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   Chapter 265 respect mommy's decision

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"Mommy, please don't ask Tessa to go to bed." Tessa said helplessly.

"OK, behave yourself. I won't force you to sleep." Replied Nina.

Then, Tessa sat up straight.

"Mommy, I want you to tell me the truth." Tessa said seriously.

Nina was amused by the serious look on Tessa's face. "Mommy is not a prisoner. Why do you behave like you are interrogating a prisoner?"

She seldom saw Tessa serious.

At first, Tessa thought that her mom really had no feelings for Howard, or she didn't like him at all.

But tonight, Tessa found that her mommy still remembered some of Howard's preferences, which was abnormal.

Because, people who like a person will remember his likes, and who do not like a person, will never remember his likes.

Of course, these were what Tessa talked about from experience.

Because Tessa knew that Tessa always kept in mind what the Tessa's favorite pet liked to eat, such as whether they had bathed or not. On the contrary, Tessa didn't care about the pet that he didn't like at all.

"mom told Tessa. Do you really hope that Cassie will marry Howard? If Cassie marry Howard, will you be jealous? "

Nina found herself too outdated. Nowadays, children were too premature!

'when I grow up, I are so silly that I don't know anything except eating and sleeping?' she thought!

Now the little girl should worry about her.

"Good girl," said Nina, kissing on Tessa's little face. "If Howard marries Cassie, I won't be jealous. I hope that Cassie can be happy, because Cassie is Mommy's younger sister, and also Wesley's Mommy."

"Mommy, Wesley is also your child," said Tessa with a happy smile

HMM, but Wesley doesn't like me. Mommy's heart hurts, but I can do nothing about it, "she said after taking a deep breath "But Mommy is satisfied with the company of Tessa." said Nina after a pause

"But, Mommy, I feel that you like that bad guy, Howard." That was Tessa's intuition. she asked, "what if mom gets hurt after Howard marry Cassie?"

"No, that's not gonna happen to me. I have Jack and Tessa, and I have my own career to play with. I won't be sad." Nina rubbed Tessa's hair.

"All right, Mommy. I advise you to make up your mind. Although I like Jack very much, it's more important who you like. If you don't like Jack, I won't push you." Tessa jumped off the sofa.

"I know, baby." Nina waved her hand at Tessa.

Tessa yawned. She slapped her mouth and said, "good night, Mommy."

"Good night, Tessa." Said Nina.

Tessa went back to her room, but Nina couldn't fall asleep any more.

What Tessa had said was exactly what she didn't want to face.

She took out the love ring that Howard had given her before. Nina dared not to move, for fear that it would break at any time, just like the shattered past.

These things were still well preserved in the past five years. It could be seen that Howard had put his heart and soul into it.

She fondled them one by one. Every one of them carried so much happiness and beauty.

Nina sighed and thought, 'no matter how beautiful it is, it's in the past, right?'?

Life seemed to be on the r

someone knocked on the door.

"Come in." Said Nina cheerfully.

"Sister." It was Cassie.

"Oh, Cassie. Long time no see." "Have a seat," said Nina with a smile

"Well, sister, I have called for you several times, but you have not been here."

"I am busy these days. What's up?" Said Nina perfunctorily.

"No. It's just that, Howard didn't talk to me these days, which made me depressed. And I hope you can give me some advice." Cassie said helplessly.

Nina was anxious and she scratched her head. No one could change what Howard had decided, not to mention that Howard hated her to the bone now!

"Cassie, I can't help you with this. It all depends on you." Then, she asked, "how's everything going?"

Enraged by what she had said, Nina just wanted to ask, "why hasn't Howard come here lately?

She always hypocritically sent the blessings to Howard and her, and she had no idea what was going on!

"Both he and I are fine. If he could treat me better, I would have no regrets in my life." All Cassie wanted to do was to keep Nina away from Howard.

In the past few days, Cassie had been too busy to think about the consequences, because Howard wasn't always at home. Every now and then, Cassie always thought that he would go to find Nina.

She was extremely worried.

she even ordered Spark to keep an eye on Howard.

Spark's eyes were fixed on him, but he failed to keep an eye on him.

It was not because spark was weak, but because Howard always appeared and disappeared, spark couldn't follow him.

Cassie had no choice but to complain to Nina.

Nina held Cassie's hand and said, "Cassie, as long as you don't give up, Howard will love you. Work hard!"

Hearing what Nina had said, Cassie felt unhappy. What did she mean by 'will? Why didn't he fall in love with her?

If you're not here, Howard will be mine sooner or later. But if you're here, he won't be faithful to me.

Cassie felt a little angry, but she sincerely said, "sister, I will definitely work hard, because I love him."

Nodding her head, she smiled at Cassie.

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