cassie, but what happened now confused him.

Howard was never a man who did things sloppily. If he didn't love Cassie, w

do you still want me to marry her? Grandpa, have you thought about my feelings? " It was still difficult for him to accept the marriage arranged by Allen.

"You brat! Don't think that I don't know that Nina even doesn't intend to marry you. Are you so silly to wait for her whole life?"

"Grandpa, I don't want to talk about my personal affairs with you. Anyway, we can use of Cassie and repay her by money, but please don't mention to me that I will marry Cassie in the future." Howard said coldly and drew back the wire.

Allen smiled and thought, 'ha, Howard, even if you don't agree now, I will still allow you to be with Cassie.'.

Cassie accompanied Zhiyao to do a full check-up in the hospital. The doctor said that he was all right.

But the doctor lowered his voice and said to Zhiyao, "Mr. Zhiyao, you seem to get worse. You should be in hospital now."

Zhiyao shook his head and said, "I don't want to stay here anymore. I'm going home."

The doctor didn't know how to persuade him.

"Grandfather, can I go home with you?" Cassie said eagerly.

"Okay." The maid had to stay in hospital anyway, so he thought it was okay to have someone accompany him home.

However, when he looked at Cassie's face, he felt very familiar with her, but he couldn't remember who she was for a moment.

"Master, would you like to call home and let someone pick you up?" The servant said worriedly.

"Hey, what are you worried about? I have this kind-hearted lady with me." He totally believed in Cassie.

"Okay, don't worry. I will send him home safely." Cassie said to the servant confidently.

In this way, Cassie took a taxi to send Zhiyao home.

When they arrived at the Ji family, Cassie's acting skill was more incisive.

She supported Zhiyao into the house. Then she asked in disbelief, "Grandpa, I didn't expect you to be such a rich man."

"Do you like my money?" Zhiyao asked tentatively.

"Grandpa, I will help you if you don't have money." Cassie said sincerely.

Nodded Zhiyao, "I knew I was right. You are a good girl."

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