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   Chapter 268 Melissa's helpless

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a hat with seven colors. Oh, it was so attractive, wasn't it?

Does Wesley have this kind of hat?

Tessa suddenly felt that he was very strange. He had so many toys and robot. And now he had a small hat.

'Wow, it's a colorful hat!

Tessa was immersed in her own beautiful imagination.

"Wesley, we're not having a fight today. I don't want to pry into your dad's office. Let me tell you, I drew a picture of you. I'll give it to you. Let's stop quarreling, okay?" Tessa made up her mind to take the initiative to restore her relationship with Wesley and win his hat.

Melissa beamed, "Wesley, Tessa is a great painter!"

Melissa was the bond between Wesley and Tessa.

"Well, is it better than what I draw?"

"You'll know when you see them." Melissa took the comic paint from Tessa's hands in a hurry.

"it looks so ugly," Wesley said scornfully

Wesley frowned and shouted unhappily.

"This is a comic paint. it can be exaggerated, right? Even though Wesley is the most handsome guy in the world, comic paints are art, and you can't be serious, right? "

"Humph! she has made me look so ugly!" "Hey, little bumpkin, where's your brush?" Wesley asked

For no reason, Tessa fell in love with the word bumpkin. In her opinion, bumpkin was much more beautiful than small hag.

All of a sudden, she fetched a sketch brush and a piece of paper for Wesley.

Wesley sat down on the sofa and put the sketch paper on the table. He glanced at Tessa, and then snickered.

He quickly drew a portrait on the paper.

"Here you are!" Wesley said proudly.

'since Wesley has a grudge against Tessa, this must be an exaggerated picture, ' Nina thought.

If he annoyed Tessa, the relation between the brother and sister would not be eased. She was afraid that their relation would get worse.

Unexpectedly, Melissa grinned from ear to ear and said, "Tessa is so cute!"

Nina peeped at Tessa. The little guy didn't seem angry. Instead, she seemed to be smiling.

Nina came forward and took a look. Finally she understood why Tessa didn't get angry.

Because Wesley had drawn a small hat on Tessa's head.

"Is this bumpkin, Wesley?" asked Tessa innocently

Nina was so anxious that she didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Ouch, my silly daughter!

Wesley nodded with a cunning smile. "Yes. Look at you. You look pretty wearing 'bumpkin', don't you?"

Tessa didn't look carefully at her face which had been painted by Wesley, nor did she look at her eyes with a seam in the paint. she just stared at the small hat for a long time.

"Little bumpkin, this painting is yours now." Wesley exclaimed.

"Wesley, this is also for you," Tessa said, taking a comic painting she had drawn for Wesley.

Raising his head, Wesley snorted, "I don't want your paintings at all. Keep it yourself. Let's go, Melissa."

"Bye, aunt Nina! Bye, Tessa!" Melissa said obediently.

"See you, Melissa."

on on his face.

Howard recalled his plan with his grandfather. He reached out to touch Cassie's face and said, "it's not that bad. Oh, Cassie, my grandfather said..."

Howard wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. He was not sure if Cassie had cooperated with him or if she had agreed to join his plan.

"Howard, what did grandpa say?" Cassie became nervous. Would it be the wedding of her and Howard?

If that's the case, that's great!

"Well, Cassie, have you heard of a man named Zhiyao?" Howard asked with hesitation.

Hearing this, Cassie didn't know how to answer. In fact, Gavin had already told her. He said to her, "Cassie, I've met Allen."

Actually, Gavin was depressed. He could do nothing but accept the disdain of Allen.

"Did Mr. Allen agree?" Cassie asked happily

"He agreed. " Gavin thought that it was worth it as long as Cassie was happy.

Cassie was very happy. she thought Gavin was with a little conscience since he knew how to help his illegitimate daughter.

"Then when?" Thinking of her grand wedding with Howard, as well as the business elite and Jessie who presented there as well as the people's envious eyes, Cassie felt very proud.

It seemed that she would really get married with Howard tomorrow.

"Don't worry, Cassie. Allen meant that you should first fight for your own identity!" Said Gavin.

"What? Identity? " "Don't you know the identity of my illegitimate daughter? Where do you expect me to give him a noble identity? "Gavin, what did you say? If I didn't have a distinguished identity, it would be impossible for me to marry Howard! " Cassie roared, as if she was about to explode.

"Hey, Cassie, listen to me, it's not what you think!" Actually, Gavin did not dare to provoke her. he began to blame himself again. It was all because he was not around when she was little girl. If Cassie had grown up around him, she would have been as reasonable as Nina.

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