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   Chapter 267 who is this bumpkin

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Holding the goblet in his hand, Howard raised his head and asked after a while, "how about the purchase?"

"Howard, let me remind you. Zhiyao is terminally ill. Do you think money still matters to him?" Allen was playing with the beads.

"What do you think?" Howard asked.

"But Zhiyao doesn't need anything except family..." Said Allen.

"Well It's a bit difficult. Does grandpa want me to be his grandson? " Then he smiled with a self mockery.

"Haha..." Allen also laughed. "Even if he wants it, I am reluctant! What's more, if you treat him as your grandpa, his intention is too clear and too publicized! "

"Then we have to take the lead. Business world is cruel and merciless." Howard raised his lips and said harshly.

"But Zhiyao could be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force. If you let him see through your tricks, he will definitely break up with you. After all, there is nothing in the world worth nostalgia for him anymore. No matter what, he could even hand over the Ji family to the Su family. If you married Bonny at the beginning, this matter could be better. But first..."

Howard interrupted him, "Grandpa, I hope you won't mention the past again."

"Okay, I won't mention it. But can you tell me how to get Zhiyao's wealth?" Allen's calm face was replaced by seriousness. He looked at Howard.

"Let me see, okay?" Howard took a sip of the wine.

"Okay, but, Howard, let me tell you, you can't delay any longer. Once the best opportunity is missed, we will not participate in the Ji group. Do you understand?" Said Allen.

Without saying anything, Howard turned around and left.

With a smile, Allen picked up the fish food and slowly crushed it

Nothing could stop the Hua Group's development.

After coming back, Howard checked the market value and stock of the Ji group. The Ji group was engaged in many fields, and the scale was mostly not inferior to the Hua group.

It would be a huge challenge for the Hua group no matter who would take over it.

Howard locked himself in the room, studied for a long time, and took out a seemingly good idea.

he planned to go to the Hua family's old house one day.

With milk in her hands, Cassie walked up to him and asked, "Howard, where are you going again?"

Without saying anything, Howard left in a hurry.

Enraged, Cassie turned around with the milk in her hand. "You always ignore me like this!"

Not only did Howard notice Cassie, he couldn't care about anyone now. All he was thinking about was the plan of buying out the Ji group, and he had no mood to care about Nina these days.

Give him a few days to recover.

Noah drove to the old house. For some things, he had to depend on Grandpa's connections and relations.

However, when Allen saw his scheme, he coldly rejected it.

"As I said, Howard, Zhiyao doesn't lack money. So you need to spend more time on family affection, not by means of means or money?"

"Grandpa, what can I do for family affection?" What a loser! Was family affect

u!" said Nina, giving a kiss on Tessa's face.

"Mommy, why do you want to paint the portrait of the bad guy Wesley?" Tessa asked, reading Wesley's comic paint.

"Tessa, Wesley is your brother. You can't always call him 'bad guy'. Got it?" Nina tried to ease the relationship between brother and sister.

"Then why did Wesley call me like that little witch! If he hadn't called me little witch, I wouldn't have called him little bastard. " Tessa said with a strong voice.

"Tessa, you can try to keep away from calling him bag guy for now. See whether he calls you little devil or not."

"Then I'll see how Wesley behaves,"

Melissa and Wesley walked into the ward.

"Oh, they are all here." Wesley thought that Nina and Tessa couldn't be here, but they were here. So he turned around and left.

"This is my mommy's office. Why can't we be here?" Tessa roared at him, pouting.

"I don't care about your mommy's office. My daddy's office is much larger than this one. Have you ever seen it? Have you ever seen it, bumpkin? "

Tessa was so angry that his eyebrows were jumping up and down. This little bastard didn't call her little witch, but called her little bumpkin.

But, what is bumpkin?

Why didn't Tessa know it before?

Tessa didn't want to show her ignorance in front of Wesley, so she asked Nina in a low voice, "Mommy, what is bumpkin?"

A large group of crows flew over Nina's head. Tessa was so cute that she didn't what is bumpkin.

No wonder, Tessa had never heard of this word since he was a child, so he certainly couldn't understand it.

But, Nina couldn't tell Tessa that "little bumpkin" was a bad word, so she said, "honey, little bumpkin is the most beautiful hat, and there is a magical seven colored flower on it. When your relationship with Wesley eased, you'll have that hat."

Well, Nina was very guilty. It was wrong for an adult to lie to a child.

But in order not to trigger the conflict between daughter and son, Tessa should forgive me for once.

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